What is brand when do you have one


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Brand is not a word but a conversation. You don't have one till you have created a perception in the mind of your customer

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What is brand when do you have one

  1. 1. What is a Brand? When Do You Have One? Presented By: Dyan Sutton
  2. 2. What is Brand ? A Brand is not a word, but the beginning of a conversation. A Brand is not a company or product. A Brand is a product of the mind and it appeals to the senses. It is an intangible asset. It evokes an emotional response.
  3. 3. Brands can be descriptive … Shake’N Bake
  4. 4. Or purely symbolic … Blackberry
  5. 5. Founders’ names … Ford, Smuckers
  6. 6. Social … Twitter
  7. 7. Persona … Lady Gaga
  8. 8. What is A Great Brand Built On ? A Great Brand is built on TRUST. That is the reason people ask for a Kleenex instead of a tissue. Your Brand is the heart of your reputation and the heart of what you bring to the marketplace. It is built on your understanding of what you do, your relevance to the customer and the promises you make and keep.
  9. 9. A Great Brand Is Emotional The difference between a company and a brand is when we feel passion and emotion about their products. Brands that fail to evoke emotion are forced to compete using a lower price strategy. Brands that evoke emotion from customers are able to compete by tapping into people’s aspirations.
  10. 10. Great Brands Close the Gap Apple, Nordstrom and Lexus compete by closing this aspirational gap. NEEDS are basic, rational and boring. WANTS are emotional, aspirational and desirable Wants are profitable… know what your customer wants.
  11. 11. The Golden Circle of Branding MOST IMPORTANT Know WHY you are doing what you are doing Know WHAT you are doing Know HOW you are doing it INGREDIENTS FOR A STRONG BRAND
  12. 12. 3 Components to a Startup Brand 1.Brand Identity It is tangible and appeals to the senses. You can see it, hear it, and watch it move. It includes all visual expressions of your brand…from packaging to websites. Consumers are exposed to over 25,000 new brands a year. It is strong brand identity that helps them make choices
  13. 13. 2. Brand Promise This is “what” the brand provides that is highly valued and not in abundant supply. This is your value proposition. This is heart and soul of brand and has to be relevant and unique. 3.Brand Experience It is the tangible experience your customer has with the brand. This is “how” your brand delivers its promise.
  14. 14. You need a solid Brand Identity to position your Brand for success.
  15. 15. Strong Brand Identity • Makes it easier for the customer to buy • Makes it easier for the sales force to sell • Builds brand equity through brand recognition and awareness • Builds customer loyalty
  16. 16. Strong Brand Identity includes: • Logo • Tagline- your value proposition • Graphic format Benefits of solid Brand Identity: • Build name recognition • Credibility • Perception in the mind of your customer ( product of the mind)
  17. 17. A logo is the soul of your brand. It should be easy to remember and immediately recognizable. Logos are visual identities that trigger perceptions about your brand. Logo … Visual Identity
  18. 18. Your Brand Promise is the essence of WHY you are doing what you are doing
  19. 19. State Farm …Your Friendly Neighbor Nike … Just do it! McDonald … I’m lov’n it. Apple … Think different Target … Expect more. Pay less. Ebay … Happy hunting. Taglines express your value proposition. They influence customers’ buying behavior by evoking a response. It’s a short phrase that captures a company’s essence, personality and positioning. Brand Promise…Your Value Proposition
  20. 20. Brand Experience is based in real life engagement with products, people and places. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.
  21. 21. For startups, Brand Experience starts at the very beginning. From your first presentation to an investor, customer or important employee, you must be simple, clear and compelling – there are no second chances. Start the emotional connection, keep your brand promise and get the conversation going. Brand Experience…
  22. 22. A Strong Brand will: • Help you connect emotionally to the customer • Stand out in the marketplace • Drive purchasing decisions • Deliver customer loyalty Build A Strong Brand
  23. 23. A Brand becomes stronger when you narrow the focus. To build a strong brand, focus your branding efforts on owning a word in your prospect’s mind.
  24. 24. Mercedes is prestige Volvo is safety FedEx is reliable Staples is easy Wal-Mart is savings
  25. 25. What is your word? • What differentiates you • Keep it simple • Listen to your customer • What do they value most about what you do • Be real … pick something that your product or services really deliver Pick the right word and design your marketing and messaging around it.
  26. 26. People fall in love with Brands. They trust them. How a Brand is perceived affects it’s success. But any Brand is vulnerable to decline if it fails to deliver. Keep Your Promise
  27. 27. A Great Brand will build barriers against competitors and continually evolve to meet its customers’ needs Keep Evolving
  28. 28. Evolution takes advantage of changes in the markets, consumer trends and technology to find new ways to appeal to the public. Create Openings In The Market
  29. 29. Great Brands…Break through barriers of over saturated markets to create new opportunities.
  30. 30. Repositioning… New Opportunity Target…the new big-box store • Products designed by some of best designers in the world • Unlike Walmart which is positioned for the lowest price • Positioning created around appeal (design) as well as necessity and price • Strong brand recognition • Created a new position for itself as a “big-box” store
  31. 31. What makes your Brand Unique? What differentiates you from your competition What is your Brand Promise? What benefit does your brand provide that is highly valued and not in abundant supply Why should people buy from you? What stands out about your product or service that makes them choose you Ask Yourself…Something to Think About…
  32. 32. Be Fresh. Give something new to customers Make It Easy. You understand your products and web site, but will your potential customer? Stay Focused. Don’t deviate from your core skill Branding Advice…
  33. 33. The best way to predict the future… is to create it. Peter Drucker © Copyright Creative Ideas Matter 2013 • 440.666.6526