Customer experience for growing companies


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As organizations grow, their customer experience does, too. During the month of July, 2013, we examined this topic and offer ideas to stay on track.

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Customer experience for growing companies

  1. 1. July 2013
  2. 2. As you scale your business, there will be changes in your Customer Experience… Like it or not! How do you continue to grow without alienating your existing customers? How do you adopt new growth strategies without inciting a mutiny among your employees? It’s all about remaining customer-centric as we grow!
  3. 3. Strategies for customer-centric organizations can help propel any old business ahead of their competition. But increased focus on acquisition makes it easy to lose sight of your mission, and lose touch with the smaller parts that really keep things moving.
  4. 4. As you grow your business, you will inevitably be making lots of changes along the way. But not everyone is going to be happy with these changes. Be on the lookout for these 3 common trends in growing businesses to stay ahead of the curve.
  5. 5. Business growth is often equated with customer acquisition. But what about specific B2B customer retention strategies? Here are 5 tips and disciplines to help keep your customers from feeling alienated as you grow and change.
  6. 6. Marketers, those experts at telling us what we really want, are now saying customer experience is the new marketing. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Let’s examine the points in the journey that are often overlooked -or ignored – by marketing.
  7. 7. As organizations grow, they begin to lose touch with what drove them in the first place. How can growing organizations be sure to continue delivering a superior customer experience? Consider these questions to help you stay true to your original goals.
  8. 8. With busier schedules and comfort with ecommerce, customers are choosing those brands who provide convenience in the way they like. Focusing on convenience as a driver throughout your customer’s experience could help you attract and retain customers.
  9. 9. Next time you find yourself saying, “But I’ve never done that before” as an excuse to NOT do it – stop yourself. Set a small goal and accomplish it. Then set a loftier one and accomplish that. You can do this.
  10. 10. There is nothing more organic than how a passionate entrepreneur creates experiences for his or her customers. The experience often reflects who they are as a person, in spite of their best efforts! Ask yourself these critical questions when scaling your business.
  11. 11. Innovation is often described as “building a better mousetrap.”If you don’t know what your customers are expecting in the rest of the marketplace, it makes it difficult to build anything better. Do you pay attention to your competitors?
  12. 12. Determining what customer-centric performance metrics you track for your organization, especially as you grow, can determine if you will improve your customer experience or leave it to chance. Here are the 5 basic ways to measure business performance.
  13. 13. As spans of control widen it gets harder for one person to hold it all together. There are many questions that an owner needs answering. Guest blogger James Lawther takes us inside the plight of a growing customer-centric business. What advice would you give the owner?
  14. 14. The peak-end rule means creating memorable experience. The highs and the lows are what customers remember. Highs are great emotions. Lows are bad ones, like guilt. Learn how to understand what really matters to your customers, then work it!
  15. 15. As you scale your business, there will undoubtedly be some terrible customer experiences along the way. But don’t fret! Guest blogger Stefanie Amini has shared 7 ways your growing business can benefit from these experiences by turning them into “Wow” experiences.
  16. 16. You don’t have to send your employees on a posh escape to make them stay. It just takes some creativity, consideration and willingness – and that’s my cue to present you the star of our July 2013 Microinteraction of the Month: GrubHub!
  17. 17. For the month of August, we want to feature a microinteraction from you! So share your favorite microinteractions with us for a chance to be featured in our communities and to win the bestselling book, Youtility: why SMART MARKETING is about HELP not HYPE by Jay Baer!
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