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Who's using your API?


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Published in: Technology
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Who's using your API?

  1.’s using your API? Bruno Pedro 22 February 2013
  2. Bruno PedroWeb and Cloud Computing Technologist withover ten years’ experience. CTO of Nubera,the company behind GetApp and CloudWork.
  3. Companies that survive are the ones thatare obsessed with customer experience. —Jeff Lawson, CEO twilio
  4. Engage your customer:don’t say API, say Capability. —Laura Merling, AT&T
  5. So, who are your customers? How do you reach them?
  6. Your API features Traditional API developersdistribution channel 1001101001001000 0011010010110100 applications Your customers
  7. Pros• Decoupled app development Your company API
  8. Pros• Engaging developer community
  9. Pros• If done right, exponentially scalable
  10. Cons• Loss of control over final product• Poor or non-existant customer support• Only successful if it scales quickly
  11. Your customer experience iscontrolled by someone else!
  12. Alternatives?• Customers pay for solutions• APIs work better together• Offer ready-to-use integrations
  13. Your API integrations10011010010010000011010010110100
  14. Integrations• Business analysis
  15. Integrations• Integration development
  16. Integrations• Marketing through traditional channels
  17. Multiple API Your APIdistribution channels features integrations developers 1001101001001000 0011010010110100 self-service catalog applications Your customers
  18. Benefits• Multiple distribution channels• Co-marketing with other app vendors• Overall better customer experience!
  19. So, who are your customers? How do you reach them?
  20.’s using your API? Bruno Pedro 22 February 2013