The Executable Web


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Invited lecture at ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon, Portugal) about the Executable Web. I try to draw a parallel between the calculator industry, spreadsheets and the Web.

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  • The Executable Web

    1. 1. photo: John Haslam The Executable Bruno Pedro May 2010 Web
    2. 2. Bruno Pedro A n e x p e r i e n c e d We b d e v e l o p e r a n d entrepreneur. Has extensive background in large scale projects and technical writing.
    3. 3. What is tarpipe? User
    4. 4. What is tarpipe?
    5. 5. Problem: calculations
    6. 6. before 1978
    7. 7. before 1978
    8. 8. before 1978
    9. 9. before 1978 not mentioning non-electronic solutions!
    10. 10. 1978 Bob Frankston e Dan Bricklin
    11. 11. The idea "Imagine if my calculator had a ball in its back, like a mouse..."
    12. 12. The idea "Imagine if my calculator had a ball in its back, like a mouse..." “I could just move my mouse/keyboard calculator around, punch in a few numbers, circle them to get a sum, do some calculations”
    13. 13. Visicalc • Information is transported between cells • Results are calculated without user intervention
    14. 14. The spreadsheet
    15. 15. What happened? • The calculator isn’t dead • A new industry was created • The spreadsheet application became itself a component
    16. 16. Another problem Information management “Many of the discussions of the future at CERN end with the question - ‘Yes, but how will we ever keep track of such a large project?’” — Tim Berners-Lee
    17. 17. Solution: hypertext
    18. 18. Evolution • Simple pages with internal links • Links between different pages • User input handling • Complex applications • Information dissemination
    19. 19. Execution • Exchange of information between applications • Little user intervention • Execution of composed tasks • Added value!
    20. 20. Possibilities Internet Map
    21. 21. Technology • OpenID • OAuth • microformats • RSS • Activity streams • OpenSearch
    22. 22. • Single Sign On (SSO) • The identifier is an URI • No need to use a password •
    23. 23. OAuth • Authorization between applications • Power delegation • No need to use a password •
    24. 24. OpenSearch • Search standard • Results can be RSS •
    25. 25. Challenges • Interoperability • Credential management • Trust and authorization management • Reliability • Quality of Service (QoS)
    26. 26. tarpipe streamlines your tarpipe is one of the most Today I had a chance to updates to various social curious experiments in spend time experimenting web sites, creating simple social media that I've with tarpipe and I have to or complex workflows to seen lately. The service say that I am intrigued by update several buckets in has the potential to be the concept and impressed one fell swoop. the answer to the lament by the implementation. I first talked about in The Adam Pash looming crisis: Personal Jeff Barr lifehacker syndication overload. Rafe Needleman CNET news thank you share your life