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Bridging the Gap Between APIs and Customers


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I start with a question: "Who's using your API?" The single, most important thing you want to understand about your API is how you can generate revenue from it. It all depends on who are your customers and how they can obtain value through your API. We'll go through several examples of what can be done to deliver that value directly to your customers.

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Bridging the Gap Between APIs and Customers

  1. 1. May 2013Bruno PedroBridging the Gapbetween APIs and Customers
  2. 2. Bruno PedroWeb and Cloud Computing Technologist.CTO of Nubera, the company behind GetAppand CloudWork, editor of
  3. 3. Who are your customers?
  4. 4. Customer = developer
  5. 5. Customer = developer
  6. 6. Customer = developer
  7. 7. Customer = developer?
  8. 8. Who’s the customer?
  9. 9. Companies that survive are the ones thatare obsessed with customer experience.—Jeff Lawson, CEO twilio
  10. 10. Your API10011010010010000011010010110100Your customersfeaturesdevelopersapplicationsTraditional APIdistribution channel
  11. 11. Customer experienceTraditional APIdistribution channelFunctionalityReliabilityUsabilityProficiencyCreativitywhat happens whenthings don’t work?is it working asyou imagined?how customersperceive it?are your customersempowered?can it be usedin unexpected ways?
  12. 12. Your customer experience iscontrolled by someone else!
  13. 13. Alternatives?• Customers pay for solutions• APIs work better together• Offer ready-to-use integrations
  14. 14. Engage your customer:don’t say API, say Capability.—Laura Merling, AT&T
  15. 15. Your API10011010010010000011010010110100integrations
  16. 16. Integrations• Business analysis
  17. 17. Integrations• Integration development
  18. 18. Integrations• Marketing through traditional channels
  19. 19. Your API10011010010010000011010010110100featuresdevelopersapplicationsintegrationsself-servicecatalogYour customersMultiple APIdistribution channels
  20. 20. Benefits• Multiple distribution channels• Co-marketing with other app vendors• Overall better customer experience!
  21. 21. So, who are your customers?How do you reach them?
  22. 22. May 2013Bruno PedroBridging the Gapbetween APIs and Customers