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Cafe Voltaic - Usability / UX / Consulting agency in Lithuania. 2020.


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We run enterprise-level UX projects for private and public sector. From requirement analysis to fully designed user interfaces.

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Cafe Voltaic - Usability / UX / Consulting agency in Lithuania. 2020.

  1. 1. We design and optimize digital products based on research and usability standards January 2020
  2. 2. Dear Client, We are usability and user experience professionals who act as team-on-demand under the company, named Cafe Voltaic UAB, based in Vilnius in 2011. Our experts have 15+ years experience in software development, management, design and 10+ years experience in usability and user-centered design (IS0 9241). We help business owners and project teams to create and optimize digital products and services. So, let us manage your next software design project! Tautvydas Strazdas CEO & Certified Usability Analyst
  3. 3. What we do We help organizations to improve business metrics by applying user-centered-design techniques and best practices. We transform business and user requirements into clear design logic and easy to use flows. We create high fidelity prototypes, visual designs and specifications for the developers. We perform advanced usability testing, UX audits and provide deep insights for optimization.
  4. 4. Clients Our key clients from who recognized usability and user experience as long-term investment
  5. 5. CHALLENGE Lead UX optimization process in compliance with national usability guidelines and make impact on how 1,9 million users will access public tax self-service. SOLUTIONS 1. Analysis of large scale user research, identification and creation of target group description, identification of user problems and creation of customer journeys. 2. 2-stage usability testing and 2-stage IA testing 3. Iterative design from concept prototype to high-fidelity functional prototype until all user and business requirements will be satisfied. 4. Breaking bureaucracy barriers and motivating old-fashioned people for the change J CASE STUDY 1 Large scale UX optimization for national tax self-service ”ManoVMI” State Tax Inspectorate, Lithuania, 2019 RESULTS • Legacy UI with 100+ services and legacy site structure with 200+ menu items was completely redesigned and simplified according to user research and usability testing data
  6. 6. CHALLENGE About 5000 university’s users were ignoring local intranet as dedicated tool for communication and resources, despite a huge effort to keep content updated. The reason was not identified clearly. VU provided the list of initial assumptions. SOLUTIONS 1. Identify user’s pain points by conducting usability heuristic evaluation. 2. Clarify user’s motivations toward the intranet by conducting user survey with 1000 users. 3. 2-stage information architecture testing with 1000 users, 40+ tasks, 200+ items each. 4. Overview and present recommendations, discuss solutions with IT department, make trade-offs. RESULTS • Information findability increased by up to 30% • Concept prototype provided as specification for developers CASE STUDY 3 Large scale usability testing and UX optimization of VU intranet Vilnius University, Lithuania, 2018
  7. 7. CHALLENGE Redesign all legacy system and website, improve user experience, integrate new features, simplify user interface SOLUTIONS 1. Identify usability problems from customers' feedback, perform full system UX audit and provide recommendations. 2. Conduct user survey across country and get deep user’s motivations and beliefs towards competitors and service. 3. Create concept prototype and iterate to high-fidelity functional prototype until all user and business requirements will be satisfied. 4. Create visual designs, provide assets and complete UI specification for developers. CASE STUDY 2 UX optimization and complete redesign of fin-tech service UAB ”Viena saskaita”, Lithuania, 2018 RESULTS • Optimized for omnichannel experience, unified look & feel • Resolved legacy usability issues and new features were added • New brand identity and new user experience delivered
  8. 8. CHALLENGE About 40000 users were passive or leaving platform just after registration despite a huge effort to keep content updated. SOLUTIONS 1. Identify user’s pain points and usability problems by conducting UX audit. 2. Test possible solutions with A/B testing. 3. Discuss new business requirements, make trade-offs with development team, transform into high-fidelity prototype. 4. Create visual designs, provide developers with assets and detailed specifications RESULTS • Redesigned web portal, the system, mobile app • Improved omnichannel registration and onboarding • Optimized structure and usability, new features integrated CASE STUDY 4 UX optimization and redesign of Metalface social platform (desktop and mobile) Private Investor, Netherlands, 2018
  9. 9. Identifying pain points in overcomplicated navigation Optimizing navigation and structure based on research Evaluating system usability with Nielsen’s heuristics Measuring performance of navigation and structure Measuring success of redesign in 3-stage usability testing Providing recommendations and solutions for developers BEHIND UI/UX Usability testing, research and analytics Our deliverables, that makes impact on decision making and drives business to success
  10. 10. Bazilis - Food waste mobile platform for restaurants (Lithuania) iShipIT – Social parcel delivery mobile platform (Netherlands) Mokis – Private parking payment app (Lithuania) MFSign – Mobile signature for business documents (Lithuania) WiderFi – Mobile data for Travelers at local rates (USA) LNK TV – Redesigned desktop and mobile portal (Lithuania) MEDIA / LOGISTICS / TELCO / START-UP PROJECTS High Fidelity Prototypes and UI Designs
  11. 11. Mediafon.ID - Portal with documentation and API Paysera – optimization of corporate portal and all systems – design of desktop and mobile portal for B2B loans Saffort - Online store design and optimization for UK market Gala TV - Optimization and redesign of user interface VMI – Transforming requirements into high fidelity prototype FINTECH / TECHNOLOGY / E-COMMERCE / ENTERTAINMENT PROJECTS Optimizations and redesign projects
  12. 12. Client Information Society Development Committee under Ministry of Transport and Communication of Lithuania. Problem Millions of Euros spent from EU to develop public sector e- services and they are still not effective, too complex and not accessible for everyone. Solution Creation of usability methodology and guidelines, tailored to project owners so they could adopt user-centered design principles in public procurement. PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE CREATORS OF National usability guidelines and UX methodology (LT)
  13. 13. Public UX trainings In collaboration with Baltic Computer Academy • UI/UX Design: Myths and Reality • User-centered design approach, methodology and practice • Rapid prototyping with Axure RP Corporate UX trainings Client: – the biggest auto portal in Baltics • Individual training program about UI/UX/UCD • Usability testing workshop Analysis of individual projects • Merging UCD with Agile development Public presentation E-commerce ’17 - The biggest e-commerce conference in Lithuania • Promoting micro interactions and micro copy as strategic tool for marketing Visit: SHARING EXPERIENCE Public and individual trainings
  14. 14. Tautvydas Strazdas CEO & Certified Usability Analyst Contacts UAB “Cafe Voltaic”, Pajautos str 13-22, Vilnius LT-06203, Tel. +370 5 208 0091, Company code: 302689369, VAT code: LT100011759815