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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Bruno Pedro 30 January 2013BarcelonaJS node-fs
  2. 2. Bruno PedroWeb and Cloud Computing Technologist withover ten years’ experience. CTO of Nubera,the company behind GetApp and CloudWork.
  3. 3. Summary• Why node-fs?• Polymorphic approach• Who’s using it?• Future plans• Questions
  4. 4. Why node-fs?• recursively creating directories is a common problem• different libraries and npm packages• none of them was simple and easy to use
  5. 5. The solution• simple and easy to use library• augments fs functionality • polymorphic approach• available as npm package• should be part of node’s core!
  6. 6. Polymorphic approach• Function overloading fs +mkdir() +mkdirSync() node-fs +mkdir() +mkdirSync()
  7. 7. Polymorphic approach• Original fs functions fs.mkdir  =  function  (path,  mode,  callback) fs.mkdirSync  =  function  (path,  mode)
  8. 8. Polymorphic approach• Ad-hoc polymorphism fs.mkdir  =  function  (path,  mode,  recursive,  callback) fs.mkdirSync  =  function  (path,  mode,  recursive)
  9. 9. Example usage $  npm  install  node-­‐fs
  10. 10. Example usagevar  fs  =  require(node-­‐fs);  ////  Example  with  recursion  -­‐-­‐  notice  the  parameter//  right  before  the  callback  function.//fs.mkdir(/tmp/example_dir/first/second,  0777,  true,  function  (err)  {    if  (err)  {        console.log(err);    }  else  {        console.log(Directory  created);    }});  ////  Synchronous  example  with  recursion.//fs.mkdirSync(/tmp/example_sync/first/second,  0777,  true);
  11. 11. Who’s using it?•• Digital Repository of Ireland• VirtuOz
  12. 12. Future plans• Add more fs operations • unlink, rmdir, chmod, chown, [lf]*stat• node-pfs: parallel fs operations• Wanna help? Fork node-fs!
  13. 13. Questions? Thank you!