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Tools, Tips and Resources for Marketing and Selling PathView Cloud.

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  • AppNeta sales and engineering will reference success cases relevant to Your Customer’s industry or technology (example: Healthcare, VoIP)
  • Some partners leverage PathView Cloud as a powerful tool to isolate and remedy network performance issues for their customers, either during pre-deployment activities or in reaction to reported network and application issues. While this can provide significant savings to partner and customer, the majority of our successful partners are realizing ongoing revenue streams from persistent remote performance visibility. This can start with a partner offer of a proactive network health assessment.PathView Cloud is designed to help you perform not only comprehensive point in time assessment reports, but continuous assessments over a business cycle as well. This sets the stage for leaving an appliance onsite and opening up your branded portal for your customer to experience visibility into their own infrastructure performance.Once customers have access to this information it presents the partner with an ideal opportunity for a managed services discussion. Remember, while AppNeta provides an easy to deploy service and award winning remote performance visibility, YOU the partner offers the expertise, solution catalog, and boots on the ground to make your customer successful.
  • A simple answer is this: networks can and often do, change. LANs change with the proliferation of wifi connected devices, unmanaged elements popping up, physical and virtual server and application deployment, and configuration being performed by multiple individuals. ISPs can change network equipment, routes, and configuration over time. Equipment can fail and traffic can be handled by alternate infrastructure.With PathView Cloud, you can manage your customers’ infrastructure like they do their own business – continuously.Network assessments are the first step in showing this to your customers and is a valuable sales tool.
  • AppNeta's Sales and Marketing Tools for PathView Cloud

    1. 1. Instant Value Network Performance ManagementSales and Marketing Tools for PathView Cloud August 13, 2011 1
    2. 2. Introduction & AgendaToday we will cover:• Sales Tools – Using the Live Demo As Your Sales Tool – Assessments as a Pre-sales Proof Point – Hosting a Customer Webinar• Marketing Tools – Creating Custom Content for You – Use the Video Demo to Sell – Building a Social Customer Network – Why and How C 2
    3. 3. Selling PathView Cloud 3
    4. 4. Benefits of AppNeta’s Live DemoAs YOUR Sales Tool• AppNeta Expertise To Showcase Solution – Presentation, FAQs – Sales and Technical Team• Customized for Your Audience• Opens door to your 1:1 follow up with customers to close deal 4
    5. 5. How To Invite Your Customers on a Demo? • Find Qualified Prospects – Customers with the Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline • Schedule an AppNeta Engineering resource • Invite Customers • Prepare for Success! – Discuss customer profile, overview and solution offering/ approach with your sales lead 5
    6. 6. How do I transition from troubleshootingto a continuous monitoring service? Convert your next PathView Cloud troubleshooting engagement with these simple steps!1. Conduct a network assessment – 7-14 day continuous assessment to pinpoint network problems; exactly where it is occurring and why – Document critical data and poor-performing metrics with a PathView Cloud report2. Share report with customer – Highlight how customers can avoid/ completely eliminate performance disruptions with PathView Cloud continuous monitoring3. Schedule live demo with PathView Cloudengineer – AppNeta will help demonstrate the value of PathView Cloud monitoring4. Propose leaving a microAppliance at the site – Launch continuous monitoring service – Share monthly reporting; 24/7 alerting5. Offer a quote for Managed Services 6
    7. 7. Benefits of Hosting A Customer WebinarBenefits• Get AppNeta Expertise for: Presentation, Live Demo, & FAQs• Sell to Multiple Prospects• Customized for YOUR Audience• Follow-up with 1:1 DemosAppNeta Support• Planning• Invitation Content• Hosting Platform (GoToWebinar)• Delivering Customer Demos 8
    8. 8. MARKETING PathView Cloud 9
    9. 9. Create Custom Marketing Content• Videos• Press Announcements • AppNeta Announces International Partnership with leading Telecom Carrier• Email Campaigns• Case Studies • Unified Technologies: VoIP Services Provider Troubleshoots Connectivity Issues Within Minutes Using PathView Cloud• Datasheets• What other engaging content can you create? 10
    10. 10. For Example…Let a Video Sell FOR You • No one reads anymore, but they do watch videos, read blogs and search online. • “If you have 3 minutes, watch this video!” • High level overview of features, benefits and value to your customer • Self service option – does not require you or your team to share info with prospects. 11
    11. 11. Today’s Lead Generation is Inbound,Not Outbound 12
    12. 12. Building Your Social Network 13
    13. 13. YOUR Potential Customers ARE online 14
    14. 14. B2B Social Media Can Drive New Leads 15
    15. 15. Get Started with Social Media TODAY!• LinkedIn – – Connect/communicate with your existing customers – Search out/Find your future customers• Company blog – Share your message; become a thought leader – Use keywords to build SEO• Facebook – – Build a Fan/Company page – Connect with your friends and customers – Share content; “Like” others’ content 16
    16. 16. Connect with AppNeta Today!• We want to see you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google!• Want more info? Just drop an email at 17
    17. 17. Questions?Thank You! 18