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Implementing a global search marketing center of excellence.

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  • This is a combo model between missed opportunity – if we can get jut 3.75% increase in clicks for these words that would be an additional 111 thousand visitors. IF those people clicked on an organic listing vs. a paid that would save you nearly $220k per month in clicks allowing you to get that many more clicks in PPC. Additionally, some of these words have a high bounce rate like computer monitor at 32% and notebook where you rank #5 yet 32% of all people who click hit the back button. Clearly they are not finding what they need on that site.
  • This is a combo model between missed opportunity – if we can get jut 3.75% increase in clicks for these words that would be an additional 111 thousand visitors. IF those people clicked on an organic listing vs. a paid that would save you nearly $220k per month in clicks allowing you to get that many more clicks in PPC. Additionally, some of these words have a high bounce rate like computer monitor at 32% and notebook where you rank #5 yet 32% of all people who click hit the back button. Clearly they are not finding what they need on that site.
  • Hunt global search-coe_v3

    1. 1. Operationalizing Global Search MarketingGlobal Search Center of Excellence Bill Hunt
    2. 2. Operational Challenges of Global Search • Uniform and Accepted Search Strategy • Proving value to management and local Business Units • Managing Search In-House or Agency Models • Integrating SEM & SEO • Maximizing localized content opportunities • Integrating Search and Social Media2
    3. 3. Global COE Process • Step 1 - Understanding of Current Search Operations – Conduct interviews with key team members to understanding the current search program’s organization, methodologies, and performance in each location and BU • Step 2 - Devise Overall Strategy for Search – Based on business goals and best practices develop a comprehensive global and local Search best practices protocol strategy which will be the guide for the program of the future. • Detailed & actionable process guide for global and local organizations • Step 3 - Identify Gaps & Refine Current Operations – Develop a gap analysis between the current state and the Detailed Strategy • Best Practices Integration Plan • Team knowledge enhancement & staff changes • Process Improvement Consulting3
    4. 4. Survey Local Markets4
    5. 5. Survey Local Markets5
    6. 6. Global Search EcosystemAn ecosystem approach to build a world-class infrastructure • Integration with IT & Content • Keyword Centralization • Crawlable Infrastructure • PPC/SEO Co-Optimization • Relevance built into templates • Keyword Level Performance • SEO into localization process • Always On Monitoring Infrastructure Keyword Management Integration & Reporting Content & Centre of Social Media Excellence • Content Prioritization • Knowledge platform • Searcher Intent Modeling • Thought leadership • Keyword Page Mapping • Uniform KPI’s • Ridged Training Program
    7. 7. Managing the Process7
    8. 8. Best Practice – Center of Excellence Uniform Education Force Infrastructure KPI’s Multipliers Enhancement1 2 3 4 43.3% We treat you as an individual Persona / Desired • Ensures that claims will be resolved to our satisfaction Insurance Company I Would Proactively Helpful and Emotional Reputation Functional Touchpoint Outcome Recommend 42.0% • Has fair prices FairGeneral Claims • Known for open and transparent dealings with customers E1 P1 F1 T1 30.6% Treats me as an Dynamic, fast, Personalized Fast & easy .160 • Has a dedicated relationship leader focused on my companys needs Partner individual dependable, service, just right claims • Helps my business move on because they deliver when it really matters 25.2% who efficient for me Emotional E2 We are focused on your Delivers • Makes me feel like they are there with us every step of the way Benefits Makes me feel reassured because they deliver needs, from small questions to • Has tools that help us identify and mitigate risks specific to our business E2 P2 F2 T2 when it really matters .518 Tailored 40.6% large claims/ from small details • Insight • Offers a unique tailored solution that fits the needs of our business Provides professional guidance that keeps me on top of my business Makes me feel Understanding, Clear info, fair Personalized .812 valued & there with proactive, claims, sound coverage tool & same 40.5% to the big picture me every step of empathetic advice day assistance Direct Deep • Has a deep understanding of the unique needs of our business the way Reputation & P2 P1 27.8% We help you be prepared for Understanding • Uses a thorough understanding of our business to tailor its risk Persona Understanding Dependable & Efficient management services to us R1 F3 T3 20.8% lifes unexpected changes .839 .333 Known for effective Fair prices & easy / Rapid repairs & caring upfront information .868 Must Have • Is a global thought leader known for analytical rigor but not intermediaries Discriminating • Dedicated, proactive and dynamic Functional F3 43.5% Benefits & T1 T2 Touchpoints Responds quickly to Has an easy to use We are focused on helping Nice to Have R2 my changing needs website Fast claims process 38.1% • Global view of reported and paid claims Known for good Life life/not But you get on with your Discriminating • Helps get my employees back to work quicker claims service & 35.9% helping your family through customer service 43.3% times of need What do we Which are most How do we Where can we measure and effective techniques, compliment other intersect with why? tools and resources? teams for enhanced current activities outcomes? and technologies? IBM, Dell, P&G, Nestle and Coach have adopted COE to manage shared services, centralize best practices which have been leveraged to scale search globally resulting in exponential performance improvements.
    9. 9. Focus the Global Search Role 1. SEO Algorithm & 2. Portfolio & Technology External Opportunity Compliance Maximization Global Search Team 3. Business & Search 4. Center of Program Process Excellence Analysis Management
    10. 10. Enabler - Coordinated ManagementPurpose Implemented At• Lower operating costs of running global search programs• Increased leverage of portfolio site assetsCentral Search Team Responsibilities• Deploy best practices, standard metrics, and tools• Consistent process, reporting, and optimization methods• Coordinate with PR, other agencies, web dev, analytics• Evangelize and educate business units and geographies• Standardized in-sourcing / outsourcing delivery
    11. 11. Enabler - GlobalSearch CouncilThe Search Council is essentially a team of subject matter experts levels who offer (among other things):• Strategic Oversight & Collaboration• Best Practices Documentation and Maintenance• Resolve best practice integration issues• Keyword Landing Page (PLP) Mapping• Enforcement of “diagnostic
    12. 12. Organizing Your Program Key SEO Deployment Task by country Management UK Germany France Italy Japan Australia China Canada USExecutive SponsorConfirmedCountry & Brand SMM’s identifiedand approved Keyword ResearchBrand/Country Keyword ResearchcompletedKeywords vetted against IBMKeyword Database.PLP’s identified for final keywordlist Site & Page AuditsCountry Site audit completedPLP Page Audits completed ReportingDevelop and Deploy CountrySpecific Executive SearchEffectiveness Reports
    13. 13. COE Obligations & Deliverables Core deliverables (COE-funded) SEO Consulting Basic SEO Services SEO Reporting/Analysis • Support development of COE and • Conduct org level keyword research • Monitor performance of top and GBU SEO strategies • Develop keyword mappings/clusters strategic keywords • Identify SEO tools and GBU • Prepare SEO meta data and content • Provide reports and analysis optimization best practices optimization recommendations - KPIs (rankings/ traffic/ • Create models aligning search interest • Publish text and XML site maps conversions) and content • Monitor blogs, podcasts, videos, - Compare SEO & PPC results • Review PLP relevance and actionable pdfs, pages for best practice sharing - Compare SEO and social media keywords and process improvement keywords • Sponsor “Lunch & Learn” sessions • Align SEO requirements with Global - Directional metrics • Audit underperforming content IT infrastructure • Establish diagnostic signals • Integrate SEO models into COE • Maintain preferred landing page • Maintain Issue Tracker workflows (PLP) keyword mappings for Top and Strategic Keywords Incremental “Pay for Play” and engagement model for each • Incremental page audits – on demand page auditing via automation or agency resources to identify problems with pages outside the Top and Strategic Keywords Lists • Ad Hoc site and diagnostic audits – leverage agency resources to triage site segments for SEO performance beyond the page level • Link building and outreach – leverage external resources to identify and request relevant links from relevant third party sites • Localized and translated research & modeling – working with translation resources to conduct local language keyword research and page mapping • Market assessment modeling – using localized keyword data and keyword demand tools to develop opportunity models to understand missed opportunity in non-core markets
    14. 14. Managing the Technology14
    15. 15. Enabler – Search Integrated Content Deployment Americas Web Localization Translation Web Global WW Project Production & Local Geo/Region Manager Development Validation EMEA Web Publish Country Accepts, Quality Validates & Localization content Content coordinates Assurance approves Translation authoring requests translation AP Web Localization Translation Local Authors trained Global & local glossary Keyword & Rank & Traffic on writing for SEO validated for demand Relevance Reports Search Implications on Roles  Content Authors – Local content authors ensures the page content is relevant and incorporated optimal keywords Localizers – leverages the glossary and keyword research tools to validate keyword demand and optimal keyword incorporation QA Specialist - Checks pages against submitted content, standards, and template formats – ensures there are no spider traps, keyword prominence and flags any URL changes and ensures URL is in Google site map. Search Team – Monitors inclusions, ranking and traffic 15
    16. 16. Enabler: Optimize Templates for Scale & GlobalPage Title and Meta Data Correct use of Header tagsrecommendationsFully indexable navigation? Can search engine’s follow all of the links?Ensure all parts of the page Enhancement of cross-linksare indexable to distribute link equity Etc.
    17. 17. Managing the Keywords
    18. 18. Typical Current State• Keywords are not centrally managed or organized other than on Excel lists within BU’s or SEO Agency• Monitoring 20 to 30 top keywords and 200+ long tail keywords for ranking and traffic performance• No awareness of missed opportunity for natural search traffic and basic awareness of KPI contribution of key performance keywords
    19. 19. Centralized Keyword Management Provides a central resource combining all major data points for informed decision-making on Paid and organic search priorities BASIC DATA BASIC OUTPUT •Keyword •Duplication Identification •Keyword Demand •Primary v Secondary •Page/URL •Pages with multiple primary •Owner keywords ADVANCED DATA ADVANCED OUTPUT •Organic Referral •PPC + SEO Co-Optimization •Paid Clicks •Organic Keyword Opportunities •Organic Conversions •Page Optimization Opportunities •Paid Conversions •Keyword Overlap & Arbitration Central Keyword Data Input Informed Output Database
    20. 20. Managing the Performance20
    21. 21. Enabler – Diagnostic Monitoring• Google site maps are required for larger complex programs – Alerts problems before they get too bad – Ensures all content pushed into index
    22. 22. Planning for success : improving Share of searches to 5% in 6 keymarkets, results in $32 million (est.) incremental annual revenue CURRENT SEARCH PERFORMANCE INCREASING SHARE OF SEARCH TO 5% Top 10 Increase Avg. Keywords in # of Policy Annual Monthly Current SE % of Est. New Est. New new value RevenueCountry searches Traffic Demand policies policies policies per mth upsideUS Commercial 9,878,218 89,799 0.91% 227 1,235 1,008 $2,500 $30,240,000UK Consumer 1,355,300 4,139 0.31% 10 169 159 $200 $381,600 Commercial 39,570 5 0.01% 0 10 10 $2,500 $300,000Germany Consumer 2,616,900 2,617 0.10% 7 654 647 $200 $1,552,800Switzerland Consumer 101,736 102 0.10% 0 25 25 $200 $60,000Austria Consumer 261,720 262 0.10% 1 65 64 $200 $153,600Ireland Consumer 44,060 93 0.21% 0 6 6 $200 $14,400 Commercial 38,570 15 0.04% 0 5 5 $2,500 $150,000Total 14,336,074 97,032 0.68% 245 2,169 1,924 $32,852,400
    23. 23. Create Missed Opportunity PerformanceModels23
    24. 24. Create Cost of Not Ranking Models• 3.75% increase clicks would bring additional 111k visitors• Potential for $220k in PPC click costs reduction if24 ranked better
    25. 25. Enabler – Deploy BU Performance Metrics • Leverage Scorecards for governance to ensure consistent global performance goals are achieved. • Helps prioritize resource allocation • Effectively blend paid search and natural search for brand awareness and lead generation IBM’s global search performance increased 500% when BU level performance metrics implemented25
    26. 26. Managing the Content26
    27. 27. Plan of Attack Regional SEO and Shared Language Content Strategy Q1 & Q2 Q3 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Integrate SEO Into Site Searcher Intent Modeling Content Optimization Keyword Research Optimize local Integrate optimization Model Searcher Intent destination landing page best practices into new Match to Content for top natural search site templates for scale Match to local content results listing
    28. 28. Content Collaboration Matrix UK DE CH IN BE IE AT PT Keyword Research Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Content Availability 360 360 150 300 8 40 160 0 Business Goals Alignment 300 340 50 250 8 10 160 0 Content Sharing N N N N N N N N Team Resources Y Y N Y N N Y N Localization Tools Integrated Y Y Y Y N N Y N SEO & Localization Integrated Y N N Y N N Y N Glossary Word Validation N N N N N N N N Government Restrictions Y Y Y Y N N Y N Active Campaigns Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Analytics Integration Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Program Cooperative Y Y N N N N N N
    29. 29. Align Language Related Content• Identified top keywords in each market• Aligned common words and content to gather scale• Saved over $25k USD in translation costs [Content & Ad Creative]
    30. 30. Final Thoughts • Embrace and adopt search widely in the organization • Create a senior role for search and manage on a global and portfolio level • Leverage the gold mine of data in your keywords for opportunities and content prioritization – share between countries and business units • Build the in-house team to act as general contractors as the content workflow team integrate best practices into their processes • Ink value and scale from your CMS tools and localization workflow • Leverage the growth and adoption of social media to make sure all that content is optimized for engines and the widest distribution within the ecosystem30
    31. 31. Thank You.eMail: bill@whunt.comTwitter: billhuntBlog: www.whunt.comSite: