ProTRACKPlus Overview


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ProTRACKPlus is a Business Management System for Economic Development Organizations.

It offers DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM & PERFORMANCE TRACKING to the Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) by analyzing internal, structured data & business processes.

by the stakeholders and
at the work place to achieve

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ProTRACKPlus Overview

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Contents1. ProTrackPlus a. Background b. Need Assessment c. Features & Benefits d. Plans Ahead – Feature Wish List2. Feedback
  3. 3. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)IEDC embraces the following core values, which reflect and support the mission, and guidedecisions, actions and provision of services: Social responsibility and a dedication to building healthy, just, and competitive communities Creation of wealth for individuals, businesses, and communities of both the economic development profession and professional cooperation, and Collaboration, Diversity, Tolerance, and Equity2009 Quality Management SurveyBenchmarking Excellence Among Accredited Economic Development OrganizationsPrepared for International Economic Development CouncilPrepared by Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute
  4. 4. Key Quality Management Areas for EDOs
  5. 5. Key Quality Management Areas for EDOsManagement Description Average Key Words Area RatingCustomer & • EDO understands and addresses needs of prospects 4.4 • ProspectMarket Focus ManagementPartnerships • EDO has effective relationship with statewide and regional economic 4.3& development partners and local government • Contact ManagementRelationships • Board members are actively involved in other community organizationsUse of • EDO effectively utilizes electronic or Web-based research 4.3 • CollaborationTechnology services and provides online services provided through Web site or other mechanism • Document • EDO has adequate communications tools for staff connectivity ManagementProcess • EDO response to customers and stakeholders is timely and effective 4.3 • Workflow ManagementManagement • EDO has effective referral system with state, regional, and other partners • Case Management • Executive director has adequate control over work processes • FeedbackStrategic • EDO monitors and tracks progress in implementing the strategic plan, 4.1 • Decision SupportPlanning and updates it accordingly System • Strategic plan adequately addresses marketing and recruitment needsPerformance • Board and staff receive all information needed to work effectively 4.0 • Dashboard UsageTracking • EDO utilizes an effective performance tracking systemSystem • Performance tracking system provides all information needed • Report Generation to measure EDO’sWork
  6. 6. ProTrackPlus AdvantageProTrackPlus has been designed and built to address all the Key Quality ManagementAreas for EDOs. Enables senior management to make decisions in a dynamic environment by analyzing Data and Business Processes. Provides easy and timely access to actual performance levels, thus facilitating objective assessment of performance. Manages workflow by defining a series of tasks and by automating their execution.
  7. 7. Key Features & BenefitsPerformance DashboardProvides a bird’s eye view of the organizations performance to help in strategicdecisionsPerformance New prospects and projects created in a specific time periodReturns Project Investment trends in a specific time period Jobs (permanent & temporary) createdStatus Check Status of existing projects Task Status of existing projects Activity Status of existing projects
  8. 8. Key Features & BenefitsProspect ManagementHelps manage prospects and organize relatedinformation Keyword-enabled searches from central database Custom-lists for easy accessibility Prospect status tracking, online information and collaboration Cross-link prospects with documents, data & projects for quick look-up
  9. 9. Key Features & BenefitsContact Management Keyword-enabled searches from central database Custom-lists for easy accessibility Contact report-generation for easy sharing Data cross-linkage with documents, prospects & projects
  10. 10. Key Features & BenefitsDocument Management Keyword-enabled searches from central database Custom-lists for easy accessibility Online repository accessible anytime and anywhere Data cross-linkage with documents, prospects & projects
  11. 11. Key Features & BenefitsProject ManagementAids in planning and managing projectactivitiesTasks Task-creation for project/activity Allotment of created task to workforce Automated reminders for tasks Synchronization with MS Outlook Automated reminders to assigned personsTracking Allotted task status-tracking Allotted task sub-status tracking Fund-allotment to projects
  12. 12. Key Features & BenefitsActivity ManagementHelps in planning and managingeconomic development activitiesBudgeting Tracking of expenses by activitiesTasks Track activity by status and work programs Task-creation for project/activity Allotment of created task to workforce Automated reminders for tasks Fund-allotment to activities
  13. 13. Key Features & BenefitsReportsMakes organizational and publicreporting easy with customizablereporting formats Activity Reports Prospects Reports Incentives Reports Budget Reports Customized Reports Task Reports Projects Reports Investment Reports
  14. 14. Key Features & BenefitsCollaborationCollaborate in real time withimplementation partners Online application approval workflow Project location on Google maps Synchronization with MS Outlook Email
  15. 15. Key Features & BenefitsBusiness Retention & ExpansionHelps build organizational focus around retaining and expanding existing businesses in the region. Target Key Businesses Save Yourself Time Identifies which businesses have the greatest Helps you use your time so efficiently that risk of job loss…and the best opportunities for you maximize your impact across key growth. existing industries. Prioritize Your Activities Retain and Grow Jobs Suggests which businesses need a meeting Gives you the business intelligence to with you, and which others need occasional positively impact local economic calls and e-mails. development. Systematically Develop Relationships Easily Share with Leadership Recommends sample Touch Point Plans that Makes management reporting as easy as you can use to nurture business relationships giving your leaders access to the system over time. reports.
  16. 16. Plan Ahead – Features Wish List Market Research Site Locator Social Media Resource Centre
  17. 17. Customer Profiles
  18. 18. Town of Islip, NYTown of Riverhead, NYCharlotte Regional Partnership, NCState of Tamaulipas, Mexico
  19. 19. Q A
  20. 20. Feedback Your feedback is very important to us, please contact us for more information and feedback Email : Phone : +1 (516) 466 6655 Follow us:
  21. 21. Thanks for your time!!