HR and Efficency Solutions


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Complete Solution for Any Organization
Front-Desk to Appraisal Generation.

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HR and Efficency Solutions

  1. 1. Elements of an Efficient Organization Culture of Performance Seamlessly Integrated Support Engaged Functions Employees Strong Ideation & Innovation Human Admin Inbound Resources Teams meet messaging Provides SLAs Rounded Consistently Oversight Processes Talent Measured Recruiting & Strong and Improved Supplier Retention Relations Connected Customer Base Every Strong Our Solutions & Custom Customer Outbound In Touch Messaging Services help you achieve success with all these Keeping elements. up with Market Trends 1 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2. Baryons HR and Organizational Efficiency Solution Stack Human Resources Management Organizational Efficiency • HRMS • Enterprise Collaboration Platform • Employee Data Management • Attendance & Leave • Operations Management Management • Appointments Management • Claims & Reimbursements • Visitor Management • Recruitment Management • Transport Management • Training Management • Housekeeping Management • Appraisal Management • Support Management • Exit Process • Online Learning • 360 Degree Feedback Proven Solutions Customized for the Unique Needs of Your Business 2 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  3. 3. HRMS at a Glance Centralized Employee Easy access to personal Employee absence Improved visibility into Information information planned and managed the organization Effective Appraisals and Easy to keep personal Visibility into employees’ Improved visibility into Skills management records current attendance operations Improved visibility into Transparent Appraisals Goal setting and task Compensation managed the Organization Compensation based appraisals and centralized Hiring and Exit recorded information available Performance reviewed Transparency in critical and managed online and recorded for organizational processes Compensation and Claims submission and transparency Enhanced decision Claims recorded and approval Training needs recorded support managed Leave application and Assess and manage Lower Administrative Effective Leaves and approval productivity via timesheets costs Attendance Management HR Managers Employees Managers Executives Intranet Portal Employee Appraisals Payroll, Finance Productivity Hiring & Exit Reports On Boarding Resume Payroll Goal Setting Payroll Generation Timesheets Management Reporting Master Data Goal & Task Attendance Job Applications Leave Recording LOP Calculation Based Management via Internet Reporting Org Structure Pay Slips Leave Hiring Training Needs Skill Based via email Management Workflow Reporting People Search Appraisal Review Pay Slips Training New Hire Attendance Workflow On demand Management Record Creation Reporting Employee Record Claims & Biometric Exit Process Maintenance Appraisal History Custom Reports Reimbursements Attendance Automation 3 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  4. 4. Enterprise Collaboration Platform at a Glance Individuals Teams Group Administrators Administrator Social Intranet Teamwork Engagement Knowledge Communication User Walls Ideation Make Friends Notebooks Post & Comment Knowledge Private Messages Share Socially Blogs Sharing and Chat Comment on Group Activity Polls Forums Discussions Board Group Speak Like Stuff Search Group Chat Photo/Video Sharing Administrative Controls User Management Content Management 4 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  5. 5. Operations Management Solution at a Glance Front Desk Admin Teams Employees System Administrator Browser Client Visitor Transport Appointment House Inventory Registers Management Management Management Keeping Registration, Vehicles Facility Setup Facility Directory In Register Visitors Badge Printing Management Visitor Routes & Resources Setup Staff Directory Out Register Calls Appointment Schedules Security Drivers & Online Resource Movement Inventory Duty Assignment Clearance Duty Roster Booking Approval Movement Group & VIP Commuter Booking Duty Chart Gate Pass Staff Attendance Visits Management Calendars Employee Directory Visitor History Movement History User & Role Management Employee Search Visitor Search Register Search Reports 5 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  6. 6. Learning Management Solution at a Glance Learners Instructors Administrator Learning Front End Online Live Virtual Tutorial Content Courses Class Self Paced Streamed Whiteboard Video Courses Classroom Course Moderated Q&A Q&A Audio Subscription Quizzes & Whiteboard and Rich Content Class Chat Assignments Chat (Flash) Support for Grading Class Archival Tutorial Archival multiple file formats Custom Branding Administrative Controls User Management Learning Content Management 6 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  7. 7. Human Resources Management Solution Modules Solution Module Name Delivered Functionality Human Resources Employee Data Management On-Boarding, Master Data Recording, Org Structure, People Search, Management Employee Record Maintenance Human Resources Attendance and Leave Attendance Recording (manual/biometric), Leave application and approval Management Management workflow Human Resources Reporting Reports related to Included HRMS Modules Management Human Resources Claims & Reimbursements Claim and proofs submission. Claim approval workflow. Reimbursement Management Status. Required for Travel claims in this case. Human Resources Payroll Payroll generation. LOP Calculation. Pay Slip generation and distribution. Management Human Resources Recruitment & Exit Resume Management. Job Applications on Web. Recruitment workflow. Management Management Master record creation on hiring completion. Exit Process workflow Human Resources Timesheets & Productivity Project/Task Based Timesheet, Free Format Timesheet, Approval Workflow Management Human Resources Project Management Project Definition, Project Tasks/Subtasks Creation, Task Assignments, Management Human Resources Appraisals and Performance Goal, Task and Skill Based Appraisals. Appraisal Cycle. Appraiser and Management Management Reviewer Workflow 7 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  8. 8. Organizational Efficiency Solution Modules Solution Module Name Delivered Functionality Enterprise Collaboration Corporate Intranet Intranet, Content Management, People Profiles, Search, Forums, Groups, Platform User Wall, Messaging, User Authentication Learning Management Learning Management Instructor Led Learning, Self Paced Learning, Virtual Classrooms, Assignments, Evaluation, Webinars Operations Management Visitor Management Visitor Appointments, Appointment Approvals, Visit History, Visitor Badge Printing, Blacklisted Visitors, Group Visits, VIP Visits Operations Management Support Management Ticket Logging, Assignment, Tracking, Resolution, Escalation Operations Management Transport Management Routes, Schedules, Cabs, Drivers, Duty Roster Operations Management Appointment Management Appointments, Conference Rooms Booking Operations Management Housekeeping Management Facility Master. Attendance, Duty Rosters and Tasks of housekeeping staff. Operations Management Inventory Movement Register In/Out Registers, Movement History, Tracking 8 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  9. 9. Deployment Options On Premise Hosted & Managed • Installation made at customer site • Hosted on 3rd Party cloud • Hardware infrastructure needs to be • Accessible via internet procured and managed by the customer • Cloud Infrastructure Managed by Baryons • Hardware recommendation provided by • Infrastructure Scaled as Required resulting in Baryons staggered costs • Data resides on customer’s own servers • Data resides on 3rd Party cloud • Technical Support available from Baryons • Technical Support available from Baryons • On Premise operator (for 1st level helpdesk and server administration) can be provisioned separately if required. 9 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  10. 10. What it Takes Customization & Business Profiling Go Live ImplementationPhases Profiles HR and business practice Deploy the product Customize UI for the organization Implementation planning Rollout to all employeesBaryons Make functional customizations as needed Identify functional customization Conduct user demos needs Review and Approve Functional Requirements Review and approve Make users available for demos Customizations made Review and approve Deploy resources to update theClient implementation plan Conduct User Acceptance Testing system with initial data Commit required resources 10 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  11. 11. Technical Support  Technical Support Inclusions  Technical Support Logistics • Administration Support  system administration • Helpdesk account for logging issues  performance monitoring • Data and Content Support • Response SLA of 24 hours  help in data setup  tuning of system parameters • Triage Complete and Fix By Target  answering technical queries communicated within 48 hours • Engineering Support  bug fixes • Hot Fixes for Critical Issues  critical updates Notes • National holidays and weekend hours will  Technical Support Exclusions be added to normal SLA hours. • New Customizations • In case of On-Premise implementation, the • Feature Enhancements support team must be provided access to • On-Premise Infrastructure client’s servers 11 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  12. 12. Sample Solution Views 12 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  13. 13. Sample Enterprise Collaboration Platform (aka Corporate Intranet) 13 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  14. 14. Sample Human Resources Management System 14 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  15. 15. Sample Recruitment Management 15 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  16. 16. Sample IT Helpdesk 16 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  17. 17. Sample Visitors Management 17 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  18. 18. Customer Success is Everything 18 © Baryons Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.