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Brianna corporate ppt


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Brianna corporate ppt

  1. 1. Brianna Knowledge Resources Inculcate, Impart, Inspire…
  2. 2. Our Group Intellivate Capital, the flagship company of the group provides an entire spectrum of services in Investment Banking, Project Management, Fund Raising and Management, Broking services across the spectrum of investment platforms Seolfor Capital handholds the SME sector with structured and unstructured debt to finance its operational activities through cash credit, working capital and term loans Pinnacle has carved a niche for itself in educational services for Chartered Accountancy aspirants. Manish Modi & Company are reputed service providers in Chartered Accountancy space.
  3. 3. About Brianna• Brianna is a Corporate Consultancy & Training Organization providing Research based Training.• The philosophy: Enabling people to come together & create value for the society.• Our aim: Creating an environment conducive to such a kind of learning where performance & further curiosity to educate ones self is the end result.
  4. 4. About Brianna• Brianna is a group organization of Intellivate Capital Ventures Ltd.• The core team of Brianna consists finance specialists who have more than 25 years of training experience.• Their experience straddles from providing solutions to complex financial issues facing top management to addressing the needs of the lower echelons of management in form of training on compliance issues.• Total No. of Domain Specialists: 55 across different cities in India.
  5. 5. Organization Structure Delivery MD & CEO Team Research & Business TNA & Content Development Assessment Development
  6. 6. Solutions
  7. 7. Open Programmes• Brianna organizes workshops, seminars in the financial services space.• Taught by the experts of Brianna who have combined experience of more than 50 years in applied education.• Some facts: More than 20 programs have been incorporated across India and 400+ participants have been trained.• Locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore.
  8. 8. 5D Unique Process Discover: Identification of suitable program themes and content relevant to a contemporary paradigm is the key. It requires organised research. Design: Adaptability is the yardstick here. Discover Formatting knowledge bases into a functional space becomes critical. Decide: Clarity needs to be born out of conviction in communications. Internal anchoring andDiligence Design certainty has to be reached before it is shared with the world at large. Deliver: Optimising delivery packaging of products and services is a significant parameter while reaching out. It’s like when speaking to a child, one either lifts the child up or bends to reach down. Deliver Decide Diligence: Authenticity and integrity of delivery are self–checks, we voluntarily comply with. Excellence is a passion with us and we adopt processes that monitor and evaluate our own quality of delivery.
  9. 9. Customized programmes• Brianna works very closely with corporate in the developing training modules through a partner need analysis exercise.• Brianna’s training modules have an intrinsic impact assessment on bottom lines called ROTI- Return on Training Investment.• Tailor made contents are developed to address the unique requirements of the organizations.• Some Facts: 36 programs have been executed and more than 400+ participants trained.
  10. 10. 5E Unique Process Explore: A need and a delivery system have to connect. This can happen from either side of the equation. Brianna has both a pro-active and responsive mechanism in place. Explore Examine: Needs and requirements have to be identified and assessed scientifically. Subjective and objective organizational nuances find their voices here.Empower Examine Evaluate: Data collected in the Examine process has to be converted into useful information for impact projection and measurement. Execute: Processes have to be executed with suitable controls and checks in place. Flexibility of structures based on real-time debugging of solutions is of Execute Evaluate paramount importance. Empower: While processes can be suggested and developed, their implementation at the user level is ensured. This involves a process of orientation and training whereby knowledge is finally converted into skill.
  11. 11. Corporate ConsultingCorporate consulting: For an organization to grow exponentially and makeprogress in quantum leaps, a strong consulting support accelerates theprocess. We at Brianna facilitate the financial consulting practice for ourclientele to maximize tangible and intangible corporate benefits. Brianna hasvery strong domain knowledge and a dedicated research team studyingcontemporary financial developments globally. We forecast economictrends impacting industries and customers by sharing the same with ourclients to give them cutting-edge consultations and financial technologies.This Research based approach impels for an in-depth learning of anorganization to facilitate a long term sustainable growth in their respectivefield of business.
  12. 12. Our Practices
  13. 13. Key Clients In-house Workshops Aditya Birla Group Syntel Bisleri Goldshield Capgemini Kotak Group Eicher Motors Mahindra & Essar Steel Mahindra Raymonds Reliance KEY Infrastructure CLIENTELE Open Workshops Dart Manufacturing J P Morgan Ameya Logistics - Tupperware Kanakia Spaces Bank of India Enam Securities Mercuri India Bank of Tokyo Gurukul India Nerolac Centrum Broking IBM Daksh SAP India Citizen Bank ICICI Home Finance Sodexo – RKHS Cinemax India Ispat Industries Vodafone Stream International Tata Asset Tata Consultancy Sungard Management Services Technologies
  14. 14. Success Stories• Mahindra & Mahindra: Brianna’s TNA team identified the need for the sales team of M&M that understanding the dealer’s financial statements was vital to achieve its targets. A world class module was designed after interviewing different dealers, HR & Senior Sales Team at M&M. The research was conducted to the extent of having a plant visit at Nashik to understand the Business Model of the company. The delivery team rolled out the program across the country for 200 + professionals over the span of two years. L1, L2 and L3 feedback was initiated and L3 was carried out to map the “ROTI” (Return on Training Investment).• Ultratech Cement: A research based module was developed, focusing on cement dealership for the sales and the RMC dept of the company. Live Dealership Case study was again undertaken to understand Profitability & Financial Statements of the dealer. The Management’s support was crucial, hence Brianna was able to devise solution for Cement Dealers to remain exclusive and committed to the Ultratech Brand in the competitive commoditized cement market.
  15. 15. Success Stories• Kotak Securities: Kotak Securities & Brianna are working together on Kotak Ignite Program, which is an internally developed module for the Management Trainees. The idea is to make people understand about the capital market structure, the security market, products & processes, Risk Management, Compliances and Sales & Business Communication. Brianna has successfully trained 400+ participants across 15 locations in India.
  16. 16. Thanks YouLook forward to getting associated with you