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Level up with Gamification


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Gamification of Customer, Employee Engagement

Published in: Business
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Level up with Gamification

  1. 1. Level Up with GamificationThe concepts, methodologies and research containedherein are proprietary of Naval Vithalani. Duplication,reproduction or disclosure of information in thisdocument without the express written permission ofNaval Vithalani is prohibited.Email –
  2. 2. Life has changed forever Social Media is the biggest disruptions of current times, business has moved from the traditional Purchase Funnel to the Social Purchase CircleTraditional Purchase Funnel Social Purchase Circle Social now influences every stage of the purchase process and amplifies recommendations to the nth degree. ePatients – Engaged, Educated, Empowered
  3. 3. The New ChallengeCustomer Challenges Increasing Distraction Increased Expectation New Communities Short Recollection Employee Challenges Increasing Dissatisfaction Retention of Talent Communication Gaps Low MotivationBusinesses are struggling to keep their employees, customers Engaged
  4. 4. Loyalty Motivation Engagement GoalHow Do You Achieve TheseBrand Evangelism Purpose Benefit
  5. 5. What if the world was a GAME
  6. 6. Do you remember Donkey Kong You had a Gorilla You had a Princess You had Mario Gorilla that kidnaps Princess calls for help the princessWhy dida. People try to beat each other’s high score Mario saves the Princessb. Even after 25yrs, people still remember the gamec. Why did people spend countless hours beating each other’s score THE POWER OF GAMES
  7. 7. What is Gamification Gamification is the application of Gaming Thinking and Mechanics to increase engagement. Gamification can be employed to engage employees, customers and partnersWhy Gamification works Creates a sense of belonging Increase Engagement Increases Employee / Customer Motivation
  8. 8. Level Up - Gamify to Influence BehaviorCrowdsourcing Targeted Business Activities Behavioural Psychology Real Time FeedbackUsing the power of many Providing Real Time- Customers Feedback to the user- Employees - Leader Boards - Badges Optimizing Work and Influencing Behavior
  9. 9. Gamification Of Employee EngagementEmployees are the biggest “Brand Advocates” for any organization. The biggest challenge is howdo you influence employee behaviour for training, participation and referrals.Using Gamification, employees can be incentivized to behave in a particular manner.Gamification is where the organization sets a Goal for the employee. Goals Actions Reward • Idea Factory • Leaderboards • Training • Leaderboards • Healthcare • Virtual Currency • Referral • Brand Advocacy
  10. 10. Gamified Analytics• Real Time Feedback from user data• Behavioral Tracking helps to tweak the Game to create ‘Stickiness’• Data to help design the reward mechanism• Analytics based on – Top Users – Daily Activities – Daily Users by Challenge – Users by Level
  11. 11. Functional Architecture Enterprise Employee Touch Gaming Layer Define the program rules send it to Systems 1 Employee / customer touch points points User Management Customer / Employees Earn 3 Interaction Points Badges and Rewards Points • Online ERP Systems Badge Management • In Office Rewards, Display Customer / Employee 5 achievements on Leader boards PointsEmployee Data Rules Management 2 Employees / Customers complete Communication Member Communication Tasks Channels • EmailCustomer Data Program Management Communicate with Customers / • Mail 6 Employees on multiple channels Promotions 7 Influence Game mechanics Master 4 based on behavior data Data Socialbased on behavior data Influence Promotions Warehouse Networks Share Employee / Customer achievement on Social Networks to help Analytics Corporate Image Insights on Employee / Customer behavior
  12. 12. Functional Engagement for Program Design Stage and description Objective Methodology Deliverable • Setting expectations • Conducting Workshop • Describing tools and checklists • Explaining timelines and Preparatory stage: •Prep Clarifying questions and how they Critical Success Factors Prerequisites are administered Questionnaire • Define if Standalone or Coalition • Conducting workshops with Program. Explain benefits of each leadership teams • Design the Business Models • Conducting workshops withStage 1 Program Design and • Redemption Strategy function heads Business Model • Multi Channel – Web/POS/Mobile • Benchmarking to industry Workshop • Promotions and Analytics standards • Customer Performance Analysis / KPI’s • Customer Service • Design the detailed Business • Data collected throughStage 2 Processes for the entire program workshops translated to Business Process and • Design the detailed Business business processes Requirements Design Requirements for running the • Design Requirements Gamification program documents using global best practices • Creating a Gamification Roadmap • Prioritising the program • Handover Requirements, features to launch in phasedStage 3 Gamification Roadmap • Handover Processes and Roadmap manner and Product selection to product vendor • Product selection based on • Product selection process feature-product best fit
  13. 13. Key Take Away Identify The• Align the strategy to the Corporate goals Corporate Strategy• Understand the target audience Align Social Analyze the Media data and• Based on the product / services offered identify the social Refine Strategy To The Corporate networks to be tapped Strategy Strategy• Keep the strategy simple to tweak• Engage in continuous dialogue with the client• Reward every action of the audience Implement Test The The Changes Strategy• Analyze the data and Refine the approach Refine Strategy Based On Test Feedback Social Media is about creating Communities not eyeballs
  14. 14. Thank YouTo Gamify your world contact the authorNaval VithalaniEmail –