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Employee engagement in customer experience management, customer relationship skills, innovating differentiated customer experience See Contact us at

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ClearAction Customer Experience Services

  1. 1. Employee Engagement in Customer Experience Management Customized consulting services . Foster Company-wide Customer Centricity Interaction BridgesWhile 56% of managers think • Navigate unexpected changes with clients or colleagues.they’re customer-centric, only • Gain cooperation during moments of impasse.12% of their customers agree. How: workshop, tools, application.81% of companies with strongcapabilities and competencies Self-Reporting Team Recognitionfor delivering customer experience • Spur energetic customer focus and stakeholder buy-in.excellence are outperformingtheir competition. • Give teams tools to track progress and submit their own achievements per customer-centric categories and criteria. • Expand constructive feedback and organizational learning.Internal Branding How: Web interface, criteria, procedures, tools.• Involve employees enterprise-wide in understanding their own impact on the customer experience. Customer-Focus Incentive Strategies• Embrace complaints and constructive feedback as • Link compensation with desired customer outcomes. valuable warning signals: deploy closed-loop process. • Prevent silo-focus, gaming, or coaching customers.• Align internal customer satisfaction activities with external How: formula, sophistication roadmap, guidance. customer experience priorities.• Ensure consistent delivery of the brand promise. How: processes, best practices, tools, workshops. Leading Indicator Dashboards • Focus on actionable leading indicators. • Cascade objectives and metrics for continuity.Stakeholder Engagement • Focus on metrics levers for continual progress.• Implement customer-centric initiatives with shared vision. • Integrate real-time financial/operational/customer metrics.• Build cross-organizational cooperation and involvement. How: evaluation, workshop, integrated online dashboard. How: change management roadmap, tools, guidance. Holistic Decision-MakingEngagement Motivator Discovery • Improve customer-centricity in daily decisions.• Identify intrinsic motivators unique to your organization. • Clarify leverage points and the ripple effect of decisions. How: 10-minute online survey, group-specific reports. • Manage inter-relationships: programs, groups, people. How: workshop, diagraphs, decision tables.Individual Perception Discovery• Grasp others’ perspectives as a 360-degree view. Customer Relationship Skills• Build trust and manage expectations among everyone • Improve listening, questions, and balanced open dialogue. who receives deliverables from an individual. • Build trust, partnering, and influence. How: 30-minute online self-survey, individual coaching. How: workshops, 5-minute podcasts, application.© 2010 ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.ClearAction Customer Experience Management Consulting 1-877-CEM-ROI-4 Statistics from CMO Council Customer Affinity study and Peppers & Rogers Customer Experience Maturity Monitor study.
  2. 2. Innovation in Customer Experience Management Customized consulting services .Customer Experience as High-Profit Differentiator Customer Hassle Prevention • Embrace constructive feedback company-wide. • Respond to customer complaints. • Anticipate and prevent customer concerns. • Grow process maturity, systems thinking, accountability. • Engage all employees in understanding and managing their impact on customer experience. How: data streams, processes, assessments, training. Customer Experience Creativity75% of best-in-class adopters of customer experience management • Inspire innovations in customer experience: product,have increased customer loyalty as a result of CEM initiatives, versus service, business model, affinity, policy, process,53% of average adopters. Companies that have increased theircustomer experience investment in the past 3 years are 30% more emotional connections and customer’s broader context.likely to have 0-5% customer churn/attrition rate, and they report • Maintain core essence and manage assumptions.satisfaction scores that are 60% higher. • Expand risk tolerance and capabilities for borrowing. • Nurture essential roles for creativity realization.Customer Experience Measures • Redefine competition and options per customers’ view. • Embed creativity tools enterprise-wide.• Measure value per customers’ inherent measures. How: tools, analysis, guidance, workshops, processes.• Map customers’ desired outcomes to internal enablers.• Calculate value quotients by solution and trends. Customer Experience Improvement Momentum How: processes, studies, analysis, tools, guidance. • Vitalize executive sponsorship through vivid stories. • Apply systems thinking to customer experience initiatives.Customer Experience Identities • Re-charge programs with change management tools.• Segment customers by circumstance-based outcomes. • Stimulate organizational learning and calculated risks. nd• Describe the customer experience persona by segment. • Make benchmarking and quality tools usage 2 nature.• Prioritize opportunities by customer lifetime value. • Improve customer-centricity and relationship skills.• Use identities company-wide for decision-making. How: story database, training, tools, motivation alignment. How: tools, guidance, analysis, workshops. Customer Experience MentoringTouchpoint Value Chain • Increase ROI from surveys and customer programs.• Draw customer’s journey: need awareness to extinction. • Access fast-track primer for executives new to CEM.• Create value for under-served journey points. • Navigate political dynamics in program management.• Improve value throughout the chain leading to each point. • Get a non-invasive neutral assessment or sounding board. How: workshops, processes, motivation. How: 1-on-1 discussion, evaluation, recommendations.© 2010 ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.ClearAction Customer Experience Management Consulting 1-877-CEM-ROI-4 Statistics from Aberdeen and Strativity Customer Experience Management studies.
  3. 3. Customer Experience Management Skill-Building Customized speaking, training and workshops . Develop Customer Relationship Skills Lynn Hunsaker, head of ClearAction,Build customer advocacy skills as a brand differentiator. is a frequent contributor to customerHands-on exercises with realistic internal and external experience publications and conferences.customer scenarios accelerate adoption of valuable Well-known for her practical advice andcapabilities. Proficiency is the vital link between strategy and action-oriented toolkits, Lynn has honedexecution. Develop strong customer relationship skills to bring her interactive delivery style through ayour customer experience strategies to life. career of customer program management, marketing, organizational development,From executive rallies to how-to workshops, ClearAction quality improvement, associationinspires customer focus, provokes new perspectives and calls management, university teaching, andto action, and shares innovative techniques as well as tried- consulting to companies such asand-true methods. Customize customer experience Accountants Inc., Adecco, Anritsu, Applied Materials,management topics, depth, breadth, hands-on exercises, and Cadence, FormFactor, Hospira, Merck, Sonoco, SunPower,ready-to-implement take-aways for your group. and others. Lynn’s speaking engagements have also included:Topics can be derived from ClearAction blog entries and • American Marketing Associationtailored to your group’s interests. Sample topics include: • American Society for Quality • Burke Customer Satisfaction Associates • Contact Center Performance Forum• Customer-Centricity Building Blocks • Council for Continuous Improvement• Beyond CRM and Touch Points • Customer Reference Knowledge Network• Measure Value the Customer’s Way • Institute of International Research• Interaction Bridges for Promise-Keeping • Legal Marketing Association • Market Research Association• Building Trust as a 360-Degree Lifestyle • Organizational Development Network• Motivating Team Breakthroughs • Project Management Institute• Innovating Superior Customer Experience • U.S. Department of Defense• Systems Thinking for CEM Collaboration Lynn Hunsaker has written and published three handbooks:• Internal Branding to Live the Brand Promise • Customer Experience Improvement Momentum• Organization-wide Involvement in CEM • Metrics You Can Manage For Success• Balancing Leading Indicators & Incentives • Innovating Superior Customer Experience• Customer Experience Value Chain"Lynns workshop was absolutely fantastic. Throughout everystep of the planning process, she was conscientious of thedetailed needs of our group. Her presentation style was veryengaging but even more importantly, very real. Attendeesremarked to me about how much insight they gained. I wouldheartily recommend Lynn to any organization that is hoping togain expert knowledge from someone they can trust to deliversuperior results."© 2010 ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.ClearAction Customer Experience Management Consulting 1-877-CEM-ROI-4
  4. 4. The following 3-hour modules can be expanded and/or combined for depth and breadth, customized to your needs. A series of 5-minute podcasts is also available for on-the-job training and reinforcement. Partnering RolesCommunication Skills Monitor your journey from expert-for-hire to trusted advisor by identifying your current level of partnership and growing theEffective communicators are skilled navigators of relationship through dimensions of expertise, process andcircumstances and personalities in receiving as well as people.sending messages. Sources of InfluenceThe Power of Listening Measure your formal and informal sources of influence:Practice listening skills appropriate to the situation at hand, positional, political, knowledge, relationship, and personalincluding nonverbal cues, the skills of empathy and silence,and advanced levels of listening that will propel your power ... and leverage your clients sources for win-win arrangements.relationship growth. Building Client RelationshipsThe Power of QuestionsInvolve your client through appropriate questions that reveal Prioritize stretch goals for opportunities and relationships,the often unspoken issues, criteria, rationale, perceived risks, thought leadership, team development, quality assurance, and commercial success; develop tools to monitor and celebratemotives and vision that are germane to your mutual success. success.The Power of Intended OutcomeIdentify success factors for each client interaction, taking intoaccount the expectations of each party, what to share or Dynamics Skillsreserve, managing disengagement or resistance, anddiscovering underlying needs. Anticipate connections and interactions within and between processes and groups, to maximize customer experienceBalancing Open Dialog success.Integrate communication techniques for various phases ofdiscussion, using the exploring, stating and teaming dialog Stakeholder Managementcomponents appropriately. Map the players integral to an initiative and determine strategies to create a common vision and build momentum and TMInteraction Bridges success in achieving desired results.Learn techniques to use on-the-fly in navigating unexpectedchanges with clients or colleagues, or gaining cooperation from Building Relationships With Each Buying Influencepersons outside your line of authority during moments of Identify the players in your client organization in various rolesimpasse. of the buying decision, gain awareness of each roles care- abouts, and nurture your relationship with each client role.Personalities Under StressRecognize what stresses different thinking types and develop Creating Value Through Systems Thinkingmethods to transform yourself and others to a positive outlook Optimize the value you bring to clients through big-pictureduring stressful situations. techniques that accommodate critical system components through framing, analogies, patterns, perspectives, openness, and connectivity.Relationship Skills Learning From Challenges & Successes Imagine yourself in the future with both positive and negativeTrust is the defining factor for long-term relationships. Catalyze scenarios and ask "how did that happen?" to discoverand manage bonds that transcend inevitable challenges. strategies to thwart competitors and build relationships.Building Trust Mastering ImplementationExplore the character and competence dimensions of the trust Bring action plans to life by integrating customer perspective,you convey and tools for building credibility, managing root cause analysis, metrics, execution specifics, andcommitments, maintaining standards, and demonstrating your recognition on a single page as a living document thattrust in others. encourages follow-through.© 2010 ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.ClearAction Customer Experience Management Consulting 1-877-CEM-ROI-4