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Katy Perry Pitch


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A2 Media Studies

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Katy Perry Pitch

  1. 1. Katy Perry – If U Can Afford Me Michael Nguyen, Kelly Sutton, Eloise Maidment and Ben Crofts K
  2. 2. Katy Perry – Target AudienceThe target audience we are aiming our music video atis for teenagers and young adults between the age of13-20.We have based our target audience on Katy Perry’salready established fan base.Her audience presently are mainly female; this isbecause of her girlish and preppy lyrics within hersongs. E
  3. 3. Katy Perry – Target AudienceIn Katy Perry’s most recent music video ‘Last Friday Night’ the videorepresents teenagers quite stereotypically through house parties, teenage‘urban tribes’ (geeks etc) and the cast in the video being mainly teenagers –reinforcing our idea of Katy Perry’s teenage target audience. E
  4. 4. Our ideal fan Age: Teenager, 13-21 – Mostly Female Dress sense: Fashionable, Up-to-date Job: Part-time, Full-time student TV: Reality, Soaps, MTV, Likes comedy genre Technology: Use social networking to communicate with artists such as twitter, follows artists own website Interests: Shopping, Parties, Hair, Concerts, Socialising K
  5. 5. The Pink PoundWe also believe Katy Perry appeals to LGBTaudiences.The appeal of the pink pound is that a lot gay couplesdon’t tend to have children so they have a lot moremoney of which they can invest in artists which theycan relate too such as Katy Perry.The pink pound generates and adds to the largeamount of money for artists. K
  6. 6. Treatment for our music video As our chosen song is of pop genre we will need to make our music video is fun, quirky and upbeat. This will mean lots of jump cuts between scenes when editing. As the lyrics are strong we have based our initial ideas on the lyrics ‘If U Can Afford me’. Representation – this will play and important and obvious part in our music video as our initial idea is to represent Katy Perry as a fun character with guys of different stereotypes; Jock, Geek, Biker and a ‘normal’ guy. Our first idea of how to reflect this through a visual image of a music video is to have several stereotype guys in a street scene watching and wanting her attention. B
  7. 7. Treatment continued.Katy Perry and her image is young and sexy. This isreflected onto her music video that she produces. Theconcept is usually brightly coloured.Our idea is Katy Perry walking down a busy highstreetas these different teenage stereotypes attempt towin her attention fitting with the lyrics ‘If U CanAfford Me’.We will need to include numerous costume change tobe consistent with Katy Perry’s current music videos.We decided that using different kinds of stereotypescan relate with different types of locations. B
  8. 8. The DigiPak Here, in the digipak for Katy Perry it is consistent with her music video for the song ‘California girls’ Interestingly, as the music video was based on sweets the actual image on the CD was a sweet. We want to keep this ‘young’ brand identity for Katy Perry. An idea we have had is the CD for our digipak will be shaped as a pound coin fitting with the lyrics.As Katy Perry is a pop artist, the general convention is voyeurism, as you cansee from the digipak for California girls we would therefore want to continuethis theme of a voyeuristic image. M
  9. 9. The Magazine AdvertA convention of all magazine adverts and digipaks arethey are very similar in terms of images, style etc.This is so the audience can recognise the digipak in ashop quickly and easily based on the magazine advert.For our magazine advert we want to keep it simplewith bright colours reflecting Katy Perry’s ‘young andfun’ brand identity.Keeping the advert simple will mean our audience ismore attracted to read it and pay attention to it M
  10. 10. QR CodesAs an incentive and to get fans more ‘involved’ in ourdigipak release we will offer them the chance todownload exclusive content such as phone screensaverwhich can be obtained by scanning a QR code on theirsmartphone – a technique that many record companiesare now using and taking advantage of the technologyavailable to our target audience. Try scanning this QR code which links to Katy Perry’s website. MB
  11. 11. Costumes As Katy Perry is known for her innocent yet sexy style we have decided to use individual stereotypes such as geeks, jocks, biker and ‘normal’ and then giving them the Katy Perry touch.- For the geek look, we’ve thought of high waist shorts with braces and checkered shirts with the addition of long socks and pig tails to give the ‘preppy teen’ look.- For the jock/princess look, we want to use an American style varsity jacket for the guy and for the girl we would bring in the idea of a cheerleader with pompoms and pigtails.- For the biker look we wanted to include leather jackets with biker boots and dark clothing with dark eyes to add a seductive look to it.- For the ‘normal’ guy we would follow the trends and styles of now but then giving them the Perry perks with a clean and fresh outlook. EK
  12. 12. Location Our idea of our main location is a busy high street. This gives us a couple of possible locations: Weston-super-Mare high street Bristol Cabot circus Bristol Castle parkWe will narrow down our choices by takingphotographs of each location and analyse the pros andcons of each. BM