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Mobile Cloud Computing


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A Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing

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Mobile Cloud Computing

  2. 2. Outline• Introduction• What is Mobile Computing?• What is Cloud Computing?• Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)?• Architecture of MCC• Requirements• Applications• Challenges• Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction The increasedcapabilities of mobiledevices. Access of internet usingMobile devices than PCs. Growth in the use ofSmart phones, their apps,and emerging cloudcomputing concept, MobileCloud Computing hasbeen introduced.
  4. 4. What is Mobile Computing?DefinitionMobile computing is “taking acomputer and all necessary files andsoftware out into the field”.Mobile computing is a generic termused to refer to a variety of devices thatallow people to access data andinformation from where ever they are.
  5. 5. Features and ChallengesFeatures• Mobility• Saves TimeChallenges
  6. 6. What is Cloud Computing ?DefinitionCloud computing refersto applications and servicesoffered over the Internet.These services areoffered from data centres allover the world, whichcollectively are referred to asthe "cloud."???
  7. 7. Features and Challenges of CloudComputingFeatures•Virtualization•Reliability, usability and extensibility•Large ScaleChallenges•Performance•Security and Privacy•Bandwidth Costs
  8. 8. What is Mobile Cloud Computing(MCC) ?DefinitionMobile cloud computing is the combination of cloudcomputing and mobile networks to bring benefits formobile users, network operators, as well as cloudproviders.Mobile Cloud computing at its simplest refers to aninfrastructure where both the data storage and the dataprocessing happen outside of the mobile device.
  9. 9. Architecture of MCC
  10. 10. Key Requirements for MCC• Simple APIs offering transparent access to mobileservices, and requiring no specific knowledge ofunderlying network technologies.• Web Interface• Internet access to remotely stored applications in thecloud.
  11. 11. Applications of MCC•Offloading Computation•Processing Speed and Data Storage•Increased Battery Life•Improving reliability•Security•m-Game
  12. 12. Challenges• Cloud Service Cost• Mobile Network Cost• Availability• Heterogeneity• Issues in Computing offloading• Security for Mobile Users
  13. 13. ConclusionThe concept of cloud computing provides a brandnew opportunity for the development of mobile applicationssince it allows the mobile devices to maintain a very thinlayer for user applications and shift the computation andprocessing overhead to the virtual environment.A cloud application needs a constant connection thatmight prove to be an Achilles heel for the cloud computingmovement. However as mobile internet capabilitiescontinue to get better, it is likely that solutions to thisparticular problem will become apparent.
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