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Teacher followup will be given to insure proper formats are taught regarding citing sources and standard English conventions.

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Zaid Turkey

  1. 1. By Ziad
  2. 2.  Turkey is a nice country her capital is Ankara and the main language is Turkish . Turkey’s location is in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia and its borders are Bulgaria ,Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea .
  3. 3.   . People lived in Asian part of turkey called Anatolia since 7,000 bc . Romans took over Anatolia I the year 30bc
  4. 4.    . In late 1200s new group gained power in Anatolia . . In 1453 the Ottoman turks captured Constantinople . . They renamed the city Istanbul and made it their capital .
  5. 5.     . After the war many turks were angry at the ottoman government , which had lost lots of the empire’s land . A military leader called Mustafa Kamel formed a separate government . . In 1923 he founded a new country called turkey . . The city of Ankara became the new capital .
  6. 6.    . Kamel Mustafa became the first president of turkey . . Kamel ruled with strong power . . He soon took the name “ Attaturk “ which is the “ father of the turks “ .
  7. 7.    . In 1960 and 1980 the military took over turkey’s government . . In 1997 military forced the prime minister to step down . . Modern turkey has also faced along .
  8. 8.  The major cities of turkey are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana and Mersin
  9. 9.  Turkey is a country that connects Asia and Europe, includes variety of landforms . The Asian part of the country is called Anatolia while the European part is called Thrace of Anatolia plateau , border by the korogly Pontic and Taurus mountains , and the eastern highlands . The periphery of the consists of the northern black see region , and the fertile crescent to the southeast .
  10. 10.  The major bodies of water are Manavgatcayi, manavgat water fall, lake tuz, akhurian river , lake bafa .
  11. 11.  The major landforms in turkey are Ayasofia mosque , sultanhmet Mosque , Topkapi palace , dalmabahce palace , Kariye museum .
  12. 12.  In Turkey , men and woman wear in a modern way . Some women wear head scarfs especially in rural areas . Men wear regular clothes like in Europe .
  13. 13.  Music in turkey combine both European and oriental cultures . You can hear it on the streets and you can buy Turkish music around the world .
  14. 14.  Holydays in Turkey are so fun you can go to many places , visit museums and do out door activities , I really recommended it .
  15. 15.  I really like turkish pastries like bklaua and knafe . Food in turkey is very wide and exotic . In my country in my country we eat a lot of food from the Turkish culture I like it very much .
  16. 16.  When attaturk did the revelation in October a new flag was adopted . It is a red flag with a star and crescent , the star was the morning the morning star as mentioned in the Holy Quran and the crescent represents a symbol of Islam and the red color is the color of the blood . Turkey had this flag since 1936.
  17. 17.  In turkey it was illegal to drink coffee jurying the 16th and 17th centuries the low is still till now but no one cares . Also in turkey it is forbidding for a married woman women to take a job also any one who is over 80 years cant drive a plane or a ship.
  18. 18.  The population in turkey lives in urban areas it’s also very young : 69%of turkish population is under 60 . The total population in turkey is 78million still increasing .
  19. 19.  When u go to turkey you have to goto the ottoman castles and places and when you go to a restaurant you have to order sweets specially Beklava you also have to visit the Bosfor.
  20. 20. First I didn’t like turkey but after I did the research I loved it and I wish I can visit this country tomorrow .
  21. 21.  Turkey- Suleiman the Magnificent
  22. 22.  Turkey Britannica encyclopedia volume T
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