Millal Palestine


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Students created a PowerPoint to share the information they learned about a Middle Eastern country of their choice. This is not teacher edited; additional instruction will be retaught for standard English conventions and age appropriate bibliography.

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Millal Palestine

  1. 1. By Millal-4d
  2. 2. Introduction On the left side of the Mediterranean lies the land of Palestine. This book will take you on a journey to West bank and Gaza strip of Palestine. In this book, you will be exploring the geography, facts, politics, culture, climate, economy and history of Palestine.  Nestled in the center of Palestine lies the city of Jerusalem; the capital of Palestine. In Palestine the main language in Palestine is Arabic.
  3. 3.  Palestine came into existence around 8,000 B.C. Palestine is a country that was once free, but now occupied by Israel. Nowadays, Palestine is more commonly known as Israel, some people call it Occupied Palestine but some people still call it Palestine. The current President is a man named Mahmoud Abbas.
  4. 4. Geography Strip is 365 km. The richest is 5,690 km and the area of the Gaza grounds of Palestine are The Coastal Plains. Palestine is situated in the continent of Asia. South of Jerusalem is Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus Christ. South of Bethlehem is Hebron, Hebron is fertile land, and it is also famous for its grapes. Farther north is Jericho, a Moslem country. North of Jerusalem is Ramallah, a very ancient country  The total area of Palestine is 26,323 km. The total area of the west bank There are many deserts in Palestine such as the eastern slopes or more commonly known as the Judean Desert or in Arabic, Bariat al- Quads. Palestine is close to the Mediterranean Sea
  5. 5. Nestled in the center of Palestine lies the city of Jerusalem, capital of Palestine 
  6. 6. Palestine's Economy {now Israel's economy} includes crude oil, grains, raw material, military Equipment and cut diamonds. The type of currency is The Palestinian Pound.
  7. 7. June To September are the seasons with no rain. November to march is the wet season. The highest Temperatures can reach 29° C. The lowest temperatures can reach 10° C. 
  8. 8. Sources   Pace Tour Guide of The West Bank and Gaza Strip “Palestine” by Dr. Adel Yaha, Dr. Muin Sadeq and Dr. Hanna Abdel Nour, 1999 The Unmaking of Palestine by Wasef Fahed Abboushi, 1990 The Question of Palestine by Edward W. Said, 1979 Political systems of the Middle East in the 20th Century by Wasef Fahed Abboushi, 2008