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Tiffany Egypt


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Students created a PowerPoint to share the information they learned about a Middle Eastern country of their choice. This is not teacher edited; additional instruction will be retaught for standard English conventions and age appropriate bibliography.

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Tiffany Egypt

  1. 1. Egypt Tiffany-4D
  2. 2. introduction The capital of Egypt is Cairo Egypt is in the corner of Africa. Egypt was one of the earliest most important civilizations in the world.
  3. 3. Economy In Egypt cotton comes from flowers.
  4. 4. Geography The Nile River flows to The Mediterranean. Egypt only has 2 Seasons “cool, mild, winters, and hot summers.
  5. 5. History Egyptian civilizations go back more than 6,000 Native Kings and queens ruled Egypt for 2, 500 years from about 2925 BC until 332 BC Years. The Arab conquest of 641 by the military commander.
  6. 6. Climate In Egypt Hot winds temperature 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Egypt is a dry sub apical area.
  7. 7. Facts The Pyramid is taller than 45 stories and a skyscraper. Egypt animals are in important to Egypt.
  8. 8. Culture They build a Pyramid for there kings. Other groups include Nubians, Rome, Gympie's, Armenians, and Greeks.
  9. 9. Sources A to Z Egypt by: Jeff Reynolds Egypt by: Howard Gunter Q and A Egypt by: Christine Webster Kid’s infobites Britannia School Country Reports Images: ent_Zamalek_Cairo_Jan-2006.jpg