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Adam a


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Adam a

  1. 1. Egypt By Adam A.
  2. 2. Introduction The country of Egypt is on the continent of Asia. The population is 74,033,000. The capital of Egypt is Cairo and the population of Cairo is 11,146,000. The languages spoken are Arabic, English, and French. To the east of Egypt is Jordan and the Red Sea, to the south is Sudan, to the west is Libya, and to the north is the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. 3. Geography Egypt’s total area is 386,662 square miles or 1,001,450 square km. The geographical coordinates are 2700 N, 3000 E. The coastline of Egypt is 2450 km. long. The land area of Egypt is 995,450 square km. The water is 6,000 square km. Egypt is the 30th biggest country on earth. Egypt is three times bigger than New Mexico.
  4. 4. Climate Climate in Egypt is very hot. Days in Egypt are hot or warm, the nights are cool. In Egypt there are only two seasons. They are winter and summer. The mild winters are between November and April. The hot summers are May to October. The climate of Egypt is dry. The temperature in the summer is 30° C. The Khamasin is a hot and dry sand storm that happens between March and May and it may come June.The most dangerous area is along the Mediterranean coast because the average annual rainfall is about 200mm.
  5. 5. Culture People in Egypt wear clothes that falls past their knees and elbows. Women’s often cover their hair. In large cities like Cairo people dress more like their country parts like the United States or Europe. Egypt is a hot country so the people wear light, cotton clothing. The top 10 food in Egypt Kushiro, Ful Medames, Fattah, Mulukhiya, Feseekh, Taro colocasia Soup, Halawa, Dukkah, Konafa and Gibna Domiati.
  6. 6. Economy The money of Egypt are Egyptians pounds or EGP. Goods exported are crude oil and Perdue products, metal products, chemical, and gas. Italy, Saudi Arabia, Germany and France are where they mostly go to. Egypt imports petroleum oils, crude petroleum gases, gold and citrus fruit.
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