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  1. 1. Analysing existing products Q – Desember 2010
  2. 2. Front Cover
  3. 3. Fonts:The cover has used two fonts.One is big and bold, but stillsimple – emphasizes thesophisticated look. The otherone is bigger, butthinner, which makes this covertitle stand out from the others– telling the audience that thisarticle will be one of the majorones in the magazine. Theunder title under this covertitle is the only thing on thecover written in small – thisemphasizes the bigger role thisarticle has.
  4. 4. Writing Style:There are few words, and theyare short and straight forward inmeaning. This helps to keep thecover neat and tidy, whichenhances the sophisticated andelegant style of the magazine.This style is what attracts Q’starget audience.
  5. 5. Text/Picture ratio:There is very little text, and onlyone image, which make the ratiobetween text and image equal.This tells the audience that therewill be both something to readand to look at within themagazine. Therefore thismagazine will attract moreintellectual readers, people whowant to read even though it is amagazine about music.
  6. 6. Overall style:It is an elegant and sophisticatedcover, with elements that areneatly placed which gives anorganized look. This appeals to agrown up and intellectualaudience.
  7. 7. Contents page
  8. 8. Color scheme:The same colors have been used on the contents pageas on the front cover, but not the gold. This maintainsthe sophisticated and elegant look, but the absence ofthe gold makes the page have more of a rocker stylelook. Still, the colors work well together and make thepage look nice and tidy. This makes the page still fitthe audience expectations.
  9. 9. Photography:The bin photo taken black and white and the two photos from the liveconcerts emphasizes the rocker style to the pages. However the rest ofthe images are in color and are posed, which holds the rocker style fromgoing all the way. This fits Q’s target-audience, as the magazine coversmore than just rock. The big photo of on the first page is from the sameshoot as the one on the cover, which again tells the reader that the ‘TakeThat’-story will be of big scale.
  10. 10. Fonts:Using only one type of font, which is simple andclassic, helps to organize the lay out and keep the pagestidy. Though its simplicity, the font is rather posh andmajestic. This emphasizes the magazine’s sophisticationand elegance.
  11. 11. Writing Style:There is quite a lot to read as there are many subtitles, andtheir ingresses are rather long. The language used is mostlyformal - there are some rather long and intricate sentenceswith uncommon words. This shows that their target audienceis of the more intellectual sort, as they need to be familiarwith and be able to make sense out of this sort of sentences.
  12. 12. Text/Picture Ratio:The amount of text is about the same as the amount ofimages. This upholds the reader’s impression that therewill be something to read in the magazine, as well asphotographs, which is what their target-audience wants.
  13. 13. Overall look:Giving that there is quite a large amount of both text andimages, the reader gets the impression that the magazine has a lotof content and that is covers news within several genres. Thedesign and lay out is neatly set up and it is easy for the reader tonavigate him – or herself through the contents page.
  14. 14. Double page Spread
  15. 15. Color scheme:Black, white and red still are the main colors, and giveconnotations to the rock genre.
  16. 16. Photographs:The photo on the first page is a long shot. The artists’ position is posed but their expressions seemnatural, which makes each of the character’s personalities shine through. On the other page youhave three photos of them playing live, something that makes the reader feel closer to the artistsand that you get to know them on an emotional level, which is important for the ones who are intorock. These photos are taken in different angels and shots, and this diversity emphasizes thecloseness between photographer and artists. The other smaller photos work well with what littleamount is written about them as they are posed and mid shot, since this does not give the reader afeeling of closeness with the artist, but rather a knowledge of what they look like and their image asartists.
  17. 17. Fonts:The used is the same as on the contents page, except for the text underneaththe name of the band. This font looks like an old typing machine’s font, whichtells the reader that this band maybe is a bit old school in its style. A variety infont size on the page helps the design and set up have ‘something goingon’, without bringing in elements that might disturb the structure and tidinessof the page.
  18. 18. Writing style:The not so easily understandable language continues in thedouble spread, which fits the audience. Descriptions of thestudio and the artists telling about memories they havetogether are things that make the reader feel close to theartists.
  19. 19. Text/Picture ratio:The pictures are few but big, and the text is little but withvery small fonts, so the ratio is pretty much equal. Againthis is to fit the reader as Q’s target-audience is not onlyinterested in looking at photos.
  20. 20. Overall look:The design and lay out is sophisticated and stylish, but not in anoverdone way. There is a lot of both text and image, but it allcomes together nicely and does not overwhelm the reader sincethis is what the target-audience wants.