Analysing media packs


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Analysing media packs

  1. 1. Analysing media packs
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  3. 3. Analysis: NME’s readers are mostly males in their twenties, with interest in severalthings within the entertainment business – not only do they have a passion for music,but they also enjoy watching films and have a great influence on their friends when itcomes to mobile related questions.A large number of the readers are students, and a large majority is also in middle classor higher. This means that they can afford to splash out on a magazine once a mouth.This fact makes the magazine appeal to advertisers. The media pack says nothing abouttheir readers’ ethnicity or location, which tell us that the magazine is read by morethan one ethnicity in our multicultural society. With this media pack, NME clearly considers themselves to be an influential magazine, because of their honest reputation. One can raise question to whether this is true or if it is just a statement to make the magazine appeal to advertisers.
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  5. 5. Analysis: Kerrang!’s media pack does not state whether their readers are mostly male or female,but since their ‘reader profile’ is a male called Jim, I suspect them to have a higher number of malereaders. Their average reader is 22 years old, which means they have a quite young audience eventhough they often write about older artists. For this magazine, the average reader also is of middleclass or higher, making them appeal to advertisers. Another thing that is appealing advisors, is thefact that their average reader is very loyal to Kerrang!, with as many as 87% of their readers buyingthe magazine’s every issue. This emphasizes what the ‘reader’s profile’ say about their readerbeing dedicated to his music, and music being the most important thing in his life. This is alsoreflected in his appearance. Ethnicity is not mentioned, which shows that they have more than oneethnicity reading the magazine and that the brand is open for all ethnicities.
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  7. 7. Analysis: From Q’s media pack it is clear that Q is meant for mostly males intheir late twenties. They have an even larger income than the readers ofKerrang! and NME, which might be linked to their age and that they might bemore educated and therefore in employment. Again, in the magazine’sdemographics nothing about ethnicity is mentioned. Kerrang! and Q arepublished by the same company, so this is probably linked to the company’sopen and including attitude.
  8. 8. General analysisAll of the magazines seem to be popular among males in their twenties, whothe magazines’ also seem to have their focus on. This may mean that the femaleaudience is thirsting for something more aimed at them.The media packs told me that all of the magazines have a majority of readersthat are ABC1 in the NRS social grade system – this being the social classes thathave enough money to splash out on a magazine once in a while.Very few of them said anything about education. This might be because theiraudience is so young and are still finding out whether or not getting aneducation will be their chosen way in life. None of the media packs saidanything about ethnicity, which shows that they want to appeal to allethnicities.