AH Ch 21


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AH Ch 21

  1. 1. ROCCO - an artistic movement started in France in response to Baroque thatwas highly decorative, decadent, and mainly for the aristocracy.Influenced by the courts of Louis XIV style at Versailles but on a less grandscale.
  2. 2. Jean-Honoré Fragonard,The Swing
  3. 3. Neo Classical –Period of THE ENLIGHTENMENT of the 18th Century. It was a period of high development and encouraged by studyin the sciences, the humanities, and a renewed appreciation ofthe Classical periods of Greece and RomeIt was also a rejection of the religious fervor of the Reformationas well as a rejection of the Rocco. It was a largely influenced by the rising Democracies in theUnited States, France, and Britain
  4. 4. Jacques Louis David Oath of Horatii
  5. 5. Jacques Louis DavidDeath of Marat
  6. 6. Auguste Dominique Ingres The Great Odalisque
  7. 7. Elisabeth - Louis Vigee Le BrunSelf Portrait with Daughter
  8. 8. Canova Cupid and Psyche
  9. 9. Jean-Antoine Houdon Benjamin Franklin Busthttp://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/jahd/hd_jahd.htm#slideshow5
  10. 10. Neo-Classical Architecture- In the United StatesThomas Jefferson, State Capitol, Richmond , Virginia , 1785–89
  11. 11. Thomas Jefferson, Rotunda, University of Virginia , Charlottesville , 1817–26
  12. 12. United States Capitol Building, Washington DC
  13. 13. ROMANTICISMNot just one visual style, not just a style of artand not just about romantic love
  14. 14. Exhibiting intense emotion to provoke emotional responses The period was not just in art but also in poetry, fiction, music, and theater Teaching to be empathetic and caring to othersSomewhat of a reaction to the coldness and lack of emotion of Neoclassicism
  15. 15. THE SUBLIME- -quality of greatness, whether physical, moral, intellectual,metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual or artistic.The term especially refers to a greatness beyond allpossibility of calculation, measurement or imitation.-a sense of awe, with a bit of shock, and sometimes a bit of fear- mostly of the unknown.Dreams, imagination, daydreams, nightmares, beyond everyday.....
  16. 16. William BlakeAncient of Days
  17. 17. John Henry Fuseli The Nightmare
  18. 18. Caspar David FriedrichThe Wanderer Above the Mists
  19. 19. Caspar David Friedrich Monk By The Sea
  20. 20. Caspar David Friedrich Abbey in the Oak Forest
  21. 21. Theodore Gericault The Raft of Medusa
  22. 22. Eugene Delacroix Liberty Leading the People
  23. 23. Eugene Delacroix Combat of the Giaour and the Pasha
  24. 24. Eugene DelacroixAbduction of Rebecca
  25. 25. GoyaThe Sleep of ReasonProduces Monsters(from The Caprices)
  26. 26. Goya Third of May 1808
  27. 27. GoyaSaturn Devouring His Children
  28. 28. John Constable Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishops Garden
  29. 29. J.M.W. Turner Slave Ship
  30. 30. Albert Bierstadt Sunrise, Yosemite Valley