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Ah ch7 Greece

  1. 1. ANCIENT GREECE-- KNOW THY SELF What are the main cultural contributions of the Greeks? What is the structure of their religion and how does it influence art? What is the first main art form of the Greeks? What are the 5 periods of Greek art and how do they differ? What is the purpose of their architecture? What is main concept of the “ideal” in their art?
  2. 2. What are some of the main aspects of Greek architecture? What is the significance of the amphitheater in Greek society? What influences the changes that occur in the Hellenistic period? Who are some of the main artists and architects we have on record? What other areas were ruled by the Greeks and who is mainly responsible for that?
  3. 3. GEOMETRIC STYLE 8th century B.C.
  4. 4. ORIENTALIZING STYLE Polyphemos Painter, amphora, 675–650 B.C.
  5. 5. ARCHAIC STYLE Exekias amphora Achilles and Ajax Playing a Board Game , 540–530 B.C.
  6. 6. Late Archaic to Classical Niobid Painter, krater, side showing Death of the Children of Niobe , c. 455–450 B.C
  7. 7. Reed Painter, Warrior by a Grave (detail of a white-ground lekythos ), c. 410 B.C.
  8. 8. Column Orders- different styles
  9. 9. Sculpture ARCHAIC Statue of a Kouros , from Attica, c. 590–580 B.C
  10. 10. Peplos Kore , c. 530 B.C.
  11. 11. CLASSICAL SCULPTURE Kritios Boy from the Acropolis, Athens, c. 480 B.C.
  12. 12. Poseidon or Zeus , found in the sea off Cape Artemision, c. 450 B.C.
  13. 13. Warrior from Riace Reggio Calabria, c. 450 B.C.
  14. 14. Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Bearer) , c. 440 B.C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU81g9wmg8Q
  15. 15. Diskobolous by Myron 450 bc
  16. 16. Battle of Issos, Roman copy from Pompeii, c. 80 B.C.
  17. 17. Architecture CLASSICAL Acropolis, Athens.
  18. 18. Parthenon
  19. 19. East end of the Parthenon, Athens, 447–438 B.C.
  20. 20. Reconstruction of the Parthenon, Athens.
  21. 21. Memorials, museums, banks, universities, government buildings- all with Classical designs
  22. 22. The sculpture from the centre of the EAST pediment was destroyed when an apse was built at the east end, to convert the Parthenon into a Christian church. We know the pediment showed the birth of Athena, who sprang fully grown and armed from the head of her father Zeus after Hephaistos struck him with an axe. The centerpiece must have comprised these three and probably Hera. The surviving sculptures are of other gods witnessing this event, and of horses drawing the chariots of the Sun (far left) and Moon (far right).
  23. 23.  Sculptures from the left side of the east pediment of the Parthenon, finished by 438 B.C. 
  24. 24. Sculptures from the right side of the east pediment of the Parthenon. 
  25. 25. Lapith and Centaur , from South Metope XXVII of the Parthenon. 
  26. 26. Equestrian group from the north frieze of the Parthenon, c. 442–439 B.C. 
  27. 27. Temple of Athena Nike from the east, Acropolis, Athens, 427–424 B.C. 
  28. 28. Nike Adjusting Her Sandal , from the balustrade of the temple of Athena Nike, 410–409 B.C. 
  29. 29. The Erechtheion, Acropolis, Athens, 421–405 B.C. 
  30. 30. Theater at Epidauros, c. 350 B.C. 
  31. 31. Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Knidos , c. 350 B.C 
  32. 32. Attributed to Praxiteles,  Hermes and the Infant Dionysos ,  c. 340 B.C 
  33. 33. Lysippos, Apoxyomenos  Aka, The Scraper ( Athlete with a Strigil ),  Roman copy of a bronze  original of c. 320 B.C. 
  34. 34. HELLENISTIC PERIOD Head of Alexander,  from Pergamon, c. 200 B.C.
  35. 35. Winged Nike (Winged Victory) , Samothrace, c. 190 B.C. 
  36. 36. Sleeping Eros , c. 150–100 B.C. 
  37. 37. Boxer , 2nd or earlier 1st century B.C. 
  38. 38. Laocoön and  His Two Sons , Marble,  7 ft. (2.13 m) high.  Musei Vaticani,  Rome, Italy.  Roman copies (1st century A.D.)  of a Hellenistic statue,  with a Roman  addition on the right 
  39. 39.  Altar of Zeus, west front, reconstructed and restored, Pergamon, c. 180 B.C. 
  40. 40. Athena Battling with Alkyoneus , from the great frieze of the Pergamon Altar, east section, c. 180 B.C