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Abstract chameleon chip


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Abstract about Chameleon chips,

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Abstract chameleon chip

  1. 1. Invitation SEMINAR ON CHAMELEON CHIP ABSTRACT No one denies that computers are speedy critters. For some chores,though, faster is always better. So computer scientists are hatching anovel concept that would increase number-crunching power—and trimcosts as well. Call it the Chameleon chip. Today’s microprocessor sports a general-purpose design, which isboth good and bad. Good: One chip can run a range of programs. That’swhy you don’t need separate computers for different jobs, such ascrunching spread sheet or editing digital photo Bad: For any oneapplication, much of the chips circuitry isnt needed, and the presenceof those "wasted" circuits slows things down. One set of chips, littlebigger than a credit card, could do almost anything, even changing intoa wireless phone. Chameleon chips would be an extension of what can already bedone with Field Programmable gate arrays (FPGAS). An FPGA iscovered with a grid of wires. At each crossover, theres a switch that canbe semi permanently opened or closed by sending it a special signal.Usually the chip must first be inserted in a little box that sends theprogramming signals. Here we shall look in what is a Reconfigurable Processor chip howit is implemented what is its general architecture. Its comparison withother available technology. How a ch ip can be reconfigured by a userwith the algorithm provided.Presentation by Anugrah George James S7- EC On 18/07/2011 at seminar HallTime: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.