image processing resume soc fpga moores law cv digital image pcessing vhdl resume writing transistor diode soc design vlsi group discussion interview skills image segmentation microblaze picoblaze pipelining system architectures cpld pwm pam need for modulation frequency modulation amplitude modulation analog communication communication system current steering circuits current mirrors current sources ic biasing comparison of mosfet and bjt ic design philosophy mosfet structure mosfet internal capacitances cmos inverter single stage cs amplifier mosfet high frequency response mosfet small signal operation mosfet biasing fet mosfet intensity to color transformation color image intensity slicing pseudocolor image processing hsi model cmyk model cmy model rgb model color models color intensity luminance radiance saturation hue brightness color fundamentals color images color image processing region splitting and merging region growing region based segmentation global thresholding thresholding & segmentation thresholding roof edge model ramp edge model step edge model edge models second derivative first derivative edge detection line detection point detection neighborhood operations edge detection techniques image sharpening image smoothing highboost filtering unsharp masking first order derivative for image filtering second order derivative for image filtering sharpening filter median filter smoothing nonlinear filters smoothing linear filters smoothing filter spatial filters vocal skills ppt fonts & styles ppt colors ppt font affine transformations image logical operations image arithematic operation image arithematic histogram matching histogram equalization histogram processing histogram bit-plane slicing : intensity-level slicing contrast stretching piecewise-linear transformation gamma transformation power law transformation log transformation image negatives spatial filtering intensity transformation spatial domain image enhancement single page resume resume single page resume format ulsi lsi msi ssi programmable logic devices pld intergrated circuits ic vlsi evolution vaccum tube pn junction semiconductor contact details extra curricular activities cocurricular activities presentation tips effective presentation fpga features fpga io block fpga configurable logic block fpga clb xc3s50 spartan 2 spartan-ii cpld io block cpld product term allocator cpld macrocell cpld function block cpld block diagram xc9572 cpld xc9500 cpld features soc design flow soc advantages soc benefits soc challenges asic soc concept evolution of electronics evolution of microelectronics system on chip pixel relationship relationship between image pixels image zooming and shrinking image shrinking image zooming interpolation image interpolation spatial and gray resolution gray resolution spatial resolution image representation representation of digital image image quantization image sampling image sensing and acquisition image aquisition image sensing curriculum vitae biodata career objective resume tips components of image processing steps in image processing image processing research topics image prcoessing applications image basics examination reforms students level company profiles course outcomes ceo course educational objectives blooms taxonomy in engineering blooms taxonomy blooms vhdl program simulation vlsi software demo xilinx ise project navigator project navigator ise tool xilinx vhdl syntax digital system design vhdl programming vhdl programs testing vlsi circuits boundary scan test bist built in self test path sensitizing model path sensitizing stuck at fault model fault model testing of sequential circuit testing of combinational circuit vlsi testing tips for selecting engineering project criteria for selecting project how to select the project selection of project mini project engineering project ppt presentation skills interview techniques interview aptitude test zener diode semiconductor material ptype semiconductor n type semiconductor extrinsic semiconductor intrinsic semiconductor bonds in semiconductors energy band description semiconductors transistor testing biasing compensation transistor biasing voltage doubler voltage mutiplier clamper clipper v-i curve of diode rectifier pn junction diode classification of solids engg material crystalline structure secondary bionding primary bonding energy bands periodic table quantum number atomic structure electronics history smt thread level parallelism tlp multithreading simultaneous multithreading sisd misd interconnection networks memory consistency cache coherence distributed memory multiprocessor shared memeory multiprocessor simd flynn taxanomy bus architectures mimd arm 11 mpcore intel core i7 multicore organization intel core duo multicore computer cpu manufacturing cpu intel cpu vlsi design flow xilinx eda tool place & route vlsi design synthesis netlist instruction-level parallelism measuring reporting & summrizing the performance dynamic scheduling ilp challenges early computers pipeline hazards classes of computers loop unrolling pipeline scheduling ideal processor hardware vs software speculation limitations on ilp processor architecture 3 & 5 stage pipelining stepsfor designing cpu processor selection for soc powerpc xps 16550 uart xilinx edk tool xps iic bus xps spi xps timer/counter soc design tools soc product economics apporach for soc design memory integration hardware vs software soc design process image compression aes soc buses amba bus soc bus requirements & specifications soc interconnects coreconnect bus die area & cost cycle time soc design trade-offs vlsi technology vlsi history gd types ppt guidelines powerpoint presentaion coreconnect amba ppc spartan-iii parallelism
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