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Designing Intelligent Coversations: A Chatbot Workshop
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Chatbot workshop - How to build one.#digitized16

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We describe specifics of building, training and managing your bot.

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Chatbot workshop - How to build one.#digitized16

  1. 1. Chatbot the New era in mobile technology! CHAT BOT warply warply
  2. 2. What are chatbots? Why are they such a big opportunity? How do they work? Anything is possible How to build a chatbot? Chatbot the New era? warply warply
  3. 3. What are Chatbots? A chatbot is a service, powered intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface. warply warply
  4. 4. THE CHATBOT OPPORTUNITY People are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks. Messaging AppsSocial Networking Apps 0 500 1500 2500 3500 Millions warply warply
  5. 5. How Chatbots Work? Chatbot that functions based on rules Chatbot that functions using machine learning warply warply
  6. 6. “Anything is possible” Chatbots are based on artificial intelligence and powered services that you interface with via a messenger product. warply warply
  7. 7. “Everyone going after AI to try make this scale seems a little too soon. Texting to a computer that doesn’t understand many things you are saying can be very aggravating. So be careful early not to over promise, and give users guard rails.” Artificial Intelligence warply warply
  8. 8. How To Build Chatbots? “The difficulty in building a chatbot is less a technical one and more an issue of user experience. The most successful bots will be the ones that users want to come back to regularly and that provide consistent value.” warply warply
  9. 9. Human VS Robots warply warply
  10. 10. Bots and humans are good at different things Computers are amazing at computation. Humans on the other hand aren’t great at computation but are amazing at understanding human emotion. warply warply
  11. 11. Humans like talking to humans Goal is to make it indistinguishable when you’re talking to a bot versus a human. But people like talking to people. warply warply
  12. 12. The Next Phase Of UX: Designing Chatbot Personalities When the conversation is the interface, experience design is all about crafting the right words warply warply
  13. 13. Design is a communication ! Conversational interfaces have created products that facilitate conversations not just between two people, but between a person and a service? warply warply
  14. 14. “Personality is the new UX” “Conversational interfaces”: Why open and close a bunch of apps on your phone to get stuff done when you can invoke a text-message-like window and just say what you want done to a chatbot? Well, here’s one reason: what if the bot is annoying or tedious to talk to? warply warply
  15. 15. “The necessity of ux in contrast with design” “Conversational interface design it’s a new era in technology. The most important procedure concerning this necessity is UX sector.” warply warply
  16. 16. “First, rethink "designer” The whole idea of creating a character, and thinking very technically about the way specific words or groupings of words can make people react and respond accordingly. warply warply
  17. 17. Where Are We Today? Where Are We Heading? With technology evolving and language recognition and processing improving we are on a path that could make interaction with digital services more intuitive, more accessible and more efficient — through conversational interfaces. warply warply
  18. 18. Pairing new technologies with human assistants will result in tremendous new products which promise to enhance our lives. Humans, AI and the User Interface of the Future warply warply
  19. 19. What Is It Good For? When There’s One Goal and Too Many Options When Data Collection Is Easy But Analysis Is Hard When It Feels Like a Friend warply warply
  20. 20. When There’s One Goal and Too Many Options Carat, a global media agency “41% of people feel overwhelmed by the wealth of choices on the web making it hard for them to make purchase decisions.” warply warply
  21. 21. When Data Collection Is Easy But Analysis Is Hard When I book my travel on Native, my assistant already knows the balance of my various frequent flyer programs and can suggest flying one airline over another so I can claim a free flight on my next trip. warply warply
  22. 22. When It Feels Like a Friend Working with an assistant through a conversational interface should feel like interacting with a friend. warply warply
  23. 23. What Are Chatbots and How Will They Change Our Lives? Chatbots And The Future Of Conversation-Based Interfaces warply warply
  24. 24. Unify Adapt Transform Our chatbot Ecosystem warply warply
  25. 25. Our daily routine Business process Small companies Marketing engagement Chat bots affects warply warply
  26. 26. "There's a huge opportunity for companies to engage with customers in new ways and in the place they spend the most time." 24 / 7 Marketing engagementPersonally Online In Real Time warply warply
  27. 27. Fully scalable customer service. This could be particularly useful forsmaller companies with limited human capital, which could use chatbots to engage with more consumers without allocating additional personnel. More competitive small businesses. warply warply
  28. 28. “Bots will help streamline operations, automate tasks and eventually start using cognitive learning to transform the business decisions we make, the speed at which work can be delivered and possibly the very nature of our jobs." How chatbots can help your business warply warply
  29. 29. Chat bots is a real ecosystem Chatbots learn what YOU like by utilizing new logic technology and your history. It works to provide a natural interaction that compliments your life not interrupt it. How Will They Change Our daily routine? warply warply
  30. 30. “ The future and a different approach for communication ” warply warply
  31. 31. See you next time guys ... the end ... warply warply
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We describe specifics of building, training and managing your bot.


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