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Stretching LMS


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Published in: Education
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Stretching LMS

  1. 1. NPC’sNon-ProvisionedCourses  Peg Wherry, Montana State  Michael Anderson, UTSA
  2. 2. Types of NPC’s:Student Users – Campus life Clubs  Social organizations such as fraternities Government  Official student government Orientation
  3. 3. Types of NPC’s:Student Users - Academic Advising Matriculation exams  Required as a prerequisite Literacy exams  Required for graduation
  4. 4. Types of NPC’s:Student Users - Instruction Labs SI
  5. 5. Types of NPC’s:Faculty/Staff Users Committees  Organized by College and department Compliance  Faculty/staff self-paced training courses Anonymous discussions
  6. 6. Pain Points Timely response Budget (staff resources) Authorization Records
  7. 7. Policies and Solutions SIS Custom Web GUI Procedures Payment schedules