David Boardman - The newsroom - Beyond integration


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19th World Editors Forum and 64th World Newspaper Congress

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  • You saw the circulation revenue number for 2010 when we reviewed the financials for the year. This slide gives you a sense for the department’s revenue’s contribution over the past five years and where we expect it go in 2011. The spike in revenue from 2007-2009 was primarily due to increases in subscription rates. More recently, in the jump has been due to a combination of price adjustments as well as aggressively targeting commercial delivery partnerships, with other Puget Sounds area daily newspapers (Tacoma and Everett) and with national publishers – The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Investor’s Business Daily. You can see the 2011 number is tracking higher yet again, this is due to a new single copy delivery relationship with USA Today (starting this month), the annualization of our late 2010 circulation arrangement with the Everett Herald and a planned modest 2011 price increase. Questions?
  • In print and online, 7 of every 10 adults in King and Snohomish counties read us in a typical month. 80 percent of adults in Seattle read us. 76 percent of adults on the Eastside read us. And, perhaps most surprisingly to those naysayers, more than 50 percent of young adults read us.
  • But we don’t take that audience for granted. That’s why we’re working hard to deliver our content to readers how they want it, where they want it, when they want it. With our printed paper to our Web site to our Twitter feed to our Facebook page to our iPhone app, we believe we can be a 24-hour news-and-information companion, tailoring our content to take best advantage of each medium. In print, we emphasize in-depth reporting, perspective and context. On Seattletimes.com, we stress multimedia and interaction. On mobile devices, it’s all about immediacy and ease of use.
  • David Boardman - The newsroom - Beyond integration

    1. 1. The newsroom – Beyond intergrationDavid BoardmanExecutive Editor and Senior Vice PresidentThe Seattle TimesUSA
    2. 2. The 21st Century newsroom How one workplace is evolving
    4. 4. Newspapers Under Siege
    5. 5. U.S. Newspaper Advertising Revenue
    6. 6. The Decline of Print Advertising
    7. 7. “Seattle … could become the first major U.S. city without a daily newspaper.” -- Time magazine, Jan. 19, 2009
    9. 9. 2012 West Coast newspaper circulation1. Los Angeles Times2. Seattle Times3. Portland Oregonian4. San Diego Union-Tribune5. San Francisco Chronicle6. Sacramento Bee7. Orange County Register8. San Jose Mercury News
    10. 10. 11 Seattle Times Circulation Revenue Total Circ Revenue2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    11. 11. In print and digital formats, The Seattle Times reaches 7 out of 10 adultsin our primary market area.
    12. 12. New b
    13. 13. New b
    14. 14. Today’s Mission Statement “The fundamental mission of The Seattle Times is to serve this community through quality, independent journalism. We are committed to being the most read, most influential, most indispensible and most trusted source of news and information in Washington state. We are our region’swatchdog, its storyteller and its town square.We deliver useful, relevant information when,where and how our readers can best use it.”
    15. 15. Our Goals• More unique, impactful reporting• True multi-platform newsroom, withbetter editing, design across platforms• More and better communityengagement• Revenue growth• A fun, smart, energetic workplace
    16. 16. Our mantra“News you can’t get anywhere else … when, where and how you want it.”
    17. 17. The Challenges Ahead• Financial • Revenue • Changing consumer habits • Debt, pension• Journalistic • Competition • News as commodity • Changing expectations, roles
    18. 18. The Challenges Ahead• Labor relations • Restrictions to full integration• Cultural • IT’s role • Technology as tool of journalism, not just delivery system
    20. 20. Typical newsroom structure News Print Web
    21. 21. Our New Newsroom
    22. 22. The physical newsroom
    23. 23. Supported localnon-profits
    24. 24. Supported localnon-profits
    25. 25. One mission, many platforms
    26. 26. The 2010 Pulitzer Prizein Breaking News Reporting
    27. 27. The 2012 Pulitzer Prizein Investigative Reporting