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Ice cream scoop design by Prof. Karl Ulrich


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This is a short description of how Prof. Karl Ulrich of Wharton went about designing ice cream scoop in the design course he taught at

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Ice cream scoop design by Prof. Karl Ulrich

  1. 1. Design: Creation of artifacts in society A course taught by Prof. Karl Ulrich of Wharton Oct 22- Dec 17, 2012 @ Designing a better ice-cream scoopPrepared by: Vinay Dabholkar,
  2. 2. The process
  3. 3. Problem area: ice-cream scoop
  4. 4. Defining the problem at the right level Why-How technique
  5. 5. Identify gap through observations (1/2)Prof. Ulrich’s son scoops ice-cream at home
  6. 6. Identify gap through observations (2/2)1. He can’t find the scoop2. He doesn’t know where the scoop is3. He tries three drawers before finding the scoop4. He’s gripping the scoop like a plunger, pinky facing downward5. He says he can better apply leverage with his thumb than his fingers.6. He’s using scraping action to create curls of ice-cream, because ice cream is hard.7. A chunk of ice cream goes flying off in the air, but actually lands in the bowl.8. He runs hot water on the scoop again, because he believes it needs to be heated up again.
  7. 7. Concept generation (1/2)Method: decomposition by function
  8. 8. Concept generation (2/2)Generate 10 concepts by combining ideas
  9. 9. Concept selection matrix Select 4 concepts
  10. 10. Prototyping tools 1. Wooden pieces 2. Sheet metal 3. Saw 4. Empty cans 5. Baseball bat head 6. Cutter 7. Hammer 8. Sandpaper 9. Ice cream scoops1 3 6 8 9 4 5 7 2
  11. 11. Prototypes B C DA
  12. 12. Testing the prototypesA B C Scoop #5: Created from a mistake during prototypingD E
  13. 13. Testing the prototypes: Prof. Ulrich’s son Top 2 selected prototypes (C & E)
  14. 14. Balsa foam modelModified prototype E (Angled scoop)
  15. 15. 3-D printed angled scoop
  16. 16. Testing of the 3D-printed angled scoop “It’s super-nice” – Prof. Ulrich’s son Only problem: ice cream sticks to the material
  17. 17. Design: Creation of artifacts in society By Prof. Karl Ulrich Fantastic course – Highly recommended Check out the next batch on It’s FREE!!!! Thank YouPrepared by: Vinay Dabholkar,