Prepress production in the cloud


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Tony Nouwen, Expert in production, workflow and print process, Concentra,
Belgium and Walter Maldeghem, Agfa Graphics

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Prepress production in the cloud

  1. 1. Prepress Production in the cloud Tony Nouwen
  2. 2. • Who am i • What is Concentra • Our Partnership in print • The Virtual Printcenter • Challenges • Configuration • What changed • Customer usability • Why Agfa • Performance Agenda
  3. 3. Intro – who am I Tony Nouwen • I live in Hasselt, Belgium. • 8 years in small printhouses • 21 years experience within Concentra. Print, workflow and IT-systems related projects What is Concentra • Privately owned by family Baert (130y) • Regional Media Company • Turnover: 250m€ • Employees: 1000 • 8 locations, including NL (weekly free newspapers)
  4. 4. Our partnership in print Concentra & Corelio Coldset Printing Partners [CPP] • CPP is join-venture of coldset printing activities of 2 major Belgian media groups • CPP prints own in-house publications as well as external international products like The Wallstreet Journal Europe, Daily Express, Daily Star, Zaman,... • 15 mio copies/week • 10 CTP units - 450k sqm/year - 1.8 mio plates/year • 11 presses
  5. 5. Coldset Printing Partners & Agfa Graphics Virtual Print Center Private cloud hosting & managed services for prepress production A New Approach Agfa Graphics moves prepress workflow from the print site into the Cloud
  6. 6. The Challenges A number of key requirements 1. Optimize, automate and improve efficiency 2. Reduce cost, driven by economies of scale 3. Uniformity & standardization 4. Print quality improvement 5. Operational excellence and latitude 6. Single Central control center 7. Best service towards customers 8. Cost of ownership >>> cost of operation
  7. 7. What was Agfa Graphics able to offer? proposed a solution: – Hosting Agfa IT infrastructure / datacenters secure & managed services provided by Agfa ICS – Running :Arkitex software & services by Agfa Graphics – Offered as a webservice In fact, a new term “Prepress as a Service” (PaaS)
  8. 8. The Cloud Configuration
  9. 9. The Cloud Configuration
  10. 10. What changed with the cloud? • One central control center • Better control and overview for operators • Faster, less errors and more reliable • Improved flexibitlity • Better customer communication • Cost are reduced and efficiency is improved
  11. 11. Case: Anonymous customer about Portal Usability User statement about uploading pages “Uploading a page in portal is as easy as posting something to Facebook. I can do that, it’s build for me!”
  12. 12. Why partner with Agfa? • Internal IT services can be expensive & usually lack “application” knowledge • General cloud services providers only offers infrastructure and lacks “prepress” services and knowledge • Only Agfa could provide a PaaS solution • Agfa has been a reliable Newspaper solution partner to both Corelio and Concentra for many years
  13. 13. Cloud performance • A couple of figures – We print circa 15 mio copies per week Upload / Peak [PDF’s] Download / peak [Tiff’s] Number of files 2.000/day 500/hour 7.500/day 2000/hour Datavolumes 9 GB/day 1,5 GB/hour 24 GB/day 6 GB/hour Telco 10-60 Mbps Public internet [secured] 100 Mbps MPLS fibre optic
  14. 14. Thank you