March 13 sxsw news entrepreneurs vs trad journalists


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Back in 2002-2005, we talked bloggers vs journalists and said we got past it, but today, some of the tensions are still there. How can we move forward? Some ideas for partnering.

March 13 sxsw news entrepreneurs vs trad journalists

  1. 1. News  Entrepreneurs  vs.   Tradi2onal  Journalism   Are  we  there  yet?   Susan  Mernit   Oakland  Local   SXSW  2012  
  2. 2. Tuesday  March  13,  2012     2  
  3. 3. EDITOR ENTREPRENEURCharles Waldo Bailey III, former Tavi Gevinson, founderEditor, Minneapolis Star Tribune Rookie MagEntrepreneurship  is  being  baked  into  the  DNA  of  media  crea8ves;  Legacy  media,  not  so  much   3  
  4. 4. We’re still in a transition 4  
  5. 5. Back  in  the  day:  2002  “Bloggers vs. journalists isover. I don’t think anyone willmourn its passing. There wereplenty who hated the debatein the first place, and openlyridiculed its pretensions andterms.”--Jay Rosen, Press Think, 2002 5  
  6. 6. But partnerships can be challenging withlegacy media—not everyone agrees on thevalue exchangeHyperlocal  news  non-­‐profit  Oakland  Local  has  strong  partnerships  with  KQED,  New  America  Media,  Yahoo!  News,  The  Bay  Ci8zen,  California  Watch,  The  Inves8ga8ve  News  Network,  The  Media  Consor8um  and  local  blogs-­‐-­‐but  not  with  the  local  newspaper  (yet).   6  
  7. 7. Home page: 7  
  8. 8. March  2012  discussion  at  Journalism   Accelerator  “We were approached by DigitalFirst to partner with them at theOakland Tribune. They offeredus– traffic.After we stopped laughing, weasked if they wanted to buy ourreported content and/or sell adsor us. Answer: No. Legacy: FAIL”--Susan Mernit, Oakland Local,2012 8  
  9. 9. Note  the  emo8onal  language  of  the  response  from  Digital   First  EIC,  March  2012  “Ah, the reliably lazy “Legacy Fail”argument. A more mature way of looking at itwould be this: We offered traffic, and youweren’t interested. You asked for money, weweren’t interested. No hard feelings orreasons for bitterness. We just couldn’tcome to an agreement.I missed the rule that says that anytime astart up asks a legacy media company formoney, we are required to cough it up.”--Jim Brady, EIC, Digital First/ANG, 2012 (excerptfrom longer post) 9  
  10. 10. Is there a connection between legacy media’sattitude & the sense new media entrepreneursare profiting in ways traditional media are not? 10  
  11. 11. Note the shifting revenue streams•  Oakland  Local   •  Tradi8onal   revenue  streams   journalism  revenue   • Adver2sing   streams   • Sponsorships   • Adver2sing   • Events   • Events   • Training  &   • Sponsored   Consul2ng   content   • Grants   11  
  12. 12. Tradi2onal  media  wants  to  become     more  entrepreneurial   But  it  takes  learning  new  skills-­‐-­‐  change  management,     ability  to  collaborate,  partner,  be  win/win—   12  
  13. 13. What’s the win? The future of news could look like this: • Regional and local sites • Collaborative partnerships • Ad networks • Share the revenue • Share the audience But we all need to grow to get there 13  
  14. 14. Share  your  views  Susan  Mernit  @susanmernit  @oaklandlocal  hVp://  hVp://  hVp://  What  do  you  think?   14  
  16. 16. News:  Mission-­‐driven  and  Not  For  Profit  What  is  Oakland  Local?  •   Web-­‐based,  local  daily  news  &  repor8ng:  original  repor2ng  &  community  voices,  3-­‐6  stories  day  •   Local  Community  ar8cles:  4-­‐20  week  •   On-­‐going,  web-­‐based  training  programs:  serve  non-­‐profits,  community  orgs,  small  business  •   Events  &  meet-­‐ups:  Code  for  Oakland,  In  Oak  Lunch  series,  Oakland  News  Café   16  
  17. 17. Our  Audience  is  Large,  Dynamic  &  Engaged  •   100,000  visitors  to  web  site  every  month  •   2,500  newsleVer  subscribers  •   5,000+  TwiVer  followers  •   6,600+  Facebook  followers  •   700  registered  contributors  •   45+  community  contributor  pieces  per  month  • More  2me  spent  on  site  per  visit  than  Bay  Ci2zen  or  Oakland  Tribune*  *  Knight  report,  Quantcast   17  
  19. 19.                        =    IMPACT  Oakland  Local  web  traffic:    150,000  page  views,  72,000  visitors,  February  2012  (Compare:  reports  monthly  visitors  to  Inside  Bay  Area/Oakland  Tribune  at  35,485  per  month)  Distribu8on  through:  • KQED  •  • Yahoo!  News  • Google  News  • The  Media  Consor2um  • New  America  Media    • Reuters  • Byliner  AWARDS  Society  of  Professional  Journalists,  California  Grand  Jurors,  East  Bay  Press  Club   19