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How to create Display network only campaign in Adwords

This presentation will show you how to create a display network only campaign with vCPM bid strategy.Just follow all the steps correctly.

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How to create Display network only campaign in Adwords

  2. 2. WHAT ARE “DISPLAY NETWORK ONLY” IN GOOGLE ADWORDS ? The “Display Network Only” campaign type only allows advertisers to display ads across Google’s Display Network, which includes over a million different sites. Within these sites, possible placements include: • Videos, apps • Gmail • YouTube • Blogger • Google Finance • Google Maps • Websites that display Google ads
  3. 3. Since the Display Network reaches a large audience through a wide variety of third party websites, this campaign type is perfect for building brand awareness or reaching customers who are browsing online and not specifically searching for your product. This campaign type is by default “all features” –it allows for bidding and budget settings, ad extensions (like phone numbers, URLs, location, or social links), ad delivery methods, and targeting by location, language, operating systems, device models, carriers, and wireless networks. Display Network Only campaigns also allow you to target pages about specific topics, certain sites, and demographic groups so your ads are more likely to reach your intended audience.
  4. 4. THE BID STRATEGY USED FOR DISPLAY ONLY NETWORK IS CPM OR vCPM(COST-PER-THOUSAND-VIEWABLE IMPRESSIONS) CPM Bidding Means That You Pay Based On The Number Of Impressions (Times Your Ads Are Shown) That You Receive On The Google Display Network. You'll Use Viewable CPM Bidding To Make Sure You Only Pay When Your Ads Are Able To Be Seen. Existing CPM Bids Will Be Converted To VCPM Automatically, But It's Best To Update Your Bids Since Viewable Impressions Are Potentially More Valuable.
  5. 5. You set the max amount you want to pay for viewable ads, whether they're clicked or not. With vCPM bidding, you bid for your ad based on how often it appears in a viewable position on the Google Display Network. Maybe you just want a lot of people to see your ad. In that case, bidding by cost- per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) is a good way to go. Many advertisers hope viewers will click their ad -- but that's not always the main goal. About Cost-Per-Thousand Viewable Impressions Bidding
  6. 6. Some people prefer vCPM bidding because they want to be able to set a maximum amount they'll pay for each time their ad can be seen, or each viewable impression, instead of for each click. vCPM bidding is unavailable for the "Search Network only" campaign types. Why Use VCPM Bidding?
  7. 7. How To Use VCPM Bidding ? With vCPM bidding, you set the highest amount you want to pay for each 1,000 viewable ad impressions. We call this the maximum vCPM bid, or just "max viewable CPM." The higher your max viewable CPM, the greater the chance that your ad will appear. As always, the AdWords system will charge you only what is needed to place your ad above the next-highest ad, and only charge if the ad became viewable
  8. 8. Viewable CPM bidding will be replacing CPM bidding, and existing CPM campaigns will automatically migrated to viewable CPM bidding. You may want to adjust your CPM bids to stay competitive for more valuable viewable impressions. Bidding for viewable impressions means you only pay for ads that come into view, so using a higher vCPM bid than your CPM bid is usually more effective for winning these more valuable types of impressions. For example, if your max CPM bid is $1.00, you may want to consider starting with a vCPM bid of $1.50 or $2.00 vCPM bidding vs. CPM bidding
  9. 9. Now let’s create a Display Network Campaign with vCPM bid in Google Adwords
  10. 10. Sign in to your google adwords account and create a new campaign-> Display Network Only
  11. 11. Enter campaign name and tick the “see your ad” box under Build awareness marketing objective
  12. 12. Then choose your targeted location. Language. Select Bid strategy Viewable CPM and set your budget. If you cant see this directly just click on edit and select Viewable CPM
  13. 13. Select the schedule the days when you want to display your ad. And click on Save and continue You can add more number of days too.
  14. 14. Now your campaign is created. Next step is to create Ad Group for it. Give ad group name , enter the bid and enter your landing page url. And choose your prefered demographics. 1 2 3 4
  15. 15. When you choose the demographics remember to untick the Unknown boxes . Click on save and continue You can see here the details according to the demographic s you choose
  16. 16. Next step is to create ads. We will create a responsive ad.
  17. 17. Fill in all the details and also upload images and logos. Then click save click
  18. 18. Your Awareness Campaign,AD group and ad is created . You can check it by Clicking on the campaign tab Select your Awareness campaign name. Click on it. You can see your ad group.Click on it click click
  19. 19. Now you can see your ad for your Awareness campaign. The Status is under review it takes approx. 1 day for it to get approved. Similarly you can create more ads and ad for your awareness campaign
  20. 20. THANK YOU P R E S E N T E D BY TA N U J A T. TA L E K A R