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See How you can Brand yourself!


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Branding is the most required aspect in Online world!
Go ahead and make use of the services mentioned in this PPT.

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See How you can Brand yourself!

  1. 1. How to Brand Yourself! Improve Your Business.. Get more Conversions..
  2. 2. Branding requires.. • Display advertising • PPC (GoogleAdwords) • CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions) • Social Media • Facebook Ads • PressRelease • Offline& Onlinepromotions
  3. 3. What is Display Advertising? • Display advertising isgraphical advertising on theWorld WideWeb that appearsnext to content on web pages, IM applications, email, etc. • Theseads, often referred to asbanners, comein standardized ad sizes, and can includetext, logos, pictures, or morerecently, rich media.
  4. 4. Display Ad on Yahoo News:
  5. 5. Significant advantage over otheradvertisements: • Display advertising hasasignificant advantageover advertising in magazines, newspapersand TVs • Targeting options such asdemographic and behavioural targeting areavailableto laser in on your audience. • You can track theperformanceof your campaign daily to measuremetricssuch asimpressions, clicks and conversions to calculateyour ROI.
  6. 6. Display Advertising on the Yahoo! Network • TheYahoo network hassomeof themost-viewed web pagesacrossany advertising network. Your businesscould get exposureon sitessuch as:  Yahoo Finance  Yahoo Mail  Yahoo News  Yahoo Sports  pluspartner sitesdedicated to avariety of business niches.
  7. 7. Steps forYahoo My Display Ads • With Yahoo My Display Ads, you can usecustomize your banner ad by changing text, logo, imageand background color. • Therearefour main stepsto createadisplay campaign using Yahoo My Display Ads. They are:  Creating an Ad  Targeting Your Campaign  Setting up your Budget  Submitting Your Campaign
  8. 8. Creating an Ad: • Yahoo My Display Adsgivesyou all thetoolsyou need to easily createbanner adsor upload your own ad creative. • Yahoo My Display Adsgivesyou theoption to choose acustomizablead templatewhereyou can add: your logo an image text background color
  9. 9. Targeting YourCampaign: With Yahoo My Display Ads, you can target: • Geographically: You can geographically target at the National, Stateand/or DMA level • By Channel: Site-content categoriesin theYahoo Network. You can select “Run of Network” (Your adsmay appear on sitesthroughout theYahoo Network aswell as partners’ sites) or morespecific categories, which will target your adsto relevant propertiesin theYahoo Network. • Demographically: You can target your adsbased on gender and agegroup.
  10. 10. Setting Up YourBudget: • To set up your budget, you’ll haveto decidewhether you want to pay by impression (CPM = Cost per 1,000 impressions) or pay by click (CPC = Cost per click). We will try to display your adsin away that supportsthose performancegoals. • Thesystem will suggest amaximum CPM or CPC based on your mediaselection. You’realso prompted to select a minimum daily budget. • Onceyou enter your daily budget, thesystem will estimate how many impressionsor clicksyou may receivebased on that budget. Thishelpsyou to align your budget with your CPM or CPC goals.
  11. 11. Submitting YourCampaign: • Thefinal step in creating your display ad campaign issimply to click submit! You’ll begiven theopportunity to review and confirm your ad(s), your targeting information and your budget details. • You can also saveadraft of your campaign to return to later.
  12. 12. Using Display Advertising and Search Marketing: • Search and display advertising solutionscan help your businessattract theright customers. When used together, search and display advertising can provide even greater opportunitiesto: • Reach customersat different pointsin their purchase cycles. • Promotespecific messages, promotionsand products for your business. • Increasethefrequency in which customersare exposed to your business.
  13. 13. Pay PerClick(PPC): Theposition of your PPC ad isdependent on both your bid and your Quality Score, which isbased on thead'sclick-through rate(CTR) and therelevanceof thead to thekeyword and thelanding pageit sends usersto.
  14. 14. CPM: • CPM standsfor cost-per-thousand impressions, so you pay for each set of athousand viewsof your ad. You set CPM bidsto tell Googlehow much you'rewilling to pay for that set of impressions. • CPM bidding isbest suited for advertiserswho arefocused on brand awareness. For advertisers whosemain goal issalesor websitetraffic, CPC bidding (pay for each click on your ad) might be abetter option.
  15. 15. Retargeting: • Retargeting meansdisplaying adsto lost prospectswho haveleft your web sitein order to attract them back and convert them into buyers.
  16. 16. Social Media &Facebook Ads: • Providing useful & quality content through SM profiles. • Asking clientsto writeREVIEW , Testimonials • Increasing Followers • Can reach exact target audiencethrough Facebook Ads-Branding & increasing followers • Facebook Adshelpsto increaseTRAFFIC to your website
  17. 17. Offline &Online Promotions: • OfflinePromotionsincludeBanners, Posturesof celebration etc • OnlinePromotion activities(along with PPC, FB Ads, SMO, etc) also includesAdsin TV & FM. • Flash - mobs • PressRelease: eventsand products