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Facebook Carousel


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Facebook Carousel - Rev 9/2016

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Facebook Carousel

  1. 1. Ad crea(ve is the strongest driver of performance on Facebook but Facebook's exis(ng tools are cumbersome. ©2016 Thunder Industries | Rise Above The Noise. | Facebook Carousel Ads 1 Creative is the biggest driver of ad performance on Facebook Achieve the best results with Carousel Ads using Thunder Test variations of copy and imagery. Activate Audience Data with Message Tailoring. Facebook automatically optimizes ads within ad sets and will serve your best performing ad. Serve fresh ads. Update ads periodically to provide users with a fresh experience. When you’re ready, drop your ads straight into any Facebook Ad Set. Tell a story. Stitch pictures together to tell a story with Carousel Ads. Connect users with relatable and relevant content. 2 3 Carousel Ads perform 10x better than static sponsored posts Eliminate the pain of designing Facebook Carousel Ads with Thunder’s CMP Thunder’s superior and delightful user experience comes to Facebook Carousel Ads. Take advantage of this effective ad format by optimizing your creative: