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Social media channels productcamp toronto-2012


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This is the presentation that I gave at Product Camp 2012

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Social media channels productcamp toronto-2012

  3. 3. The Topic/Problem Statement I have no knowledge of product design but I need a product that organizes the goat rodeo that is my current state of communications (tumblr, twitter, email, readers, Linked In, FB, podcasts, blogs) It’s all too much!
  4. 4. Social Networks Explained
  5. 5. Main Streams Facebook  Individuals, Non-Profits and Companies  Typically used for Business to Consumer, but can also be used for Business to Business  To add a friend, need both parties to accept  Anyone can “Like” a page or group as well as subscribe to updates from individuals
  6. 6. Main Streams (Con’t) Twitter  Individuals, Non-Profits and Companies  Used equally between B2C, B2B and C2C  Limited to 140 characters. Often referred to as Microblogging  No need to accept relationship (unless marked private). Just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean you have to follow you back  Uses hashtags for search and emphasis (i.e. #fail)
  7. 7. Main Streams (Con’t) LinkedIn  Used for professional connections by Individuals, Non-Profits and Companies  Must accept relationship  Mostly free but has some paid sections YouTube  Individuals, Non-Profits and Companies  Used equally between B2C, B2B and C2C  Used to demonstrate things not easily shown in documentation  Can create channels or collection of videos
  8. 8. Channels •Friends Network Facebook •Can be fed manually or automatically You Tube •Can be it’s own •Individuals or Pages or Photo channel or placed into Gallery posts •Anyone connects with anyone Twitter •Can be fed manually or automatically •No hierarchy •Professional Network •Can be fed manually LinkedIn or automatically •Individuals or groups •Emailing list can be updated from master MailchimpPosting Direction Flow •Self-manages bouncebacks, unsubsc ribes, etc.
  9. 9. Managing Channels With the exception of posting at the time of publication, I don’t send one message to multiple channels using the same tool. I customize the same message to suit the channel.
  10. 10. Some Tool Suggestions WordPress  On a site, you can publish to multiple networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) at once and schedule it. TweetDeck  Can show multiple channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, from a single dashboard Hootsuite  Similar to TweetDeck, but has a web interface and analytics, including for their URL shortener
  11. 11. Mobile Tool Solutions WordPress  I don’t use this to publish, but might use it to type into and finish it on my desktop/tablet later  Also available on iPad UberSocial  I use this on my Blackberry because of some of the features it offers over the Twitter App, including posting to FB (which I do rarely at the same time as Twitter)
  12. 12. Thank You! Shanta R. Nathwani Twitter: @TantienHime Email: shanta@shanta.caProfile: