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Eye On: Rebel Mouse       Description: Content aggregator & publisher                            Status: Platform to watch...
Eye On: Rebel MousePublishing Stories: An algorithm decides which and where a user’s social content will be posted but the...
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Eye on rebelmouse-leo


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Kicking off our new IP series, "Eye On," we introduce you to a new platform called RebelMouse. RebelMouse is a content creation and aggregation platform that aims to be a hub for a brand's social presence. While RebelMouse has interesting potential, it is in beta and is still evolving. Therefore, we've designated it as a platform to watch.

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Eye on rebelmouse-leo

  1. 1. Eye On: Rebel Mouse Description: Content aggregator & publisher Status: Platform to watch RebelMouse is a new, invite-only web service that is a mix between a publishing platform and a content curation platform. It aims to solve the problem of fragmented social streams and websites that are rarely updated with new content by serving as a content hub. Brands can curate, create, and distribute content (to Twitter and Facebook Pages) from their RebelMouse page. The page refreshes itself and there are a few options to customize what gets published. There is also the ability to customize a RebelMouse page. Any posts can be moved around, removed, or frozen on the page (similar to a pinned post of Facebook). Currently there are minimal options to customize the look of the page but that is likely to change. RebelMouse also provides post-level analytics. RebelMouse has a lot of new features planned. Proposed enhancements include: • More content sources (Instagram, Tumblr, RSS, etc) • E-commerce platform to sell products directly from a RebelMouse page • Sponsored posts • More discovery features • Improved integration with Facebook Pages • RebelMouse native iOS mobile app • Ability for brands to create their own RebelMouse app • Ability to create subpages to organize content by hashtag or topic The Splash position is the most prominent Hovering over stories allows users to space on a page to feature important stories curate information or gather stats Statistics EditTwitter handle Moveis the default, Freeze (lock in place)but this can be Removechanged Tip: Users are able to add collaborators and multiple Twitter accounts . At this time, only one Facebook account can be added. Eye On: RebelMouse , Vol 1, Issue 1, June 2012 © Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide Contact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465) or Kate Twohig (312-220-6734)
  2. 2. Eye On: Rebel MousePublishing Stories: An algorithm decides which and where a user’s social content will be posted but thereare additional ways to control the publishing of page stories: Pictures, videos or albums can be added by uploading 2 Content from the web can be added to your1 images or copying and pasting urls page by clicking the “stick it” button 3 If social accounts or settings are set to “private” or there are no media or links associated with post activity, content will be fed to the Draft tab. Users can opt to publish this content. There are three pricing tiers: Coming Soon FREE INDIVIDUAL CORPORATE $3/month $3/weekBrands using the platform: There aren’t many brands utilizing the platform at this point, but a majority of themare publishers and media companies. Some of the early adopters include: Oakley NBC News Huffington Post Key Takeaways • RebelMouse is a platform to watch. The site is in beta which means that early adopters will have to deal with bugs and a lot of changes. • Currently RebelMouse doesn’t allow for social interaction (comment, like, etc) making it primarily a site for content aggregation and distribution. It can serve as a hub for a brand’s online presence allowing the brand to curate, create, and distribute content. • RebelMouse has a Pinterest-like interface making content with visuals (photo or video) the best fit for this platform. In its current state the platform seems best used as a news source to find out what’s happening right now or for telling a specific story or providing a specific experience through carefully curated content.Eye On: RebelMouse , Vol 1, Issue 1, June 2012 © Leo Burnett/Arc WorldwideContact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465) or Kate Twohig (312-220-6734)