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WPHamOnt April 2018 - Finding Your Talk


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This presentation was given to the WordPress Hamilton Community in the hopes of diversifying the speaker submissions for WordCamp Hamilton and beyond. We had a small but mighty group and with the help of the Diversity Training at WordPress, we were able to encourage a few more speakers.

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WPHamOnt April 2018 - Finding Your Talk

  1. 1. Talking WordPress
  2. 2. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Introductions… us
  3. 3. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Agenda Introductions Finding a topic Writing a pitch Questions & Answers
  5. 5. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 In this section Introductions About Speaking What We Are Looking For Dispelling The Myths of Speakers Why Do You Want To Speak? Talk Formats
  6. 6. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Introductions… you
  7. 7. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Introductions Your name Your preferred pronoun Your WordPress experience What is your speaking experience, if any? What you want out of the workshop today
  8. 8. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Why we are holding a workshop today
  9. 9. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Why are we holding a workshop for <group> There are a few reasons that we want to hold this workshop today:
  10. 10. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING What are we looking for?
  11. 11. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 What are we looking for? {fill in with your info}
  12. 12. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Dispelling The Myths
  13. 13. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Myth 1 I’m not an expert!
  14. 14. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Myth 2 People will ask questions I can’t answer, and I’ll look like a fool.
  15. 15. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Myth 3 I’m too nervous to speak!
  16. 16. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Myth 4 I have failed if everyone in the audience isn’t totally engaged.
  17. 17. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Myth 5 A talk followed by a Q&A is the only format I can use to share my knowledge.
  18. 18. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Why haven’t you spoken?
  19. 19. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 What are things you’re worried about? Why haven’t you talked at a meetup or WordCamp? If only talked once, why did you not do it again? Discussion
  20. 20. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Why do you want to speak?
  21. 21. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Let’s talk about it
  22. 22. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Why do you want to speak? Be seen as an authority in your field Share your knowledge with others Build your confidence Give back to the community Meet people – be part of the community Travel Learn at conferences – speaking teaches you more It’s fun! Rewarding, feeling of accomplishment Career building Be a role model for <group>
  23. 23. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Talk formats How To Discussion Panel Story-based Case Study Workshop
  24. 24. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Finding a topic
  25. 25. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 In This Section Finding a topic Big BrainDump Narrowing Your Topic Selection Refining Your Chosen Topic Present Your Topic
  26. 26. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Brainstorm Exercise
  27. 27. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Brainstorm Brainstorm as many topic ideas as you can in 15 minutes. We’re not looking for “perfect” or even “good” ideas. The idea is just to get them out, good, bad or ugly. See if you can get 30 or 40 ideas. Seriously, anything that comes to mind.
  28. 28. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Topic Selection Exercise
  29. 29. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick 2 topics that you don’t know a lot about, but have had some success with. This could be a story-based talk. Topic Selection
  30. 30. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick 2 topics you may not know much about but you would have good questions for. This could be for moderating a panel. Topic Selection
  31. 31. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick 2 topics that you are confident about and could lead a how-to presentation. Topic Selection
  32. 32. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick 2 topics that you’ve successfully worked on that you feel you could do a case study about. Topic Selection
  33. 33. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick 2 subjects in the topic list that are your favorite. Topic Selection
  34. 34. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick 2 topics that you think you could teach to others in a hands-on manner. This could be a workshop. Topic Selection
  35. 35. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Pick a single topic & refine Exercise
  36. 36. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Pick a single topic & refine Of the topics, is there one that you are especially passionate about? To further refine your topic, apply “Who, What, Why, How, When, Where” to your topic. If you have a favorite plugin, you can try asking… Who is this plugin for? What does this plugin do? Why was this plugin created? How does it work? When would you use it? Where would you use it? Eg:
  37. 37. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Presentation Present topic
  38. 38. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Break Time! Intermission
  39. 39. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Write your pitch
  40. 40. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 In This Section Writing a pitch Writing a pitch Coming up with a great title Writing your bio Present your title and pitch
  41. 41. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Example of a good pitch Responsify All The Things In our new web multiverse, it’s more important than ever to make your valuable content available to all users, regardless of how they access your site. In this talk, we’ll cover how Responsive Web Design came about, the latest RWD news and trends, and some basic (and not so basic) techniques you can use to make your next WordPress theme a _responsive_ one. Intended for developers and designers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty with a little code.
  42. 42. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Tailor your pitch Consider the tone Vocabulary Different “hooks” or “points of interest”
  43. 43. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 6 important points (Source:
  44. 44. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Point 1 Direct the proposal to the attendees, not the curators
  45. 45. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Point 2 Be specific about the focus your talk will have
  46. 46. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Point 3 Pose the question your talk will answer
  47. 47. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Point 4 Make your point as succinctly as you can
  48. 48. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Point 5 Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  49. 49. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Point 6 Have your proposal reviewed by someone with experience
  51. 51. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Great title Catchy but explanatory Beware of too-clever titles Title that can stand alone
  52. 52. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Writing your bio
  53. 53. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Writing your bio Third person Succinct but descriptive Economy of words Position or job. Credentials. Years in field or short story how you’re in this new field Look at past examples from this event Tweak for different events Be human Add non-professional interests
  54. 54. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Writing exercise! Exercise
  55. 55. TALKING WORDPRESS 2018 Exercise Write your: Pitch Title Bio
  56. 56. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Present titles and pitches Presentation
  57. 57. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Which section do you want us to run next? Creating Your Talk Becoming A Better Speaker Creating Great Slides Sign Up
  58. 58. WORDPRESS SPEAKER TRAINING Questions & Sign up