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Video Conferencing Etiquette - Thiyagu

This presentation talking about Video Conferencing Etiquette.

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Video Conferencing Etiquette - Thiyagu

  1. 1. K.THIYAGU, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod Video Conferencing Etiquette
  2. 2. Video conferencing is a technology by means of which two or more parties situated in different geographical locations can watch and converse with each other by means of two-way transmission of video and audio data in near real-time.
  3. 3. Video Conferencing Tools (Free) Facebook Live YouTube Live Google Hangouts Skype Zoom Slack Video Calls UberConference TrueConf Online FreeConference
  4. 4. Do's of Video Conferencing
  5. 5. Mute yourself when not speaking Mute your microphone whenever you’re not speaking, even if you’re alone in the room. Background noise can be an annoying distraction and stifle any meeting’s flow.
  6. 6. Be on time / Be Punctual Make the structural conferencing with proper time management
  7. 7. Be aware of your video & Audio settings.
  8. 8. Have the Right Light Make sure your room is well lit (side lighting is the best). Use natural light from windows or simply turn on the overhead light in the room to brighten up the conference.
  9. 9. Wear Clean & Professional Clothing If you work from home — to wear a work shirt and athletic shorts but dress as if you're meeting face to face. You never know if you're going to have to get up suddenly or if your camera might fall. So wear clean, professional clothing for your video calls.
  10. 10. Frame / Fix the camera correctly Make sure your camera is eye level and on the monitor you plan to use for the conference.
  11. 11. Be courteous to other participants
  12. 12. Speak Clearly
  13. 13. Keep Body Movements Minimal
  14. 14. Maintain Eye Contact Maintain Eye Contact by looking into the camera
  15. 15. Switch off the Mobile Phones while VC session is on
  16. 16. Make the Session Animated Add some animated videos or gif files in the presentation slides
  17. 17. Be yourself and have fun!
  18. 18. Keep privacy of others Don’t record or capture video during the VC without their permission Don’t talk personal issues while VC session is going on.

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This presentation talking about Video Conferencing Etiquette.


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