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Good Stuff Happens in 1:1 Meetings: Why you need them and how to do them well


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According to the latest State of the American Manager report from Gallup, employees who have regular meetings with their managers are almost three times as likely to be engaged as those who don’t. These regular check-ins keep managers and employees in sync and aligned. Want to see better manager/employee relationships in your organisation? Then make an all-in commitment to 1:1 meetings. Not sure how? You’ve come to the right place.

In this webinar with Jamie Resker, Founder and Practice Leader for Employee Performance Solutions (EPS), and Teala Wilson, Talent Management Consultant at Saba Software, you’ll get the inside track on how to hold effective 1:1 meetings, including tips for getting managers on board.

• Go beyond discussing the status of everyday work to higher level topics, including recognition, performance, development, and career aspirations
• Learn how to decide meeting frequency, what to cover, as well as roles and responsibilities of the manager and employee
• Understand how managers can build trust and make it comfortable for employees to provide upward feedback
• Unite your organisation with a unified approach to 1:1 meetings

Join us for this 1-hour webinar to get practical tips for building better manager-employee relationships with intention and purpose.

About the Speakers

Jamie Resker - Founder and Practice Leader for Employee Performance Solutions (EPS)

Jamie Resker, Practice Leader and Founder of Employee Performance Solutions, is a recognized innovator in performance management. She is the originator of the-the Performance Continuum Feedback Method® and Conversations to Optimize Employee Performance training program; tools and training that reshape communications between managers and employees to drive and align performance. Jamie is on the faculty for the Northeast Human Resources Association, is a contributor to Halogen Software's Talent Space Blog, and is an editorial advisory board member for HR Examiner.

Teala Wilson - Senior Consultant, Strategic Services, Saba Software

Teala is a Talent Management Consultant at Halogen Software, now a part of Saba Software. She has worked with teams on a national and global level supporting human resources in areas such as performance management, recruitment, employee benefit programs, training and talent development, workforce planning and internal communications. Teala also has a personal passion for visual arts and design.

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Good Stuff Happens in 1:1 Meetings: Why you need them and how to do them well

  2. 2. Jamie Resker Founder and Practice Leader Employee Performance Solutions TODAY’S SPEAKERS Teala Wilson Senior Consultant, Strategic Services, Saba Software
  3. 3. AGENDA What we will cover in our webinar today: • Why have 1:1 meetings? • What to cover in a 1:1 meeting? • Roles & responsibilities. • Secret tips for your managers. • Preparing for your 1:1. • Get started with 1:1 meetings today! © 2017 Saba Software, Inc. 3
  4. 4. WHY HAVE 1:1 MEETINGS?
  5. 5. THE IMPACT OF 1:1 CHECK-INS • Communication is at the core of any healthy relationship • Regular meetings triple the likelihood of engagement • Managers account for up to 70% of the variance in engagement • Engagement is highest among employees who meet with their manager 1x week** If you’re not meeting 1x a week, can you meet 1x a month? Let’s get talking!
  6. 6. MANAGERS HAVE IMPACT Source: State the American Workplace – Gallup Half of employees have left their job to get away from their manager at some point in their career. Employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost 3X as likely to be engaged. Managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores. 50% 70% 3x
  7. 7. TODAY’S PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT The most effective approach is when performance is connected to an employee’s day-to-day work It is an ongoing process of: 1. Goal setting 2. Performance discussions 3. Feedback and recognition 4. Development planning and supporting a learning organization 5. Enabling and developing great managers to drive employee satisfaction and contribution Performance Discussions Development Feedback & Recognition Goals1. 2. 3. 4. Managers5. 7
  9. 9. 1:1 CONVERSATION TOPIC ALLOCATION BALANCE © 2017 Saba Software, Inc. 9 Telling and Reporting: Tasks, Projects and Status Updates. Exchange Insight: - Asking Questions - Inquiry/Listen to Learn. Check-In: Formally set goals As Needed Modification.
  10. 10. QUESTIONS FOR AND TIPS FOR… Reinforcing On-Target Performance Redirecting Off-Target Performance Moving Forward Upwards Feedback 10©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  11. 11. ASKING QUESTIONS DO’S AND DON’T © 2017 Saba Software, Inc. 11 ?
  12. 12. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC REQUESTING INFORMATION The questions we ask Influence the answers we receive ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  13. 13. How am I doing? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  14. 14. You’re doing great. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  15. 15. What can I do better? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  16. 16. I can’t think of anything. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  17. 17. What did you think of my presentation? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  18. 18. It was really good. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  19. 19. What can I do differently? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  20. 20. Nothing. Just keep doing what you’re doing. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  21. 21. How is everything going? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  22. 22. Great or Good. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  23. 23. What should I stop doing? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  24. 24. Stop asking so many questions! ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  25. 25. What did you think of my presentation? It was really good. I don’t know THE QUESTION ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  26. 26. What’s one thing that worked during the presentation? I liked the part when you… THE ONE-THING QUESTIONS ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  27. 27. BETTER QUESTIONS What’s one thing I do to help our group meet deadlines? What’s one thing I can do to improve my communication with managers? What’s one thing I should do to become a better team leader? What’s one thing I can do to make month-end close easier for you? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  28. 28. BETTER QUESTIONS What’s one thing I can do to improve my communication with managers? I‘m only here three days a week, what is one way I can make the most of this time? What’s one thing I can do to help with the team’s workload? What’s one way thing I can show you that you’d like to learn? What’s one way I can improve my interpersonal skills? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  29. 29. REINFORCING ON-TARGET AND REDIRECTING OFF-TARGET PERFORMANCE Step 1: Let’s Define Performance © 2017 Saba Software, Inc. 29 Reinforcing On-Target Performance Redirecting Off-Target Performance Moving Forward Upwards Feedback
  30. 30. OFF-TARGET Vs. ON-TARGET EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE CONTINUUM ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  31. 31. GrowingLow GROWINGor OFF-TARGET OFF-TARGET ON-TARGET WORK RESULTS Job Responsibilities, Goals and Skills OBSERVABLE BEHAVIORS ON-TARGET ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  32. 32. TIPS FOR REINFORCING ON-TARGET PERFORMANCE 32 Reinforcing On-Target Performance Redirecting Off-Target Performance Moving Forward Upwards Feedback ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  33. 33. REINFORCING ON TARGET PERFORMANCE Makes order out of chaos Is the master of her domain Leads the team through tough time Every time I work with him I learn something new No task is too big or too small Finds solutions when none are evident Gets the work done despite obstacles Takes on the difficult projects ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  34. 34. POSITIVE INSIGHT SHOULD INCLUDE: General Observation Specific Example Positive Impact Readily pitches in where and when needed. Fixed “bad code” on a software component from a vendor. Took the initiative to learn this. Returning the component would have created a 2 week delay. 2 days early! ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  35. 35. WHAT’S WORKING QUESTION EXAMPLES What’s one thing I’m doing to support you that’s working? What’s one thing I should do more of? What strength should I leverage? ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  36. 36. MOVING FORWARD AND REDIRECTING OFF- TARGET PERFORMANCE QUESTIONS 36©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC Questions for the Employee to Ask Reinforcing On-Target Performance Redirecting Off-Target Performance Moving Forward Upwards Feedback
  37. 37. 37 ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC Reinvents everything; won’t build off of the work of others Over explains things and confuses people Complains about things that can’t be changed Isn’t delegating, takes on too much and misses deadlines Passes off incomplete work Isn’t delegating, takes on too much and misses deadlines Never takes things to the next level OFF-TARGET PERFORMANCE EXAMPLES
  38. 38. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC What’s one way I can improve my interpersonal skills? What’s one thing I can do to become even more effective in my role? What’s one way I can work better with you? What’s one way I can support you more? MOVING AHEAD/REDIRECTING OFF-TARGET QUESTION EXAMPLES
  39. 39. Stop making so many mistakes Makes too many mistakes ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC Develop more accuracy
  40. 40. Condescending to those with less experience Helpfully and patiently mentor those with less experience ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC
  41. 41. UPWARDS FEEDBACK 41©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC Making it comfortable for employees to provide insight to their managers Reinforcing On-Target Performance Redirecting Off-Target Performance Moving Forward Upwards Feedback
  42. 42. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC What’s one thing I can do to support you more? What’s one way I’m supporting you that’s working, and should continue with? What’s one way we can work better together? What’s one way I can communicate with you better? UPWARD FEEDBACK QUESTION EXAMPLES
  43. 43. Help…I’m being micromanaged! ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC I’m trying to build my capability when it comes to resolving customer service issues. I’d like to work with more autonomy and troubleshoot customer service issues that relate to___________.
  44. 44. ©2017 Employee Performance Solutions, LLC I never get to sit in on the product management meetings I’m really interested in learning more about__________. Could I sit in on some of the product management meetings?
  46. 46. LEADERS AND EMPLOYEES EACH PLAY A PART Goals & Expectations Leader Driven Establish challenging, yet attainable performance expectations Check in on progress against goals; coach and adjust as needed Growth Employee Driven Leader Enabled Move development ownership to the employee – drive discussions and actions Leader provide opportunities to develop Feedback Leaders and Employees Give and request feedback in a timely manner Build a culture of ongoing feedback and recognition throughout the organization 46
  47. 47. Development Talk about my career growth Goals Help me stay focused and aligned Recognition My success is celebrated and I feel valued Feedback and coaching What’s going well and where can I have a greater impact As an employee...
  48. 48. As a manager... Development Helping employees reach their full potential Goals Insight into progress and challenges Recognition Celebrate success to inspire and motivate Feedback and coaching Offer real-time feedback for positive outcomes
  49. 49. As an HR specialist… Development Preparation for future succession needs Feedback and coaching Real-time opportunities for adjustment Recognition Drive engagement and motivation Goals Keep workforce aligned to organizational direction
  51. 51. BRING YOUR WHOLE SELF • Check-in • Be present • Multi-tasking is a myth © 2017 Saba Software, Inc. 51
  52. 52. TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN GIVING FEEDBACK 1 Be authentic 2 Be forward-focused 3 Be objective 4 Be positive 1 Be respectful 2 Be specific 3 Be timely
  53. 53. HOW TO RECEIVE FEEDBACK LIKE A CHAMPION 1 Stop your first reaction 2 Remember the benefit of getting feedback 3 Listen for understanding 1 Say thank you 2 Ask questions to deconstruct the feedback 3 Request time to follow up Source: Bradberry, T. (2012), Taking Constructive Criticism Like a Champ, Forbes.
  54. 54. OUR MINDSETS CAN INFLUENCE HOW WE RECEIVE FEEDBACK Fixed (“Judgers”) Learner Know-it all mindset Beginner’s mindset Reactive and automatic Responsive and thoughtful Biased observer, judgmental evaluator Unbiased observer and reporter Often problem-focused Solution-focused Win-lose relating Win-win relating Mainly focused on what’s wrong Mainly focused on what’s right Inflexible and rigid Flexible and adaptable Assumes resources and possibilities are scarce Assumes resources and possibilities are unlimited Feedback seen as rejection Feedback seen as helpful (a gift!) Consider change dangerous and resists it Accepts change as a constant, embraces it Basic mood: protective and defensive Basic mood: curious and open Sources: Carol Dweck (Mindset) & Marilee Adams (Change Your Questions Change Your Life)
  55. 55. COME WITH AN OPEN MINDSET Fixed: inner voice Learner: inner voice “You don’t know what you are talking about” “What can I learn from this?” “You try doing better next time!” “What can I do differently next time?” “What about you? You’re not perfect either!” “What really happened here?” “That’s not my problem” “What are the possible solutions here?” “You are not better than me!” “Who can I talk to for help?” “I’ll never get this right.” “How can we build on that?” “I’m afraid of making a mistake.” “How can I do this differently next time?” “Maybe my job is at risk! I better fight for it.” “What are other ways we can solve this problem?” “You only focus on what I do wrong.” “Wow! I did not know that. How can adapt to be more effective/happy?” “This is not fair.” “How can I be more adaptive to change?” “I need to be more secure with myself.” “What else do I need to make the best decision?” Source: Elizabeth Lancaster, Blue Dot Strategy, Putting it All Together
  56. 56. PREPARING FOR YOUR 1:1
  57. 57. TIPS FOR STRUCTURING 1:1 CHECK-INS Structure the 1:1 to allow the conversation to flow naturally: A. Top priorities and feedback populate the agenda B. Review goal progress C. Coach around obstacles D. Discuss development E. Celebrate success
  58. 58. PREPARING FOR YOUR MEETING A. Set your own agenda B. Update your goal status C. Own your development activities D. Discuss career planning E. Share feedback & celebrate successes
  59. 59. PREPARING FOR YOUR MEETING 1:1 Exchange in TalentSpace
  60. 60. CONVERSATION STARTERS Where do I start? • Open-ended questions are a great way build a rapport with employees - Brainstorm - Discuss change - Understand each other • Use the conversation starter questions to get you going! • Foster engaging, meaningful conversation that builds trust
  61. 61. CONVERSATION STARTERS 1:1 Exchange in TalentSpace
  63. 63. THANK YOU TO LEARN MORE VIEW OUR PRODUCT TOURS Visit for more information
  64. 64. QUESTIONS?