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3 Reasons Your Employees Are Leaving


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Nearly 1 out of 3 employees are looking for a new job. What are you doing to help retain them? Find out at

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3 Reasons Your Employees Are Leaving

  1. 1. 900/0 of employees want to drive their own career path, but want your help‘ . and 850/, are expecting personalized deve| opment2 $5 Retain superstars by offering them Or risk losing them altogether. Nearly 50% of employees want 0 o more regular feedback2 Only giving feedback in the annual performance reviews? Add monthly or quarterly feedback to [Hit Nearly-I out employees feel they aren't of adequately trained2 E 1' o Relying heavily on classrooms? q—-| - with social, mobile, video and virtual learning. Download free checklist at Saba. com/ Retentionchecklist S ooooo s: 1. Saba Harris Poll Survey (Jan. 2015) 2. "Global Workforce Leadership Survey" sponsored by Saba and WorI<placeTrends. com (released March 2015)