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  • Sept 17 th we will be launching our new LI for Nonprofit landing page and announcing the Board Connect program with a ton of press and landing page to point folks to:  (see current design attached).  
  • Create economic opportunity for everyone around the world
  • Really focused on skill based volunteering Employee facing-to change the world Member facing- Nonprofit facing-tips you can use today to help build your organizations objectives
  • The Logitech case study is available online at http:/
  • Chronicle of philanthropy has over 45K members; last 1.5 years humanitarian professionals has gone from 1 to 7K members. Bry tried to join and was declined.
  • Personal brand & organization brand
  • Not just you-but your board members, donors and volunteers to add this. When you add this it goes out virally to your network of supporters. Someone with 500 connections adds a volunteer field and says they care about Habitat for Humanity. Get pushed out to their connections
  • Vital b/c it is viral- Halfway to our first milestone-critical point of adoption. Education and civic interest. Populate this-important part of your brand MK to use her profile
  • Only 10% designated their admin. Who can they email about this info? Be an admin with your real estate. Most of you are not. This is a place to tell your story. Getting thousands of visits per month and you don’t know. Getting very little out. Fill out the rest of the free real estate. If you don’t see this blue box-please email Tell your story-working on nonprofit friendly name. Status update on your company page-status update feature. Send/message your followers (=tweet) 500 character limit, can add photos and videos. Light weight email management campaign. Can measure the impact; see the likes & shares can be measured. You can see the # of impressions that saw your status update as well as the # of people that interacted.
  • Human rights watch-Amnesty international Status updates-what do people share?
  • NC did something really cool-posted their volunteer opps. When someone recommends a vol. opp, it gets pushed out to their network…again, the viral nature at work. Help spread the info.
  • Power of the advanced search.
  • We are looking for skilled volunteers, supporter in the local area, board members. Look at and feel.
  • Top result-I am connected to her, serves up your first and second degree connections. LI is an orga that wants to focus on the energy on the free member experience. 2 member being added every second. Of course we offer other options –use your member log in. Now you need our help with that. Very individual driven, not this. Free member log in you can do XYZ.
  • LI-critical business platform. Be an intentional connector. Not just the job of marketing and fundraising. External/internal people.
  • Trying to get a million people to sign up for volunteer causes by year end.
  • McKinzie Kandel - Leveraging LinkedIn for Good

    1. 1. Leveraging LinkedIn for GoodSocial Media for Nonprofits Conference Chicago September 19, 2012
    2. 2. 5 Tips• Build your brand (Profile page)• Grow your community (Company pages)• Find talent for free – Volunteers & Board (Advanced search)• Share knowledge and insights (LinkedIn Today, Groups)• Fill the structural hole (InMaps)
    3. 3. LinkedIn’s missionConnect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Connect Talent with Opportunity
    4. 4. LinkedIn for Good’s MissionConnect the talent and passion of professionals with opportunities to use their skills to make a positive impact on the world
    5. 5. Did you know…..• 78% of professionals would like to join a nonprofit board*• 70% of LinkedIn members agree that it is really important for volunteer opportunities to match their skills and interest**• 75% of LinkedIn members would be open to virtual volunteering opportunities that use their specific skills and talents**• THEY ARE JUST WAITING TO BE FOUND ON LINKEDINSources:*Booz Allen, Board Recruitment in the Nonprofit Marketplace, 2002; Taproot Research**2011 LinkedIn Volunteer Survey
    6. 6. Challenge: Expand the Board with specific skill setsSolution: LinkedIn Jobs Network drives posts virallyto the right candidates  26 qualified applicants in 30 days  Filled 2 Board seats with senior executives in Operations and Marketing “With LinkedIn, we made more connections with local leaders in 2 weeks than what has taken years of relationship-building in the past. LinkedIn is our lifeline to the business community.” – Johanna Dalton, Executive Director, Goldie’s Place 6
    7. 7. Are Nonprofits on LinkedIn?• There are approx. 4M nonprofit professionals• From over 130K nonprofit organizations• Representing 205 countries• Approx 9% of LinkedIn 1M groups are created by nonprofits
    8. 8. Build Your Brand
    9. 9. Use the network to build your brand• Share the causes you care about• Encourage your board members/donors/ volunteers and employees to add the field to their profile
    10. 10. Adding the Volunteer/Causes Field
    11. 11. Grow your community
    12. 12. Create a presence on Company Pages
    13. 13. Send and track updates to your followers
    14. 14. Leverage “Products and Services” section for recommendations
    15. 15. Find (free) talent for free
    16. 16. Magic of Advanced Search Find (free) Talent
    17. 17. Share knowledge and insights
    18. 18. Thought Leadership through LinkedIn Groups
    19. 19. 23
    20. 20. 24
    21. 21. 25 25
    22. 22. 26 26
    23. 23. Be the connector
    24. 24. Why connections matter 4,000,000 3rd Degree 110,000 2nd Degree 645 1st Degree
    25. 25. Redundant connections
    26. 26. Be the Broker in the Structural Hole InMap (
    27. 27. Recap of 5 Tips1. Add the Volunteer/Causes field to your profile (Brand)2. Tell your story on Company pages (Community)3. Find a skilled volunteer or board member (Talent)4. Participate in a Group and take advantage of LinkedIn Today (Knowledge and Insights)5. Invest in the network that we have benefited from (Connect)