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Chapter 8, Part A, Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business, 3rd Edition


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Slides for Chapter 8, Part A of
Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business:
Business in a Connected World
3rd Edition, 2016
Dr. Roger McHaney, Dr. David Sachs

Published in: Education
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Chapter 8, Part A, Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business, 3rd Edition

  1. 1. Web 2.0 and Social Media Business in a Connected World © McHaney and Sachs 2016 Social Buzz and Viral Phenomenon
  2. 2. Two Examples Time and Geography Independence Egypt’s 2011 Tahrir Square Revolution Protests against former president Hosni Mubarak relied heavily on Facebook pages maintained by a rotating staff of twenty during the uprising (BBC News, 2011) Franciscan Friars Flash Mobs Group of Franciscan Friars gathered at Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy for their event, Missione Giovani Firenze 2015. Flash mobs were used to encourage young people. Nuns and friars used social media complete with hashtags (#liberiperamare) and an anthem, "Esci Fuori!" (Come out of there!). Web 2.0 has enabled crowd behavior to become independent of time and geographic location. The manifestation can be vastly different and triggered by social media.
  3. 3. YouTube Video Example Kansas State University Flash Mob
  4. 4. Flash mob dance troupes have emerged Commercializing Flash Mobs Commercial Flash Mobs Dancers hire their services out to corporate clients wishing to draw attention to new products or inject life into marketing efforts. Bay Area Flash Mob Dance groups like Bay Area Flash Mob, in San Francisco, which mainly did free flash mobs for the fun of it, began getting inquiries from businesses in about 2010. Golf Shoe Launch Nike paid about $1,000 to stage a flash mob at a San Francisco golf-shoe launch. A YouTube video documented the event and dancers pumped footwear in the air to Lady Gaga's ‘Poker Face’.
  5. 5. People can be separated in time and space, or belong to multiple crowds simultaneously through the use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Reddit. Time and geography are less constraining Virtual Crowds and Business
  6. 6.  Someone may belong to communities organized with social media tools  Same tools may result in crowd- inspired “waves” that move through these communities at incredible rates  Waves lack leadership or common purpose  Often referred to as viral  Enormous Business Implications Multiple Functions Social Media
  7. 7.  Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Foursquare and others create an infrastructure conducive to social buzz  Tools such as Social Mention and Klout help businesses track social buzz  Big players: Facebook and LinkedIn Multiple Functions Social Media
  8. 8. Visual Social Media Pinterest
  9. 9.  Designed so users can organize and share images and videos  Shared media called Pins organized into Pin Boards  Pin Boards relate to a theme and can be followed by other Pinterest users  Content can be RePinned, Liked, and shared  Users follow each other as well as specific Pin Boards  Pinterest is visually-oriented and suited for use on mobile devices  Pinterest opened for beta use in 2010, making it a young and rapidly growing site. By 2011, it had over 11 million daily visitors making it a top social media site.  Its co-founder and CEO, Ben Silbermann, defines it as a catalog of ideas and not just another social network. Visual Social Media Pinterest
  10. 10.  Users pin interesting items they find on the Web (or that they create for themselves).  Community aspect becomes important as individuals rely on others with similar interests to help find new relevant items.  Popular in areas where a visual component is important.  Often is used for interior design, art, fashion, recipes, food, cake decorating, and shopping.  Businesses benefit because traffic is driven to their Web sites .  Users communicate by reposting content, sharing pins on Facebook, tweeting pins, or embedding Pinterest material on blogs.
  11. 11.  Businesses create pages to promote products and services.  Pinterest business pages can become virtual storefronts to be repinned on customers’ pin boards.  Traffic driven from Pinterest results in higher revenues and greater percentages of sales than other social media sources.  Rich Pins  Buyable Pins Multiple sources of income Pinterest Business Model
  12. 12. Six types of Rich Pins: app, article, movie, recipe, place and product. More to be added!  Do not directly provide a money stream for Pinterest through subscription fees or other means.  For consumers, Rich Pins include extra information about certain types of items being pinned.  Rich Pins automatically show current pricing details and have direct link to retailer’s product page to make purchasing easier. Provide data about items listed and sold to Pinterest users: BIG DATA! Rich Pins From Pinterest and Consumer Perspective
  13. 13.  Rich Pins are the best way to move potential customers to where product or service can be purchased.  Pinterest has developer’s site which provides details regarding the implementation.  Rich Pins must be validated.  Retailer receives a validation code to embed in their Website.  Pin It Button can be added to the company’s product pages.  Pinterest users will be encouraged to pin products and spread the word. Social Media Impact Rich Pins From Retailers’ Perspective
  14. 14. Pinterest Future Capabilities According to Danny Maloney, CEO of Tailwind Virtual Database Soon, Pinterest will be able to introduce smart tags which will leverage its visual database with knowledge acquired from smart pins. Data Analytics Pinterest will have the capability to use image recognition technology to group pins of similar images for brand analytics and be able to add those smart tags as a service. . Services to Purchasers Pinterest will be able to provide potential purchasers with tagged items that include links about where to buy even if the pin didn’t come from that retailer’s site. Monetization Pinterest will monetize this service by syndicating its product search to e-commerce sites, making social commerce a reality across the Web.
  15. 15. Pinterest announced the addition of Buyable Pins---a simple, secure way to buy products pinned on Pin Boards. Customers are able to shop, checkout, and buy without leaving the mobile app or Web site. Pins with blue prices are an indicator that the items shown can be purchased right through the app. Announced in 2015 and now in use Buyable Pins
  16. 16. Web sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit have become giants on the Web. Both provide venues for finding and sharing interesting material. For a business, this can mean publicity, new customers and free exposure. Examples: StumbleUpon and Reddit Alternate Social Media Approaches
  17. 17. Driving traffic to the rest of the Web StumbleUpon
  18. 18. StumbleUpon Approach Discovery for Fun Designed to help a user “discover new and interesting stuff on the Web”. Data Repository Users provide basic information about likes (a marketer’s dream come true) and are given a journey to relevant Web sites, videos, blogs, photos and other material. Stumblers The more other users like a page, the higher it is rated and it is more likely to be viewed by more ‘Stumblers’. Monetization User profiles become more specific and better tailored as they provide feedback on pages.
  19. 19.  StumbleUpon drives over 50 percent of its traffic to the rest of the Web  Offers a great way to get people to link to a business site for comments and to boost subscriber numbers  Surpassed 25th million click in August 2011  Tracks over 3 million sites StumbleUpon Facts
  20. 20. From the Hatcher Group Business Uses of StumbleUpon
  21. 21. From the Hatcher Group Business Uses of StumbleUpon (Continued)
  22. 22. From the Hatcher Group Business Uses of StumbleUpon (Continued)
  23. 23. Businesses can pay to have their sites discovered Paid Discovery
  24. 24. Popular forums for discussion and venting! Reddit
  25. 25. Premise:  Users submit content (text-based posts, images, links or other items)  Most posts are discussion related or controversial statements  Users vote posts up or down  Most popular posts reach the Reddit’s front page  Comments to the posts can also be voted up or down  Web site divided into subject areas called subreddits  Often used to raise public awareness regarding issues  Often considered revolutionary  Provides a platform for individuals to build a following  Reddit users turned off by self-promotion Known for openness and diverse user communities Reddit
  26. 26.  Used by businesses to promote blog or other content.  An article can be submitted and voted up resulting in even more readers.  Reddit works best with well written informative content, particularly when it has a social conscience .  Negative side: Reddit communities criticized for hive mindset and negative aspects of group interaction, crowd psychology and collective consciousness. Imgur linked to Reddit for image storage Reddit Comments
  27. 27. Why Reddit? Unique and interesting to businesses: Reaches engaged individuals Why Reddit?
  28. 28. Provides paid advertising service. Allows business to reach those reading and posting in particular subreddit areas. Reddit ads also include comment threads where viewers can discuss the ad and the product being advertised. Paid advertising Reddit
  29. 29. Reddit Business Hints
  30. 30. Reddit Business Hints (Continued)
  31. 31. Contact: Roger McHaney, Kansas State University,