Chapter3a McHaney 2nd edition


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Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business Textbook 2nd Edition Powerpoint Slides

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Chapter3a McHaney 2nd edition

  1. 1. Chapter 3: More Blogging: WordPress Options: Part A Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business Roger McHaney, Kansas State University
  2. 2. WordPress Blogs • Powerful tool • Helps a business get its message into the world • Allows business to provide news to its stakeholders • Material accessible to everyone immediately • Material remains in original words of the writer • Some organizations use blogs to communicate press releases, others use blogs for voice of internal entities such as marketing, research and development, production, or upper management 2
  3. 3. WordPress Blogs (con’t) • Wide variety of blog uses has resulted in the deployment of numerous options and tools • Community of WordPress users has provided many ways of customizing and organizing blogs • Because of parallels to traditional press releases and a desire to promote a wider content distribution, a system for blog syndication has been developed 3
  4. 4. Why Use WordPress?
  5. 5. Customization Earlier we covered basics for obtaining a WordPress blog account, starting a blog, and selecting a theme. The blog can be further customized with options and features specific to the needs of a business. 5
  6. 6. Login and Work Behind the Scenes Tabs on this page provide tools for reading posts written by other WordPress bloggers (e.g. Read Blogs, Freshly Pressed, and Topics). Also, a tab for New Post provides links to information about WordPress and its community of users
  7. 7. Default Blog Page This blog has a theme but no widgets, pages, posts or other customization
  8. 8. Start with Theme Customization Most themes provide options for customization including selection of a header image, font and style choices, and different ways of arranging the widgets.
  9. 9. Selecting a Theme Plenty of themes---custom, free, or premium (cost) exist
  10. 10. Why Customize a Theme? Customizing has the direct benefit of making a business site unique. Each WordPress theme may have thousands of adopters. Adding features that further business goals is crucial in creating a unique sense of identity The Connections theme allows a user to customize the blog header, image, and style. Some themes permit this and others do not. Additional theme customization options may include: background image, background color, header text, font color, and other style choices.
  11. 11. Customizing Selected Theme The ‘Theme Options’ selection can be found under appearance on the dashboard menu or by using the buttons under ‘managing themes’. OR
  12. 12. Customize a Theme Header Select the Header page under Appearance. Theme may have pre-installed images. However, for a truly custom appearance, upload a unique image. Investigate a site of open content images (such as or appropriately licensed material at Or, photos can be taken with a digital camera.
  13. 13. Getting Images at Creative Commons
  14. 14. Custom Image in Header A photo can be added to the blog to create a custom header
  15. 15. Crop Header Image in WordPress The uploaded image is larger than the header size. WordPress provides a tool to crop it. After selecting the desired portion, click Crop Header to ensure selected part is displayed on the blog
  16. 16. After Cropping Image
  17. 17. Carefully Choose Header Font Color The wrong font color can result in words that are not visible on the image
  18. 18. Edit Image Outside WordPress MS-Paint or other graphic editor can be used to add desired text with more visibility.
  19. 19. Finished Header in Blog
  20. 20. Customizing Background Navigating to Background under Appearance in the Dashboard provides background options.
  21. 21. Color Background Alternate way to customize page background: Selecting hex color value for solid background. Navigate to: Select a Color which opens a color wheel with a large number of choices.
  22. 22. Image Background Image can be uploaded and used for background Settings permit it to be tiled or displayed according to particular criteria.
  23. 23. Changes to General Settings General settings include site title, tag line (the subheading found under the title), language, time zone, date format and more.
  24. 24. Blog Avatar (Blavatar) An icon to represent your blog in people’s browsers and on other Web sites.
  25. 25. Blavatar
  26. 26. End of Chapter 3 Part A Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business
  27. 27. Slide Media from: 4416 S. Technology Dr Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Slides Prepared by Professor Roger McHaney Kansas State University Twitter: @mchaney Blog: Email :