Chapter4a McHaney 2nd edition


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Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business Textbook 2nd Edition Powerpoint Slides

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Chapter4a McHaney 2nd edition

  1. 1. Chapter 4: Beyond Blogging: RSS and Podcasting: Part A Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business Roger McHaney, Kansas State University
  2. 2. Web 2.0 is Information-Rich Web 2.0 tools enable businesses to create content then share and disseminate it to potential customers and others. This has become so easy and widespread that content has spread far beyond what any person can comprehend. Researchers call this information overload
  3. 3. RSS Feeds are the ‘Strands’ in the Web RSS enables a business to selectively move content onto the Web and reduce information overload
  4. 4. Example RSS Feeds RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provides a mechanism for making information available and for filtering relevant material.
  5. 5. Example RSS Feeds RSS includes a family of Web feed formats used by publishers to disseminate material. Online news services such as and use this technology to publish news articles, headlines and other material in a standardized format.
  6. 6. RSS is Based on XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>This is the Title of the RSS Feed List</title> <link></link> <description>This section describes the feed list (not the individual blog post!)</description> <item> <title>This is one item from the blog</title> <link></link> <description>This describes a blog entry and will appear in the reader description of the individual post.</description> <guid><</guid> </item> <item> <title>This is the second item from the blog</title> <link></link> <description>This describes the second blog entry and will appear in the reader description of the individual post.</description> <guid><</guid> </item> </channel> </rss>
  7. 7. Approaches to Gathering Feeds
  8. 8. Feed Readers and Software Collectors RSS feed aggregator software goes by many names: feed collector, news reader, blog reader, RSS reader, and others. Aggregator software acquires new content continually and adds to a collection even when the user is not online.
  9. 9. Example Feed- Readers
  10. 10. More Example Feed- Readers
  11. 11. Video
  12. 12. NetVibes as a FeedReader
  13. 13. Using FeedDemon (Business Favorite) Download and Install on Windows
  14. 14. Subscribing to Feeds
  15. 15. Subscribing to Feeds (con’t)
  16. 16. Using Folders to Organize
  17. 17. RSS Feed on a Web site
  18. 18. RSS Content
  19. 19. End of Chapter 4 Part A Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business
  20. 20. Slide Media from: 4416 S. Technology Dr Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Slides Prepared by Professor Roger McHaney Kansas State University Twitter: @mchaney Blog: Email :