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Presentation of Medallurgy's capabilities and credentials. Medallurgy drives solutions to the marketing challenges of world class companies.

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Medallurgy Capabilities

  1. 1. Capabilities and Credentials Marketing expertise for innovative and transformative strategies
  2. 2. Firm Profile • Services firm that drives innovative solutions to the challenges of product and marketing organizations • Extensive experience serving World Class companies • Deep marketing expertise with strategy and business results orientation • Offices – Serving the U.S.  San Mateo and Palo Alto, CA (2005) – Serving Europe  Geneva, Switzerland (2008) – Serving APAC  Hong Kong, China (Coming 2009) 2
  3. 3. Medallurgy Engagement Model Medallurgy brings together teams of experts and experienced professionals to collaborate and address client business issues 3
  4. 4. Who We Are As a Company Collaborate with marketing teams to develop strategic solutions to business problems and drive programs to achieve markedly superior results Fortune 500 Companies Top Tier Agencies 4
  5. 5. Core Competencies Answers ‘What Answers ‘What Answer ‘How do Answer ‘How do should we do?’ should we know?’ we do it?’ we manage it?’ Analyze market dynamics Quantitative & qualitative Develop solutions and Define & implement & develop actionable market data collection programs that drive organization & process strategies and analysis measurable results changes • Marketing solution • Usability testing • Go-to-market pilot • Marketing governance roadmaps marketing programs • Customer segmentation • Organization planning • Product differentiation and and profile definition • Integrated marketing and definition launch plans programs • Market receptivity and • Process development & • Integrated marketing and price sensitivity • Web and user interface documentation customer acquisition design strategies • Competitive market intelligence • Customer acquisition and CRM 5
  6. 6. Illustrative Client Engagements • Digital strategy for Stryker, • Customer receptivity • redesign, • Internet marketing Intel, and Safeway study for Stryker development, and governance for Safeway launch • Product feature • International price • Integrated marketing development and re-launch sensitivity study for Sun • Web presence analysis process definition for Intel strategy for Stryker and program plan for • International market Intel & J&J • Web governance plan for • eCommerce business positioning study for Stryker planning for Safeway and • CRM pilot for J&J Intel Seagate • Org development and role • Intel event marketing • Integrated event marketing • User needs analysis for definition for Intel enhancement programs strategy for Intel J&J • Relationship marketing • Feature prioritization and • Usability testing for plan for Intel Leadership planning for Safeway Stryker Programs • Marketing prioritization framework for Seagate 6
  7. 7. Select Case Studies • Kohler Efficient and Scalable Global Web Ecosystem • Seagate / Maxtor Marketing Framework • Intel Integrated Marketing Strategy • Stryker Product Launch • Safeway Organization Planning and Governance 7
  8. 8. Efficient and Scalable Global Web Ecosystem Objective Develop a plan of action for an efficient, scalable global web eco- system, delivering local sites that drive revenue at reduced costs Approach Led high impact engagement to define “as-is state” of global content management process, technology, governance and finance model. Created business case, project roadmap, and change management plan for global initiative Results Built consensus with Kohler Executive Team for new global initiatives resulting in 45% savings to web operations, while improving ROI and ensuring coherent branding and user experience across all Kohler sites 8
  9. 9. Marketing Framework – Integrated Media, Creative, and Web Strategy Objective Develop a market data informed framework from which marketing planning can be developed that answers who to message, what to communicate, when to engage, and through which touch points. Approach Analyzed multi-brand and ingredient-brand strategies, developed differentiating brand migration approach, and analyzed micro-business segment to identify key marketing drivers Results Research, analysis, and marketing framework defined messaging plans and short and long term marketing roadmaps by establishing the ‘compass heading’ for marketing initiatives. 9
  10. 10. Integrated Marketing Strategy – Global Approach Objective Identify root cause of market slippage at retail in key non-US markets and develop marketing strategy to strengthen position. Approach Developed BKM’s for integrated marketing, conducted guerilla research to identify potential reasons behind market slippage, and defined marketing plan and innovations to leverage at retail in key global markets Results Business case justified marketing budget increase for focused and aggressive marketing and promotions programs that more specifically appeal to unique market requirements. Initial data indicates strengthened ‘preference’ metrics 10
  11. 11. Market Readiness and Product Re-Launch Strategy Objective Assess receptivity for Remote Device Management (RDM) solutions across Stryker Endoscopy markets and develop product and go-to-market re- launch strategy Approach Conduct comprehensive assessment within Stryker Endoscopy leadership and contrast with market data through primary research with Sales Reps, Surgeons, and Biomeds. Develop re-launch plan based on market conditions Results Identified internal barriers and misconceptions that impeded development and broad acceptance of RDM solutions. Developed RDM ‘productization’ recommendations and go-to- market plan. 11
  12. 12. Organization Planning and Governance Objective Develop value-add Interactive Marketing Organization to integrate with overall marketing at Safeway and drive incremental sales Approach Assessed marketing structure, programs, and processes. Identified BKM’s from benchmark targets. Developed Interactive Marketing Organization pillars including Structure, Key Roles, Processes, and Governance Requirements Results Transition plan and organization requirements drove the fundamental restructuring of Interactive Marketing at Safeway with emphasis on creating a more results driven and accountable team. 12
  13. 13. Key Take-Away Key Take Away • Medallurgy is uniquely capable to focus highly qualified teams to drive value-add solutions – Strategic marketing programs – Market research – Marketing programs – Governance 13