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A marketing dashboard shows you the way


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A marketing dashboard lets you follow up on your most important Key Performance Indicators. It allows you to focus on the areas that need improvement and communicates the same information clearly for all employees involved.

This presentation explains the choices you need to make when you want to create a marketing dashboard for your organization. For more information, contact The House of Marketing.

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A marketing dashboard shows you the way

  1. 1. Logo client The Dashboard:Performance at a glance
  2. 2. The right information to the right users at the right time ‘Something that FOCUSES the work of employees so everyone is going in the SAME DIRECTION.’ Wayne W. Eckerson, director of research and services at The Data Warehousing Institute A dashboard is a tool to translate the organizations strategy into objectives, metrics, initiatives and tasks customized to each group and individual in the organization. It provides at-a-glance views of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to a particular objective or business process (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Production…).Presentation1 2
  3. 3. Why a dashboard? The risks you take & the benefits you miss by not using a dashboard RISKS avoided BENEFITS gained •  Monitor critical business processes and •  Communicate your strategy efficiently by activities using metrics of business increasing visibility & giving a performance that trigger alerts when consistent view of the business potential problems arise   •  Increase coordination, motivation & •  Analyze the root cause of problems empower users by delivering actionable by exploring relevant and timely information information from multiple perspectives and at various levels of detail •  Create organizational alignment •  Manage people and processes to improve within marketing & align marketing decisions, optimize performance and steer objectives, operations and performance to the company’s financial objectives through the organization in the right the selection of critical metrics and sharing direction by a return to focus, simple of results process discipline and attention to only the most important goals •  Create a learning organization that makes decisions on hard facts •  Integrate ROI & ROMI KPI’s to reduce supplemented with experiential intuition costs & redundancy and save timePresentation1 3
  4. 4. Which dashboard for me ? Environment FOCUS TYPES Level STRATEGIC •  Aligning companys strategic goals •  Balanced scorecard* •  Delivered every quarter •  Portfolio •  Service •  Sales performance •  Cross channel •  … TACTICAL • Measuring (against the present goal) a •  Profit sharing  progression of most important projects •  Monthly sales •  Delivered monthly •  CSI •  … OPERATIONAL • Monitoring & analyzing companys •  Calls / complaints activities in a given business area, •  Weekly sales funnel (comparing actual and target rates) to •  Campaigns help understand if performance is on •  Retention rate or off target, and by how much, in real •  Satisfaction rate time •  ... •  Delivered weekly ANALYTICAL • Establish targets for tomorrow based •  Sales target on insights into historical data, using •  Market share target what-if analysis and pivots to identify •  Churn target patterns and opportunities •  ... •  Very complex, delivered yearly* Balanced scorecards mesure performance in four areas: research, customer satisfaction, internal controls and financesPresentation1 4
  5. 5. The perfect way to go… D D •  TARGETS: Proper definition of target •  TOO MANUAL: collection & delivery audiences of information automatic to ensure sustainable solution •  METRICS: Well-designed visual metrics •  TOO FLAT: provide enough data/ analytical capabilities to let users •  SIMPLICITY: easy to create & to explore problems’ causes highlighted update & to use/understand in the graphical indicators •  MANAGEABILITY: evolving through •  TOO ISOLATED: Some performance the time with the company dashboards source data from a single •  LEADER: Sustained leadership system, appeal to a very small through a dashboard audience or have the wrong goals/ ‘champion’ (CEO, …) KPI’s (misalignment, unrealistic or poorly defined) •  DATA: Strong information infrastructurePresentation1 5
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