SiriusDecisions: Introduction
SiriusDecisions provides research and advisory servicesfocused on the operational intelligence sales andmarketing executiv...
SiriusDecisions - Background•  Founded in 2001•  Value Proposition:      •  A significant lack of fact-based research and ...
Partial Client List
SiriusDecisions Service Architecture                                       5
Advisory Services                       Executive Edge                           CMO                      Demand Creation ...
Product Marketing & Management Strategies                                             Research Topicsl    Product/Solutio...
Executive Edge CMO                                           Research Topicsl    Strategy                                ...
Demand Creation Strategies                                               Research Topicsl    General                     ...
Channel Management Strategies                                                      Research Topicsl    Recruitment       ...
Reputation Management Strategies                                               Research Topicsl    Strategy              ...
Marketing Operations Strategies                                                   Research Topicsl    Strategy           ...
Sales Optimization Strategies                                       Research Topicsl    Sales Strategy and Structures   l...
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Intro Master3

  1. 1. SiriusDecisions: Introduction
  2. 2. SiriusDecisions provides research and advisory servicesfocused on the operational intelligence sales andmarketing executives need to maximize topline growth SiriusDecisions provides the tools, methodology, insight and networking to make better business decisions.
  3. 3. SiriusDecisions - Background•  Founded in 2001•  Value Proposition: •  A significant lack of fact-based research and intelligence on Sales and Marketing effectiveness in B-to-B organizations•  2001 – 2005 •  Intense primary research, benchmarking and analysis on key metrics… •  Spend and budget data, performance data, work process issues, organizational design issues and infrastructure challenges •  Companies that have tightly aligned Sales & Marketing functions outperform those that operate their Sales & Marketing functions in silos•  2005 – present •  Research and Advisory Services (RAS) •  Critical performance and budgetary benchmarking capability created •  Business-to-Business go-to-market focus•  Approximately 600+ members in seven role-based RAS services 3
  4. 4. Partial Client List
  5. 5. SiriusDecisions Service Architecture 5
  6. 6. Advisory Services Executive Edge CMO Demand Creation Strategies Advisory Services Program Deliverables Reputation Management Interfaces Receive: Strategies •  Research portal access Sales Optimization Strategies •  Analyst inquiry •  Annual assessment Channel Management •  Access to benchmark data Strategies •  Executive peer roundtables Marketing Operations •  Monthly research webcasts Strategies Product Marketing /Management Strategies 6
  7. 7. Product Marketing & Management Strategies Research Topicsl  Product/Solution Strategy l  Sales Readiness l  Technology/Service Vendor Coverage n  Business case building n  Linkages to management/ operations n  Boulder Logic n  Relative targeting Knowledge creation/transfer n  Hoover s n  Product roadmap n  Collateral and tools n  iCentera n  Product innovation lifecycle n  Rep productivity n  Qvidianl  Product Launch n  Rep transformation: product n  SAVO n  Product Launch Model n  to solution n  References Online n  New product evangelism l  Demand Creation n  ROInnovation n  Positioning and messaging n  Campaign framework/ n  StreetSmarts n  New market entry planning n  TechValidatel  General Strategy n  Product promotion strategies l  Benchmark n  Product marketing vs. n  Account-based marketing management n  Product Marketing l  Technology/Service Vendor and Management n  Solution, vertical, industry Coverage Audit n  Evolution by revenue band n  Readiness platform n  Budget/Headcount n  Information services allocation n  Sales training n  SMB vs. enterprise strategy n  Productivity point tools n  Organizational structures 7
  8. 8. Executive Edge CMO Research Topicsl  Strategy l  Demand Center Model n  CMO priorities n  Organizational structure n  Program/Headcount allocation n  Organizational readiness n  Marketing skills l  Product Strategies n  Program interlock n  Product vs. solution marketingl  Budget n  Product launch strategies n  Peer comparison n  Vertical marketing n  Spending trends l  Global Marketing n  Budget allocation n  Demand center modell  Planning n  Global marketing process n  Marketing planning process n  Functional priorities n  Best practice comparison l  Dashboard & Metrics n  Waterfall planning model n  Marketing metricsl  Organizational Models n  Marketing/Sales ROI n  Marketing model criteria n  Customer buying cycle n  Centralized vs. decentralized l  Technology n  Marketing ecosystem n  Key trends n  Maximizing investment 8
  9. 9. Demand Creation Strategies Research Topicsl  General l  Organizational Structure l  Vendor Coverage n  Roles, responsibilities n  Demand center n  Aprimo (Teradata) n  Key trends n  Role of field vs. central function n  By Appointment Only n  Budget/headcount allocation n  Functional deep dives n  Clickabilityl  Foundation Elements l  Telemarketing/Teleprospecting n  Concentrix n  Demand type n  Definitions/roles n  CrownPeak n  Relative targeting n  Compensation n  Demandbase Lead definition/taxonomy n  Ownership n  n  Eloqua n  Buying cycle n  Measurement n  FRONTLINE Sellingl  Demand Waterfall n  Insource/outsource issues n n  Stage definitions l  Web Site Content management n  Manticore Technology n  Conversion rates n  Web analytics n  Marketo n  Waterfall diagnosis n  n  Metric families n  SEO/SEM n  Neolanel  Waterfall-Based Processes n  Conversion optimization n  Silverpop Engage n  Campaign framework/planning n  Information collection strategies n  Televerde n  Portfolio marketing l  Tactics n  Unica (IBM) n  Deep dives Benchmark n  Service-level agreements l  n  Inbound marketing Demand creation audit n  Lead nurturing n  n  Account-based marketing n  Pipeline acceleration n  Event marketing n  Buyer perspectives n  Key trends 9
  10. 10. Channel Management Strategies Research Topicsl  Recruitment l  Channel Demand Creation l  Enablement n  Channel Recruitment Waterfall n  Demand waterfall in the channel n  Channel training landscape n  Qualifying producing partnerships n  Registration and lead n  Social media and the channel management best practices Kick-start/Ongoing training n  Global channel expansion n  n  MDF/Co-op fund best practices Impact of certification n  SaaS channel best practices n  n  Channel outsource service Tools/Collateral n  Channel Conflict Model n  providers n  Mid-tier systems integrators best n  Sales and marketing enablement n  Channel incentives: how and practices n  Channel readiness when to use to drive demand n  Ongoing evaluation/pruning n  Channel enablement spend n  Campaign Readiness Model n  Referral partnership best practices n  OEM channel best practices l  Technology Vendor Coverage n  Maximizing agency relationships n  Impacting closed loop visibility n  CCIl  Measurement n  Channel demand center of n  Channeltivity n  Channel dashboard elements excellence model n  CSG / Blueroads n  Channel ramp-up & readiness n  Role of distribution in demand n  eCoast n  Measuring total partner experience creation n  eLateral n  Partner effectiveness scorecards n  Addressing gaps in partner n  Generation 21 eLearning demand n  Channel demand creation spend n  Hawkeye n  Raising partner awareness n  Campaign ROI n  Pros Pricing n  The evolution to partnerl  Sirius Benchmark portal 2.0 n  Relayware n  TRED Channel Management n  Saepio Model n  Televerde n  Campaign Readiness Model n  TreeHouse n  Channel Recruitment Benchmark n  Zift Solutions 10
  11. 11. Reputation Management Strategies Research Topicsl  Strategy l  Social Media l  Technology / Service Social media marketing Vendor Coverage n  Responsibilities/Roles n  Rules/Governance n  Attensity n  Key trends n  Organizational structure n  Awareness n  Budget/Resource allocation n  Social operations n  Cision n  Future communications org. n  Pipeline acceleration n  Collective Intellect n  Reputation/Demand n  convergence n  Internal social media n  Crimson Hexagon n  Fusing traditional, social media n  Community engagement n  Jive Software n  Reputation vs. brand n  Agency selection n  Lithium Technologiesl  Marketing Communications n  Tactic deep dives n  Radian6 n  Public relations l  Branding/Advertising n  SocialText n  Analyst/Influencer relations n  Global guidelines n  Vocus n  Internal marketing n  Agency selection n  Interactive agencies n  Public affairs n  Merger/Acquisition issues l  Interactive Agenciesl  Benchmark l  Measurement n  Competencies n  Reputation assessment n  Link to demand creation n  Selection criteria n  Communications budget n  Social media ROI n  Evaluation frameworks n  Social media budget n  Waterfall seeding/impact n  Measurements n  Social media assessment n  Customer satisfaction 11
  12. 12. Marketing Operations Strategies Research Topicsl  Strategy l  Marketing Process l  Vendor Profiles n  Key roles, responsibilities n  Field alignment n  Aprimo (Teradata) n  Marketing ops by revenue band n  Marketing interlock process n  Birstl  Budget n  Best practice syndication n  Business Objects (SAP) n  Peer, high growth comparison l  Planning n  Clickability n  Spending trends/changes n  Marketing strategy n  Cognos (IBM) n  Defending/Rationalizing n  Campaign planning n  Eloqua n  Tools n  Playbooks/Templates n  GoodDatal  Organizational Issues l  Shared Services n  Harte-Hanks n  Models n  Demand center model n  Marketo n  Outsourcing/Offshoring n  Central vs. local allocation n  Neolane n  Centralization/Decentralization l  Reporting & Analytics n  PivotLink n  Skills gap n  Marketing metrics & KPIs n  Trilliuml  Data Management n  Marketing/Sales ROI n  Unica (IBM) n  Roles and responsibilities n  Dashboard report development n  ZoomInfo n  Contact management n  Analysis options l  Benchmarks n  Process l  Technology n  Budget and planning n  Third-party resources n  Marketing automation n  Marketing Operationsl  Sales Alignment n  MRM, BI, data Benchmark n  Alignment with sales operations n  Maximizing investment n  Dashboard Audit n  Governance 12
  13. 13. Sales Optimization Strategies Research Topicsl  Sales Strategy and Structures l  Sales Technology l  Vendor Profiles n  Sales coverage models n  Sales force automation n  Alinean n  Inside sales n  Productivity applications n  Brainshark n  Resource allocation/cost n  CRM vendors n  Callidus n  Sales management n  Deployment/adoption n  Cloud9 l  Sales Benchmarks ConnectandSelll  Sales Operations n  n  Sales operations n  Planning and analytics n  Corporate Visions n  Cost of sales n  Quota allocation n  iCentera n  Inside sales n  Sales compensation l  Sales Training n  InsideView n  Territory management n  Sales skills/process n  Qvidianl  Sales Metrics n  Opportunity management n  SAVO Group n  Sales productivity n  Sales methodology vendors n  TAS Group n  Pipelines/forecast n  Sales competency model n  ValueVision n  Expense/revenue l  Sales Enablement n  Xactly n  Sales cycle/deal size n  Knowledge management n  ZoomInfol  Sales and Marketing Alignment n  Measuring enablement l  Benchmark n  Collaboration Sales operations audit n  Lead management n  n  Customer communications n  Sales readiness n  Sales pipeline n  Readiness applications benchmark n  Sales communications 13