HPMC 2012: GTIN - Distributed consulting


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Presented during the High Performance Marketing Conference 2012, organized by Accenture on February 9th 2012. This presentation discusses Accenture’s distributed consulting model

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  • Good Afternoon.My name is Indermeet Sial. I lead the CRM
  • References: “Market Trends: Capturing Growth Opportunities in a Changing Business Consulting Service Market” – Gartner Report, Sept. 20 2011
  • Gartner states: The change in the market will require consulting firms to become much more proactive in their client approach. It requires more openness, collaboration, global integration and diversification of talent, whereby associated support structures, roles and processes (for example, Accenture's Global Talent and Innovation Network [GTIN]) will become inevitably critical for refreshing culture and portfolios and innovating new offerings
  • HPMC 2012: GTIN - Distributed consulting

    1. 1. High Performance MarketingConference 2012 Distributed Consulting 9 February, 2012Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved. Accenture, its logo, and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture.
    2. 2. High Performance Marketing Conference 2012 As a result of continued macro economic uncertainty and changing consumer behavior, organizations are faced with a new set of challenges • According to Talent watch Q1, 2011- Talent shortage is a key business challenge for 50% of business leaders • Access to deep specialized skills will be a key differentiator for global businesses • The recent financial crisis has led War for to increased focus on cost Talent • Customers are much more reduction informed and have access to a wider choice • Ability to accurately predict Renewed cost Customer changing customer requirements pressures Sophistication will be critical for continued success • Customers are looking for uniform experience across Shift in • Emerging markets will be the markets End to end leading drivers for growth solutions Demand • Businesses will need to move • Organization will need access to from local optima to global localized knowledge of these optima with single unified end to markets end solutions, standardized processes etc. Digitization • Business need to build capability on the emerging technologies – 2Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved. social media, cloud computing, analytics etc.
    3. 3. High Performance Marketing Conference 2012 Organizations, in turn will expect their business partners to be better geared to support them in meeting these challengesAccording to Gartner, organizations will be more Vendor to Partner: • More proactive approachinterested in tangible, outcome oriented & • Diversified talent with deep industrial skillcustomized solutions and innovative delivery options • Globally mobile and uniform deliveryalong with deep industrialized skills. experience • Diversification of delivery approach Tangible solutions: Vendor to • Client centricity - Deep insight into business Partner issues • Holistic solutions with integrated capabilities • Quick turnaround & focus on faster time to value Evolving Outcome Oriented: Customer • Measureable outcomes with faster pace Expectations • Higher knowledge transfer requirement Outcome • Value based deals Tangible Oriented solutions Deals Gartner has called out Accenture’s GTIN as a leading initiative in their report: “Market Trends: Capturing Growth Opportunities in a Changing Business Consulting Service Market” 3 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
    4. 4. High Performance Marketing Conference 2012 Accenture has been at the forefront of meeting the changing expectations of its clients globallyAccenture’s strategic ‘Distributed Consulting’ initiative in the MC spaceHelps clients through its….. Strong Management Consulting, Project Strong Domain Knowledge & Deep Analytics capabilities Management & Process experience across all across businesses Improvement skills Industriesand gives access to Increased Value Smart & scalable talent End to end solutions Accelerated delivery By increasing success Providing critical mass of Through deep by leveraging the partnership through expertise in customer growth industrialized skills across 24x7 delivery model value based deals areas business domains 4 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
    5. 5. High Performance MarketingConference 2012Accenture’s distributed consulting model brings integrated functional, industry andanalytics expertise to the client Key Differentiators Provides a critical mass of talent in high demand Industrialized areas, enabling Accenture to deliver projects that • Ability to create COEs Expertise would be difficult to deliver otherwise • These COEs would help client teams in meeting stretch Provides unique capabilities & offerings in specific nodes across the globe which would otherwise be targets without increasing cost Unique Capabilities burden difficult to replicate in all geographies giving client easier and quicker access to these capabilities • Higher value to the client due Provides Accenture with a competitive edge, based to right talent & pyramid mix Competitive Edge on talent & specialized skill set providing the opportunity to better meet customer demands • SMEs with specialized skills helping enabling quick Helps client teams accelerate delivery by enabling a 24x7 work environment – using its onsite, offsite turnaroundAccelerated Delivery and hybrid delivery models • Facilitating cross geographies and cross business Provides the backbone for asset and new offering creation as well as supporting global capability collaborations – Innovation Focus consulting, technology, outsou development activities rcing 5 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
    6. 6. High Performance Marketing Conference 2012 Situation: There has been tremendous growth and diversification of channels Channel investments are often sub-optimized and fail to generate targeted or potential returns Demand for solutions has become more specific Channel investments fail to generate target returns Products/ Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Service Company Campaign Campaign Campaign X Y Channel Wave 1 Legacy channels Online / Value Retail Field Inside Web/S Added Distrib • Expansion of Sales Sales elf Reselle utors Service r channel Wave 2 ecosystem Legacy Value channels Added resellers • Increase in Customer specialization, co Large Direct Distributors Account Market mplexity and Resellers Resellers interdependence Wave 3 Managed Retailers Service Developers ? Which sales channels are performing up to their potential? Providers On-line channels How can the organization improve its channel mix and ? capacity to drive sales growth? How should product/service offerings be aligned with ? different sales channels?February 16, 2010Channel Sweet Spots: What Channels Are Customers Sourcing from? 6 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
    7. 7. High Performance Marketing Conference 2012 Solution: The Channel Optimizer tool helps organizations in deriving optimum performance across sales channelsKey Data Inputs Delivers actionable channel insights to enable clients with: Custo- mer Demo- Prefere nce graphic • Identification of optimum channel Market mix and capacity based on ROI and “X” customer preference Channel Optimization Tool Transa- ctional Perfor- mance • Ability to determine optimum Data Goals channel investment based on revenue target and budget • Channel Segmentation based on strategic attractiveness index and ROIAchieve Business Objectives • Performance Gap Analysis of • Increase market share/ existing channels and estimated coverage Capacity Improvement required to • Improve revenue growth achieve the business objective (investments and headcount) • Maximize profits 7 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. High Performance MarketingConference 2012Targeting and delivering tangible value is a fundamental element that service providerswill have to ensure in future consulting engagements Customers in turn would be more interested in how their business partners helpthem in moving from “Issues” to “Outcomes” with Pace, Certainty & Strategic Agility To Outcome Strategic Agility Maximize ROI on channel investments and deliver optimal channel mix to address specific client situation and objectives Certainty Pace Scalable, flexible and outcome-led approach applicable across a range of From industries and client situations Issue Accenture’s industry expertise and functional skills deliver consistent and reliable outcomes by capturing channel profitability, identifying the mix and align products across channels Accenture uses its distributed consulting model to accelerate results by using the proven channel optimization methodology and helps realize “quick-wins” Channel investments are often sub-optimized and fail to generate targeted or potential returns across technology, software and communications industries 8 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.
    9. 9. High Performance MarketingConference 2012 THANK YOU! 9 Copyright © 2011 Accenture All Rights Reserved.