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Business Transformation Through Enterprise Collaboration Aiim Social Business Conference


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Business Transformation Through Enterprise Collaboration Aiim Social Business Conference

  1. 1. #AIIM12 Business Transformation Through Enterprise Collaboration Mar 21, 2012 Karthik Chakkarapani Senior Solution Architect Strategic Services, Customers for Life Chicago, IL#AIIM12
  2. 2. AgendaTop Technology Trends Business Needs & Challenges Enterprise Collaboration – Overview, Key Tenets Strategy & Approach Top Obstacles & Adoption Challenges Adoption Strategies Sample Architecture Reference Implementation Approach – Maturity Model Enterprise Gamification + Collaboration – Value? Sample Metrics #AIIM12
  3. 3. Top Technology Trends Social Mobile Cloud Big Data/ Analytics• Communication & • Access from any •Next generation • Manage growing datacollaboration device, location & time architecture with from multiple sources minimal costs• Internal/external • Consumerization of IT • Do analysis onsocial network • Agile, scalable, secure unstructured + • Mobile centric reliable infrastructure structured data• Innovation & business appscreativity • Keep in pace with • Make business • Corporate app store business needs decisions and solve• Social Business business problemsProcesses & • Localization/Context • Speed to market of quicklyMonitoring new services #AIIM12
  4. 4. Top Business Drivers & Forces on IT #AIIM12
  5. 5. Business Needs/Challenges Internal Improve Discover experts Increase Speed of Generate New Improve EmployeeCommunication & quickly & easily Access to Knowledge Product Ideas & Engagement & Collaboration Solutions Satisfaction Tap Collective One-Stop Hub for Improve Knowledge Improve Business Access from Any Intelligence to Information Capture & Retention Process Efficiency Device, Time, Solve Issue Location #AIIM12
  6. 6. Business Needs/Challenges External Improve Discover experts Increase Speed of Foster New Ideas, Increase EffectivenessCommunication & quickly & easily Access to Knowledge Innovation & of Marketing Collaboration CreativityImprove Customer Speed of Time to Decrease Costs – Improve Customer Increase Network Support & Market on New Marketing, Support, Engagement & Effect Satisfaction Products & Services Communication Retention #AIIM12
  7. 7. Enterprise CollaborationEffective Communication, Collaboration, Interaction & Sharing of Knowledge & Ideas Naturally Leads to Process Improvement, Process Excellence, Break Down Silos, Culture of Sharing, Creativity & Innovation across the Organization, Internally & Externally Key Tenets of Collaboration People Data Process Context + + + #AIIM12
  8. 8. Business Benefits & Value Value • Improved Collaboration & Communication • Improved Productivity & Efficiency • Knowledge Capture & Retention • Discover Experts & Information quickly & easily • Business Agility • Foster Innovation & Creativity • Process Improvement & Competitive Advantage • Smart Enterprise & Workplace • More Transparency – Top-Down/Bottom-Up • Break-down of Silos, Drive towards Culture of Sharing • Less Duplication & better Content Management • Improved Employee Engagement & Satisfaction#AIIM12
  9. 9. Strategy & Approach 4 Keys to Success1. Strategy – Start with a clear, specific intent in mind2. Technology – Invest in technology designed around user behavior3. Organization – Create new structures and practices that support collaboration4. Personal Engagement – Catalyze individual discretionary efforts #AIIM12
  10. 10. Strategy & Approach Steps & Activities • Understand current environmentAssessment • Corporate readiness • How is the job getting done? Current collaboration landscape? • What’s the vision?Compelling • Where do we want to go? Strategy • Why do we want to go there? • What do you want to accomplish?Business Case • Key business drivers, objectives, use cases & operational exceptions? • What are the key benefits, values, risks, metrics, competitive advantages? Road-Map • Develop a road-map Plan • Develop an implementation plan #AIIM12
  11. 11. Strategy & Approach Steps & Activities • Form a steering committee and identify members Steering • What are the roles & responsibilities? Committee • What decisions will they make? • Document techno-functional requirements & design Requirements • Map requirements to business needs, value & importance Design • Document high-level solution architecture–people, data, process, contextVendor Evaluation • Evaluate & select the right product Selection • SLATES & integration capabilities • Identify adoption goals, objectives & metricsAdoption Strategy • Identify adoption strategies Plan • Develop adoption implementation plans #AIIM12
  12. 12. Strategy & Approach Steps & Activities Communication •Develop change management & risk management plansChange/Risk Mgmt • Develop detailed communication & training plans Training Plan • Develop organization structure & community management plans • Develop and implement solution Implement • Beta test with core groups, champions & evangelists Solution • Release the solution to the entire organization • Communicate on the release & training Communication • Communicate and market on the business benefits, value, purpose Marketing • Active engagement by management team Training • Conduct training and road shows Road shows • Conduct hands-on and webinar sessions #AIIM12
  13. 13. Strategy & Approach Steps & Activities Listen • Continuously monitor, measure and analyze on adoption and usage Monitor • Have a good support desk and feedback loop Analyze Adoption • Release new changes, features, enhancements periodicallyCommunity • Identify & communicate on success storiesManagement • Drive and execute adoption initiatives & cultural change programs Vendor • Have a strong working partnership and collaboration with the vendorCollaboration • Be part of the customer community to share ideas, solutionsMeasurement • How are we faring against the metrics and adoption? Metrics • What other adoption strategies need to be implemented? Click here for more detailed info #AIIM12
  14. 14. Identify The “Right” Business Use Cases Identify Define Map to Identify Metrics & Collaboration Collaboration Opportunity Value Capabilities FeaturesIdentify the right Identify business Identify desired Map collaborationopportunity/use metrics for success collaboration capabilities tocase operations/financial capabilities features• Can collaboration • Operating metrics • Facilitate • Profileaddress this & exceptions Collaboration • Blogopportunity? • Department (s) • Manage Info • Forums• What are the • How will you • Discover Experts • Sharepotential business monitor, measure & • Knowledge Capture • Contentbenefits & value? analyze? • Foster Innovation • Ideas • Social Process • APIs/Mobile #AIIM12
  15. 15. Enterprise Collaboration Top Obstacles Obstacles Solutions• Lack of understanding on the value/intent • Invest in Community Managementof social media in a business context • Explain the value of Social Enterprise• Lack of management engagement • Develop the “trust” factor• Organization structure not ready • Have only one “core” collaboration tool• Business/IT divide and hold-up • Strong participation from management• Demonstrate ROI for acceptance • Enable “In the Flow” social business process• No Community Management • Implement the “right” use cases• Internal Resistance – Culture, Change • Align organization structures to new• Lack of business context/app integration collaboration needs• “Above the Flow” process• View it as “Optional” use for collaboration• Too many collaboration tools #AIIM12
  16. 16. Enterprise CollaborationAdoption & Usage Challenges Not useful… • Is not required to get any work done • Requires one more login/password • Not all the employees are on the platform • Cannot discover people/skills due to lack of profile completeness or relevant content • Cannot find important information – KB, articles etc • Has more “white noise” rather than useful information • Lack of updates from management • Not used for organization wide communication/updates • Lack of communication on the purpose of the platform & training#AIIM12
  17. 17. Drive Adoption? Office Water Cooler Effect Add Water - Find disparate sources of info News, updates, documents, blogs, forums, feeds, wikis, websites Identify Thirstiest Groups? - Who will benefit from Collaboration Employees, teams, customers, partners, customer support, help desk Keep Adding Water – Recruit Evangelists/Champions Who are well connected, social network users, collaboration tool users, active in community Find New Sources of Water Business applications, contextual information, email, chat, digital media, projects, strategy, ideas, problemsInspiration: Remember the Water #AIIM12
  18. 18. Drive Adoption? Prescription Effect Must have Information/Content (Social Intranet) News, Updates, Alerts, Help Desk, Corporate Services, FAQs, Policies & Procedures, Single Sign-OnGet them in the door… Knowledge Base Product Information, FAQs, Roadmap, Community, Answers, Articles, Whitepapers, Best Practices Business Applications Integrated & contextual information from ERP, CRM, BI, Document Management Systems Business Operations Idea Center, Strategy, Projects, Sales & Marketing collateral, Financial Information #AIIM12
  19. 19. Sample Architecture Reference “One-Stop Hub” & “In-the-Flow Architecture” for Information & Collaboration#AIIM12
  20. 20. Implementation Approach Maturity Model#AIIM12
  21. 21. Enterprise Gamification + Collaboration What’s the Business Value? Business ValueGamification is the application of Game Mechanics intonon-gaming environments to improve “Engagement”, “Motivation” & meet “Desired Outcomes” • Increases participation in key programs • Expedites learning & mastery of new skills • Facilitates and improves adoption of new technologies • Identify experts & content quickly • Fosters engagement , performance & motivation #AIIM12
  22. 22. Enterprise Gamification + Collaboration What’s the Business Value? #AIIM12
  23. 23. Sample Metrics Step1 Step2 Step3• Influence Score • Number of API calls •Employee awareness of strategy &• Net promoter score (shares) • Process approval time projects• Number of communities/groups • Number of direct/indirect app • Number of comments, posts on• Number of tags, page views logins and data updates strategies and projects• Number of documents shared • Number of successful logins • Number of communities/groups• Number of posts, updates, • Number of tickets on logins, • Number of members per groupcomments, likes password resets • Employee satisfaction and• Social graph – follows, followers engagement AND Key Business Metrics Identified in the Use Cases Step4 Step5 Step6•Number of articles & solutions •Number of hybrid groups of •Number of levels achievedcreated customers & partners • Number of goals achieved• Number of tags, page views, • Customer satisfaction and • Number of employees by levelsposts, comments and updates engagement • Number of badges• Number of ideas, information • Number of ideas & solutions • Engagement score by teams,assets & categories posted by customers projects, strategy & business• Number of content shares, • Number of comments, posts functionsfollowers • Number of competitions #AIIM12
  24. 24. Contact Info Karthik Chakkarapani LinkedIn Blog#AIIM12